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[HSV] Wakana Sasaki by mandarain-a [HSV] Wakana Sasaki by mandarain-a

Note: Will update her fullbody once I finish it. For now enjoy the wall of text :iconsexywinkplz:


• Profile •

Name: Wakana Sasaki (佐々木 和奏)
Nicknames: Kana (exclusive for Masaru), Pineapple Head (Hatsu), Piggy-chan (Nagisa), Clover/precious clover (Rentaro), WakaBaka, Bakana, Bullykana...
Birthday: August 17
Age: 22
Gender: Female 
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: AB-

• Shinobi life •

HSV: Wakana Skills Card

Affiliation: Omoichidou
Rank: High Jounin
Registration number: #05021314

Elements: Wind (Master), Earth (Talented) and Yin (Skilled)
Paths: Illusionist (Squad Leader), Intelligence (Almost Expert)

Ninjutsu → 5
Taijutsu → 3
Genjutsu → 5
Intelligence → 5
Force → 3
Speed  4 
Stamina → 5 
Seals → 5


 Fighting style ♦ 
Being a genjutsu and ninjutsu user she prefers mid or long range battles so that she can use all her potential. Disappearing into the surroundings, playing hide and seek, tricking the opponent... Wakana enjoys messing with her opponent's mind in any possible way and lead them where she wants them to be. Most people probably think she likes to be seen and be in the spotlight to show off but she actually prefers to keep a safe distance and make everything start before her enemy even notices. She takes advantage of her main element being wind and mixes it with her genjutsu skills so that she can trap them through hearing. A word, a song or even mimicking the sounds of their environment when possible, and before you know it you're under her spell. And if you manage to avoid her illusions she would only enjoy the challenge even more with a wide smirk on her face. Time to really be in the spotlight and show off her other skills! She uses her elements both in attack and defense, having many different shield techniques and powerful attacks. And not only that, thanks to her wind nature she has also created and learned many supporting techniques, some of them to help her boost her skills in case of need, such as increasing her speed or even strengthen her physical attacks during close combat. 
One might think you can defeat her by shortening the range of the battle but she's smarter than that and has worked on her weaknesses in order to turn them into strength. As mentioned before, she makes up for her lack of strength or taijutsu skills using her elemental ninjutsu as support so, even if she's not the best physical fighter, she's going to make sure to give you a hard time and be a pain in the neck for as long as it's needed to. And having a high stamina helps too. 

As for her weapons, Wakana doesn't really like using them but she always carries with her the usual set of shurikens and kunai just in case she needs to use them in battle. She also carries seals and scrolls, along with other traps, and uses them in battle if needed but she mainly leaves those as a deffense method to hide and protect her whereabouts when traveling/on a mission.

• Personality •

Energetic | Competitive | Confident | Stubborn | Determined | Optimistic | Playful | Proud | Ambitious | Cocky | Straightforward | Wild | 
Adventurous | Fearless | Loyal | Reliable

If you asked any person in the village about Wakana, they would all agree in what is her most remarkable feature: pineapples. And challenges. Wakana is an energetic and cheerful girl with a strong like for competitions, as she likes to prove her worth and feel the excitement to surpass herself, and others. She’s confident, stubborn and determined, and once she sets her mind on something she won’t stop until she achieves it. Like she says, giving up is not in her dictionary. However, these same traits make her someone difficult to deal with at times. She has a bit of a temper and, along with her pride, arguments are almost impossible with her. 

In her professional career Wakana is ambitious and has a strong sense of responsibility. She takes her job seriously and works hard to improve and make no mistakes, but always making room for fun and relax. As the hyper girl she is, whenever work is too calm and quiet she will always try to find something to do and change things up to fit her tastes, usually involving her co-workers. It's this behavior of hers, and her wild and extravagant nature, what probably make people feel chills and turn around to leave whenever they see Wakana and her shenanigans, not wanting to be caught in the middle of it. It's not easy to keep up with her and you might feel overwhelmed at first but if you stay by her side you'll see she's a reliable person and someone you can always count on. 

