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I created and insta acc at last! It's an art account so I'll post anything related to art/projects in there. Might create a personal one in the future but who knowss.

With this I'm gonna divide my work between the social media I'm in, and below you'll see what you will be able to find in each:

Deviantart -> Basically art related to the groups I'm in and some Ocs. Oh, and commissions/raffles/journals/etc. I'll leave fanart and any other thing for Twitter or Instagram.

Twitter -> A bit of everything. Rambling, fanart, wips, finished pics, rl stuff, etc etc. I use english for the most part but I also use spanish a lot.

Instagram -> Like I said, it's an art account! So here I'll post anything related to art. Finished pics, wips and dumps/doodles, fanart, personal projects...

I think that's all :)
Yeah, you read it right! HSV is open and we're waiting for you!

Group Opening and ChatroomsHey duckling, Chacha here with a few things to mention. :iconlazeplz:
As the title mention this just going to be more like an announcement. Anyway one of your other lovely admins was hard at work and finally put out new updates about joining the group for new members to follow. You can check it out here: with that
                                                                                                     HSV IS OPEN  ALL YEAR ROUND!!!  
Yes that right we are now open all the time, no more short time window. Well unless we start pulling in a lot of members, but as right now we aren't so this is fine. So please if your are looking
   How to Join [CLOSED]Heartshrine is closed for now.
Joining Heartshrine might seem like a lot of work at first glance, but once you crunch down on this task, time will fly by, you'll see! It's not actually as much as it looks. The first two tasks have to be completed in order, but as long as tasks 3 or 4 get completed it doesn't matter which one of them is done first.
Send a note to the group, answering the following questions:
1. How many prompts of a specific stat category must you complete in order to gain a boost of 0.5 points in that stat?
2. Can you create new/replace old OCs at any time during your time in the group?
3. List the group’s requirements for unlocking a summon for your character.
4. Can your OC know or be related to any of the canon Naruto characters?
5. True or False: Stat boosting of a character be turned in at any time?
6. How do you increase your character’s element rank?
7. Can your character have one of the group’s specific kekkei genkei? I

So come join our family, you'll regret nothing :iconsexywinkplz:

Village of Love by mandarain-a

Now that I finished those tags that were piling up in my notifications I can do this >D Looks like so much fun!

Soo pick one of your characters and one of mine and a pose and send it to me! :iconyaygilbirdplz:


Batch 01 - bobby-os 

Couple Meme - Batch 01 by mandarain-a

Batch 02 - iCrisUchiha ( he hecho los dos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Couple Meme - Batch 02 by mandarain-a
Come on, there are still some numbers left! You can't miss this chance ;P 

<da:thumb id="667941024"/> <da:thumb id="667941024"/>
Sooo yesterday I finished my project! Aw yeaaaah!! I feel so good haha

I think I can say I'm officially back from the "hiatus" but I still have some things to fix first (mostly my computer, install things and all that). Also I'm waiting to see when I will have to do my project presentation...

Anyway, now that I'm more free I'll try to catch up with everything! I'll try... :'D so I hope I'll be around more ^^
Better to say it now and not disappear for months without saying a word hahaha

I know I recently started catching up with RPs and all but I got caught up in a project (helping a friend) and it takes me a lot of time. That and the driving lessons and the rest of things exhaust me and the time I have left I really need to use it for my uni project... *sigh*

I'll try to reply to the RPs and messages but I'm gonna be slow, and I'll try to submit stuff from time to time (if I'm lucky) :')

Wish me luck! And best of luck to all of you too!! :heart:

Winners! (November 2nd)

I used and the winners are:

#1 - :iconyinyangswings: (1 chibi (individual) + 1 animated pixel headshot/bust) 
#2 - :iconshirayama: (1 chibi headshot or 1 pixel headshot/bust (no animation))

WatcherRaffle-Winners by mandarain-a

Congatulations!! :D


Badge by mandarain-a(I'm closing this raffle tomorrow morning (here in Spain)!)

Edit 2: The raffle is now closed! I'll announce the winners on November 2nd.


I've been wanting to do this since I reached 200 watchers! But by that time my previous raffle was still open so I decided to move it to 222 watchers, and then it didn't feel right because I didn't have all the prizes done so...
Anyway!! Now it's here! :D

How to join

Bullet; Blue Be a watcher
    -Note: New watchers are welcome but please don't do it just for the raffle, that's not nice.  

Bullet; Blue Comment and fav this journal (write the "keyword" on your comment please).

Bullet; Blue (optional) Share this journal (journal or poll) and link it back to me. You will get an extra entry!

Bullet; Blue (optional) Write on the comment why you started watching me (I'm curious haha).

Write "Blue Pineapple" on your comment so I know you read all this and you want to join ;P

I will use a random number generator for the winner/s. Once chosen I will send a note to know what the winner wants.

If the winner doesn't reply in 3-4 days I will choose another winner.


This time there will be only 1 winner. The winner will get:

1 chibi (individual) + 1 animated pixel headshot/bust 

CM: Fouffey by mandarain-aHSV: Wakana's little pal by mandarain-aWakana pixel 2.0 by mandarain-a


For every 30 participants (favs, but people that only faved the journal and didn't do the rest will not count) there will be an extra winner! Prize:

1 chibi headshot or 1 pixel headshot/bust

Kin by mandarain-aHatsu by mandarain-a Wakana pixel by mandarain-a

Deadline: October 30 2015

Good luck!! C:

Raffle entries
EDIT [06/03/17]: 
And when I thought people had forgotten about my Kiri, :iconkonsu4: caught it! Congrats! <3

I didn't even finish the last Kiriban prize (I'm working on it though) but here's my next Kiri! :iconyaygilbirdplz:

Like always, screencap if you catch it ~

Good luck! <3

Questions and doubts

Wed Jul 1, 2015, 5:27 AM
Heyoo beautiful people <3

I have some questions and doubts, so hope someone reads this to help me or share his/her opinion ~ haha :'>
I've been meaning to make a journal for this but I didn't know if it was better making separate journals or not, so, well, here I am mixing everything :'D

Anyway, here I go:

1. Someone here knows (understands/speaks) japanese? I need help for some names for Wakana Gaiden =u=

2. Since some time ago I've wondered if creating a group for Wakana or not (like a FC or with a different name). Not because I feel she is SOOO important but to have a place to gather everything people has made involving mah baby ;v; I always save every pic involving her but well, it would be nice to have a place to gather them all; and especially the writings, since I don't have them saved :iconpapplz: Anyway, this is probably not a good idea but well, let me ask anyway haha x'D

3. Someone here knows a good/decent and reliable website where you can post writings/stories? Just in case I decide to write something and share it :'D Some place only for writings (preferably for different languages so I can submit in english and spanish (and catalan if I feel like it hahaha)).

And for now this is it. Thanks in advance! <3

Dear Ramo

Thu Jun 25, 2015, 12:52 PM
You are awesome. Hope you know that.

Let me use this amazing skin and love it with all my heart :iconluvluvplz:

And now let me tag you so you know how much I love this RamonaChan <33

Edit: And the winners are here!

I used and the results were:

#1 - :iconlandofadoption:
#2 -
#3 - :iconsilviastarlight5:

Congratulations! :D

AnniversayRaffle winners by mandarain-a
(the number 2 in the sequence is because I tested it with random words before doing it for real, for if someone wonders XD)

:bulletblue: I'll send you a note asap informing you about the prize and to know what you want.
:bulletblue: If I don't get an answer in 3-4 days I will choose another winner for that place.


Ok, guys, the raffle ended! In 1-2 days I'll announce the winners.

Good luck everyone and thanks for participating!! :love:


Today it's been exactly 3 years since I joined dA (man, time goes so fast!!) so I decided to make a little raffle ~
My profile still doesnt' show 3 years but it says I joined on May 3rd sooo... :'D hahaha


I will choose 3 winners (one for each year here).

1st winner: a drawing of her/his choice, up to 3 characters (preferably of what I offer here: Commissions [CLOSED]; in case you wish for another thing you can ask me but I can't assure I will be able to do it). 
2nd winner: Half body or chibi. Up to 2 characters.
Examples: Contest Prize: ochako by mandarain-aCM: Fouffey by mandarain-aHappy Birthday Nana :heart: by mandarain-aGuardians - Lily by mandarain-a

3rd winner: Headshot (optional shading) or Colored sketch (no shading). 1 character.
Examples: Sisters from another mister by mandarain-aContest Prize: NeroDox6 by mandarain-aMore Headshot/Bust/Whatever by mandarain-a

*Extra: For every 100 participants (not entries; so favs are what count) I'll add an Extra winner. Prize: Headshot.