Once you know her on a more personal level you will see she's a very friendly, outgoing and playful girl with a like for teasing, even if that means having to put up with her cocky attitude. She's caring and very attached to her friends and she will always be there to support you. Despite what most people might think, she won't get tired of you or feel disappointed as long as you give it your all. Wakana firmly believes in hard work and that there’s nothing that can’t be achieved if you do your best, but she’s aware each person has their limitations and she doesn’t expect everyone to get to the same results. It's not difficult to earn her trust if you follow these 'rules' but be warned that if you ever betray her she will close the door at you and give you the cold shoulder, being nearly impossible to get back to how things were before. Despite having suffered some hardships in the past, like the loss of her father (her role model), Wakana has never lost her smile and stays as one of the most optimistic people you can find. She has always pushed herself through the pain and turned her sadness into strength, seeing the positive side no matter the situation. 

Likes → Pineapples | Challenges | Music | Singing | Illusions | Reading | Showing off | Praise and flattery | Her friends | Risks | Honesty | Traveling | Teasing people
Dislikes → Boredom | Negativity/Pessimism | Cowardice | Losing | Giving up | Being ignored | Salmon | Worms | Be forced to do something
Hobbies →  Playing the piano | Singing | Reading | Practicing Genjutsu and Ninjutsu 
Talents → Fast learner | Music | Observation | Illusions and elemental ninjutsu | Cutting vegetables 

• History •

Wakana is the only child of a musician and a retired kunoichi, neither of them born in Omoichidou. When Shin and Hisui first arrived to the village, thanks to Junichi’s good words and invitations, Hisui was already pregnant with Wakana. Full of insecurities and fears for being her first pregnancy (and other issues related to her family) Hisui soon felt relieved and calm when seeing how lovely the people from the village were. Especially Yasu, who helped her during her pregnancy and while she raised Wakana. However, her fears didn't give her a break until she met her daughter for the first time and watched her grow, being utterly happy she took after Shin and not her old family. 

 Childhood and academy 
As a child she was very girly and liked to see her mother happy when they spent time together doing her hair or getting her ready, but as she grew up things changed. She had troubles with a kid in the park who undervaluated her for being a girl and that led her to start acting like a boy and even cut her hair to fool those kids. She got in a fight with them and became distant with people. Her mother didn't know what to do to reach her so she gave her the pineapple hair clips she holds very dear and left the rest to her husband since she knew Wakana admired her father and always listened to him. It was thanks to Shin and his words that Wakana realized she didn't have to change to show her value and took her father's words her own way, turning them into her confidence and determination. Since then she decided she wouldn't let anyone change the way she is, there was no point in losing time with people who didn't accept her. But she still had some issues trusting people and spent most of her time alone. It was then, being around 5 years old, when she met Masaru and, thanks to several coincidental meetings and an incident they went through, they soon became close, Wakana regaining her trust in people and opening herself up a bit more. Shortly after she met Rentaro through Masaru and she started learning about music and how to play the piano and sing thanks to her dad. He also gave her the necklace she always wears with the message "This is a gift for you, to always remember from where you are. Take care of it, as you take care of everything it represents. This is your home and you must protect it with all your heart. I want you to hold the necklace and feel it. Your friends, everyone in Omoichidou, even mom and I, are there. We’ll be always with you, don’t forget".

She entered academy at around 6-7 years and, despite her reckless behavior and her extravagant personality, she proved to be smarter than one might think. Her teachers soon discovered her talent and inclination towards genjutsu and informed her parents about it. Hisui, being a retired kunoichi, decided to help Wakana as much as she could with her skills and trained with her whenever they had time. However, Wakana's thirst for knowledge soon became stronger than what she was given at school or home so she started visiting the library very often and it became one of her favorite places, studying and training on her own as well. She also created Mr.Pineapple and made many friends but had issues and got distanced from a couple of them: Rentaro and Moriko. 