:bulletblue: Fav this journal (you can comment if you want but it's not mandatory haha)

:bulletblue: Make a poll/journal about this and link it back to me (Optional). I won't force you to do this if you don't want to but it's a way of sharing this rafflle with other people for if they are interested; if you do this your name will appear twice \ o / If you don't comment with the link you won't have this "chance" (because I won't know if you did it or not XD).

:bulletblue: You DON'T have to be a watcher to participate. This raffle is open to anyone who wants to join :iconyaygilbirdplz:

:bulletblue: I will use a random number generator for the winners. Once chosen I will note them to know what they want.

:bulletblue: If the winner doesn't reply in 3-4 days I will choose another winner.

Deadline: May 31st 2015

Good luck!! C:


1. MayaNara
2. mochibii95
3. The-Young-Cetra
4. The-Young-Cetra
5. Marry-A-Marauder
6. ICHIg0USAgi
7. Baztey
8. Baztey
9. Weirdgiraffe
10. Weirdgiraffe
11. Fouffey
12. Fouffey
13. Taminki
14. Taminki
15. Fawnation
16. LilleHavfrue
17. george3222
18. Mela-MKA
19. Mela-MKA
20. hallofaith
21. CrimsonRobin
22. CrimsonRobin
23. MagdaChan
24. MagdaChan
25. rainy2142
26. dinaaw
27. jaytier
28. Eeveella
29. Eeveella
30. BrookeVeil
31. Rokatsu
32. Rokatsu
33. imaginary-rose
34. shindianaify
35. CrimsonSeal
36. SilviaStarlight5
37. SilviaStarlight5
38. Hero-Adopts
39. Hero-Adopts
40. Zack-Xeno
41. icequeeniselsa
42. PuruPyonn
43. RocioZero
44. LoveableKittyMamiko
45. LoveableKittyMamiko
46. saruketouchimaki
47. saruketouchimaki
48. Bootsii
49. Bootsii
50. FIuteLoops
51. bobby-os
52. bobby-os
53. MissDistractedFox
54. MissDistractedFox
55. Clayflamingo
56. Clayflamingo
57. naka4saru
58. naka4saru
59. NeroDox6
60. KaiyaAquamarine
61. KaiyaAquamarine
62. UszatyArbuz
63. DisposableWaste
64. Yuki-Higurashi
65. sstwinz
66. JMilkyway
67. JMilkyway
68. mochibii95
69. SHRimp-i
70. Purinsesu-sama
71. Purinsesu-sama
72. Fawnation
73. rainbow000pegasus
74. Naddillu
75. LilJillJack
76. LilJillJack
77. UsagiYogurt
78. Konsu4
79. Konsu4
80. LegoDragons
81. LandofAdoption
82. yuudann
83. MitsuTsumi
84. Jyukai-Koudan
85. Jyukai-Koudan
86. Deidarakitty
Oh yeah :icondatassplz:

GoGoGo! --> Ask My Ocs [CLOSED] by mandarain-a
Questions on that deviation, please, not here :'>
Edit: Even if technically there's still a slot available, I can't take more commissions right now, so I'll finish what I owe but no more for now. Sorry!

I decided to open them, yeaah :iconfreddiememeplz:

For now I will only open 5 slots. I don't have too much time so I don't want to add more work than I can handle ^^;
The crossed out text means I'm not doing that type of commission now. Why? Because they take me a lot more work and I really can't do them atm. Sorry ^^;

I prefer paypal over points but I offer the two options ;3 I have no problem on accepting any of the two payment types.

I don’t know very well how this works so I hope the prices are not crazy :iconpapplz:  

Manga style commissions

Panels – 640 :points: / 8USD (0/2)

 Young hatred by mandarain-aYou have to shine by mandarain-aPrecious by mandarain-aContest Prize: SH178 by mandarain-a


    :bulletblue: This is only for individual panels, no pages.

    :bulletblue: If you want some kind of background tell me what you’d like or give me a reference. I will NOT draw elaborated bg (it’s for your own good, I’m not really good at bg XD).

Comic strips/Manga page (0/2) – 960 :points: / 12USD

Wakana's most precious delicacy by mandarain-aPair by mandarain-a  WoTF - Together we'll make it by mandarain-a 

Other examples:,,


    :bulletblue: I will not draw long stories.  Unless it’s divided in parts (what means more than one commission).

    :bulletblue: I can’t say a length of panels so if you’re interested send me a note and we can discuss it :)

Covers (0/1) – 800 :points: / 10USD

 Wakana Gaiden by mandarain-a


   :bulletblue: Adding the Naruto symbols is free; if you want another name there it will be 80 :points: / 1$ more.

Other commissions

Chibis  – 320 :points: / 4USD

  The Blinking Trio by mandarain-aContest Prize: ochako by mandarain-aCM: The-Young-Cetra [2/2] by mandarain-a

Sketch  – 160 :points: / 2USD

Wson2 by mandarain-aContestprize Silver-MoonNight by mandarain-a

Do I look smexy? by mandarain-aSisters from another mister by mandarain-a


    :bulletblue: Colored sketch (no shading) costs +80 :points:/1$.
    :bulletblue: No fullbody, you can decide the shot from headshot to half-body.

Full body  

Lineart - 320 :points: / 4USD

Wakana archer by mandarain-a

Color + shading (optional) - 480 :points: / 6USD

Mw by mandarain-aDate Outfit by mandarain-aTeam 4 is not dead! by mandarain-a


    :bulletblue: Only transparent bg or white.

Headshot – 280 :points: / 3.5USD

Headshot/Bust/Whatever by mandarain-aContest Prize: NeroDox6 by mandarain-aMore Headshot/Bust/Whatever by mandarain-a


    :bulletblue: No bg (transparent) or white.

    :bulletblue: By default I won't do any shading, if you want it shaded tell me. Shading is free.

Bust/Half body – 360 :points: / 4.5USD

Contest Prize: Silver-MoonNight by mandarain-a


    :bulletblue: No bg (transparent) or white = free.

    :bulletblue: Simple bg (geometric shapes and such, no complicated details) costs +80 :points:/1$


    :bulletblue: Extra character: +75% of the commission you ask for. I.e: if you order a full body it will be +360 :points: /4.5$

    :bulletblue: Blinking chibi: +80 :points: /1$


    :bulletblue: All the prices are for 1 character, extra characters cost +75% (as written above).
    :bulletblue: Be as precise as possible when asking a commission so I fully understand what you wish, so give references of poses, expressions... any kind of picture works as long as the                 pose/expression is clear.

    :bulletblue: I will not draw: furry, animals, elaborated bg, hentai, yaoi/yuri, realism, mecha…

    :bulletblue: The maximum of characters per picture is 3.

    :bulletblue: I am free to reject the commission if I find it offensive and/or I feel uncomfortable with it.

    :bulletblue: I’m pretty busy with school and work so I may be a bit slow.

    :bulletblue: If you want your chibi blinking tell me before I start the commission, otherwise I won't do it.

How it works:

    :bulletblue: If you are interested send me a note filling the form written under this section. 

    :bulletblue: Try to be clear with what you want. I will always try to understand what you’re telling me before deciding (If you’re not sure if your request fits what I wrote here you can always ask me and I’ll decide ;P).

    :bulletblue: Once I accept the commission I will confirm the price and, once paid, I will start drawing.

    :bulletblue: I will always send a quick sketch to see if I’m doing it in the good way.

    :bulletblue: And when I’m done I will send it to you/submit it! Hahaha

Commission form:

    Commission type: Manga panel, chibi, blinking chibi, full body, sketch (specifying the shot)... If the commission type has optional shading please tell me if you want shading or not
    Number of characters: From 1 to 3
Character/s: (link/s to character/s)
Pose/expression reference: (link/s. Be as precise as possible; if you ask for more than one character and each character has a specific pose/expression, mention which character goes with which link)
Commission privacy: Private (I won't submit it to dA) or not private
Payment: Paypal or points
Comments: Anything you want to add


Any question just ask!


1. :icontwintrouble:

2. :iconmariannette:
3. :iconfouffey:
4. :iconmela-mka:


Must do it since I asked other people to feature an Oc of mine ~ (and for if someone else wants me to feature one of her/his characters!)