 Shin's death 
Wakana's father always had a weak constitution that made him fall ill very often. When Wakana was 10 he was diagnosed with a serious illness and had to be hospitalized, but he recovered and was able to go back home. However, that made his body become even weaker and he had to go to the hospital often for checkups. She worked very hard to ensure nothing happened to him so when she eavesdropped a conversation about him having to be hospitalized once again it affected her deeply. She hid her sadness and didn't talk to anyone about her father's condition in order to not jinx it, hiding it even from her best friend Masaru. She regained her cheerfulness when Shin went back home but she didn't know there was nothing she could do. Without any warning she arrived home one day to find her father had died. Rejecting reality she ran away, unconsciously going to the place where she and Masaru became best friends. He then confronted her some time later after learning the truth but she could only sing the song she and her father had created. Doing so, she slowly faced reality and, once she finished, she cried and apologized to her best friend for her behavior, telling him everything that had happened. At Shin's funeral Wakana, her mother and her uncle Junichi made a promise: to never let his death affect them and remember him as the man he was, and they've kept that promise until now. Hisui's fears reappeared after this incident but she soon saw her husband's influence over their daughter was too strong and that Wakana wouldn't allow herself to lose her way, feeling extremely proud and happy of the daughter and the family she had been blessed with.

Shortly after his death she turned 13 and reunited with Rentaro, making up and becoming friends again after an argument. They found comfort in each other as they both knew what it was to lose someone important in their lives and, after some time, they decided to start dating; although that only meant to spend time together and be closer, never going further than holding hands and some kisses. After a year they realized what they had wasn't real love and it was only their way of filling the emptiness they felt from their losses, even if they liked each other. The break up was smooth and they stayed as good friends. During that time, and unconsciously, Wakana neglected Masaru a bit and that made them have their second big confrontation (counting the two about her father's condition as one). After that Wakana promised to never let anyone or anything separate them and Masaru became her top priority. 

 Shinobi life 
Graduating at the age of 12, and her father dying not too long after, she worked hard to help at home economically, although she couldn't bring much due to her being still a genin. She reunited with Moriko in her first team, whom would become a good friend of hers as time passed by. When she was 17, during the war, she lost her chance of being promoted to chunin along with some of her friends due to her reckless behavior and being hurt but she didn't let any of that affect her and she felt proud of her friends. That incident made her start thinking more about her behavior and not act before thinking so much. As her friends worked to become jounin, she did the same to earn the rank she couldn't get on the war. She passed the exams and she finally joined the path she so strongly wanted to be in (despite some small inner conflict between her traveling spirit and her genjutsu love). During that time she also mastered her first element and moved to a new apartment with Moriko, and started reading her father's traveling journal more often. She discovered how much she likes working with elemental ninjutsu and started training to create new techniques, especially with her main element: Wind. As she progressed with her training with wind she also started to implement genjutsu mixed with the element, thus focusing on illusions through hearing. It was around that time as well when she discovered a letter from her father hidden in the piano room at her parents' house, where Shin requested her daughter for a favor: to travel to her mother's family's village and deliver a message to her grandfather. He also left some notes and advices about them for her so that the meeting could go smoothly. That was the first time she heard about her mother's family.

It took her less than a year to master her second element, earth, and get to the highest level of the Illusionist path, choosing Intelligence as her second one. Shortly after she joined the Jounin exams and passed, getting her first team in the following months. With all these new responsibilities (being a jounin and sensei, squad leader in her first path and being part of a second path) she became a busy girl and focused on her career, always prioritizing her team and the Illusionist path. Masaru's absence a year later (priesthood training) made Wakana consider traveling seriously, take some little vacation and see the world following her father's journal, fulfilling his request on the way and finally meeting her mother's family. She left some months after Masaru came back and during her trip she visited many places and learned lots. However, the issues came once she arrived at her mother's homeland. She meeting her grandfather was a huge disappointment and only made her feel enraged. But just when she was about to leave the village for good her cousin Shizen offered her hospitality and a place to stay while she visited the place. She met Ryuu, Shizen's roommate, and despite their clash at the beginning they soon became closer, as Shizen was barely at home and she