So comment here and I will feature one of your Ocs (hope I know him/her! XD), telling why I like him/her. If you comment you will have to do this meme too and put me in the first feature slot! : )
I'll start with 10 and if I get more people I will do more XD Let's see first if I get to 10 people haha
(watch me choose the hsv Ocs (if any) because they are the ones I know best XDDDDD)

1. dreamchaser21
.:*HSV - Medashi Hanabira [Chunin Profile]*:. by dreamchaser21
I chose Medashi because I know him better than Benkei, but I love both! :iconuhuhuhuplz: (and hsv because it's the main group I'm in xD) First of all I fell in love with his design. Well, all the designs I've seen of him. I love his dark pink hair with a braid on a side and his clothes, he sure knows how to wear pink! ;P Even if I don't know his personality that well, I love that he is a grumpy and stubborn guy but with a kind heart (at least for the people he cares the most) and his relationship with Kiyoko is just sooo cute!! >u< I'd like to know him better because for what I've read he loves music, songwriting, plays the Shamisen and wants to be a great genjutsu/ninjutsu fighter, what relates to Wakana! They have a lot in common they should get along but with the two of them being so stubborn and prideful maybe it is a bit difficult ;P Oh, and his special weapon design is also pretty cool! It's really creative and suits him a lot ^^

2. Simanada
 (HSV of course xD)
I don't remember what I thought at first but I liked her design, portraying a strong girl, a physical fighter (totally opposite of Wakana, since she sucks at Taijutsu and physical stuff xD). I also liked her outfit, specially those kind of neon blue parts. I like her stubborn side as to get into challenges with Wakana but, at the same time, the calmer side she has, able to recognize when to stop before going too far; that part is what Wakana misses, well, she has that reasonable side inside her but she just ignores it XDD Anyway, thanks to her Wakana found a challenge buddy ;v; take good care of her, Akane! haha So yeah, she's a great character and I hope I get to know her better! ;v;

3. Taminki
Close to the sun by Taminki
The rival in cuteness, how nostalgic hahaha What to say about Narashi... I've always loved that even if he's grumpy, violent and has no mercy, it's inevitable to love him. You only have to look around and you'll see how everyone loves Narashi. We all need a blunt person sometimes and Narashi makes sure to let other people know what he thinks of them. Idk how to explain it but he can stab you with a knife but you will still love him :'D He cares about others, though; his own way, and very few people, but he does XD I also like the fact that Narashi and Wakana have the same necklace and they both are pretty similar in some things, but at the same time a lot different. I still wonder if they will get along some day :')

4. meovvss

Well, I love SnK so she caught my attention! ;P I don't know much about her but I personally like her hair, the platinum color looks really nice with her green eyes! >u< and I like how the hair is spiky but then is all gathered in a braid. Idk, it gives her a messy but sweet look  ;v; for what I read Freyjá sounds like an interesting character and I'd like to see her in action so I can see better her personality :D

5. ChasingTheDreamAgain
HSV- Meditations- Jounin Test 3 by ChasingTheDreamAgain
Well, what to say about this duck boy... I think you already know what I think, Chacha haha Masaru has always had a special spot in my heart ;v; I guess because Chacha was the first person I talked to from hsv (way before we could join) and I've seen him grow since the moment of his creation. I really can't say why I love him... I just do :'D I love his sweet and caring personality, his leek and duck obsession, his high emotional side, his relationship with Wakana, his jealousy... :') I never thought I would become so attached to him (and ship him with Wakana) but here we are :XD: As with Narashi, you only have to look around to see that no matter what, people love this duck boy. That means something :') Just keep being yourself, Masaru :iconpetpetplz:

HSV  Meiyori Yoshida  by Y-uno
I guess Meiyori is the Oc I choose :') I'm sorry I don't know her thaaaat well but I'll try to talk about what I know ;3; Mei looks like a nice girl (even if she can be evil too ;P) and I've always liked her clothes. Idk, the colors and the outfit all look really good ;v; After all blue and orange are complementary colors ;P I also like her side bangs, it gives her a good look and she just looks so Yoshida :icondokis-plz: Also, her relationship with Tai is really cute, they are a cute couple <3 I bet Mei and Wakana would get along since they both like reading and are smart, or maybe they would become rivals because of whatever competition Wakana finds :'D I hope I can get to know her better so I can make a better feature/description in the future ;3;




Edit: I will finish the ones I have left but just in case, I mark this as closed :'D Thanks for joining! It's been fun ~


Stolen from 
:iconmochibii95: Heart

Pick an OC between yours and mine and I'll draw their love child kid... At least try to :'D
It can be crack or whatever... and any character of yours/mine. I don't know if I'll do all of them (in the case I have lots of comments) but I want to try!

I wasn't going to do this but... looks fun! :'D
So yeah, comment here with what you'd like to see, even if I already asked that pairing to you :iconsexywinkplz:
Now that I finished the prize for the previous Kiri, I do another!

Give me a screencap if you're the lucky one :3 

And let's see if the winner is not the same as the previous one *cough cough* hahahahaha

Good luck everyone! ^^
I decided to join this too. I will try to be quick ò.ó

I joined dA on May 3th of 2012 (2 years already owo). I remember I wanted to join some art page and I had dA in mind but I was a fucking mess because I don't like to expose my "work" in a place anyone can steal it from me, but well, I created my account. 

I didn't know how the hell this worked and what I could possibly post here (and I wasn't used to digital drawings) so my first submissions were some traditional pics I had. And since at that time (I was in my first year of uni) I read the three book of The Hunger Games, some of these drawings were about the books.

      --> My first attempt coloring digitally with Photoshop x'D

I started faving a lot of THG fanart and HP fanart and such, especially from :iconviria13: and :iconburdge:

Some of my first favorites (I think):

the Men of Hunger Games WIP by burdge the world is turning by pancake-waddle  god, mom, whyy my eyyyes my poor eyyes by viria13 Avatarded Marauders by viria13

My first attempts of digital were not awesome but I was proud of them at that time.

Merodya by mandarain-a  

And then, after I ran out of ideas, I didn't know what I could do to keep submitting pictures. What was my surprise and happiness when I discovered the world of the OC, exactly the Naruto Oc (I think I was reading Naruto a lot at that time); and one of my hobbies has always been drawing myself in different styles (normally from the manga/anime I was reading/watching at that time).

This way, Mizuna was born :dummy: (she's kind of based in me, yes xD)

Naruto OC by mandarain-aMizuna Nanami - Profile by mandarain-a --> I was so happy with this, not only because of the result but because it had a great acceptance ; u ; I have to say I don't like it now, so old x'DDD

After this, :iconheartshrinevillage: came to my life. I don't even remember how I found the group but I think it was thanks to :iconneskamd:'s and/or :iconbayneezone:'s art. I remember I was sketching Wakana's look and I was almost done when I saw the applications were closed, so I had to wait. This was a year ago, I think around January - February of 2013. I remember the first person I knew from the group was :iconchasingthedreamagain: and then on the trial month I met a lot more of wonderful people (and I'm still knowing wonderful people).

And well, I think you know the rest. Wakana, Wakana, Wakana, Wakana, Wakana, Wakana, Wakana. Hahahahahaha

I have to say that I changed A LOT (talking about drawing). Deviantart is my excuse to keep drawing. I draw and post it here so people can see, and every time I try to do something new. Since the beginning I've improved so much I can not even tell. This place is my best excuse to let go and show all that comes to mind: my stories, my characters...

I'm pretty proud of myself for keep trying, trying to improve and grow as a person/artist, if I can say it like that. If I weren't on dA and if I wasn't on HSV I wouldn't draw that much.
I have to thank this place for making myself want to draw and try new things and for letting me know amazing artists and people : )

And now, to conclude, some drawings in chronological order to see the change (?):

Resemblance by mandarain-aCousins love by mandarain-aLet me protect you by mandarain-aDisney attempt by mandarain-a

Time to venture out - Solo Mission + Bonus by mandarain-a Young hatred by mandarain-a Wakana Gaiden by mandarain-a The day R.O.B.B was born by mandarain-a Tag Team Collab: Mizuna Nanami by mandarain-a
The only goddess I want to protect by mandarain-a 

Maybe I put too many, but it's hard to choose :icongtthplz:
Yes, I made one. Why? Idk, why not? xDDD
These past days I've been a bit "missing" because, as stubborn as I can be, I decided to create my own HTML for my page :iconmingplz:

It's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly simple and there are plenty of things wrong there, but I'm going to leave it like that for now, I need a rest from this :icongtthplz:

So if you have a tumblr and want to follow me, you're welcome to do it :iconyaygilbirdplz: and if not, I'll go kill you :iconyaygilbirdplz:
hahahahahaha nah, do as you please, no one is gonna kill you :iconnicestrokeplz:

Journal done :iconsaluteplz:
I want to join that too, but since I have no tumblr I will submit this here (watch me fail trying this meme XDDDD).…

Soo, that's it, I let you choose :iconinubishieplz: Tell me a character and a number and I will draw it! (oh, and send me a link of the character unless you are 100% sure I know who s/he is).

For now I will leave this "open" but if I see too many comments (what I doubt, but just in case I write it) I will "close/pause" this meme because I'm not a drawing machine :iconmingplz:

That said, come to me! I'll be waiting for you :iconrapeeyesplz: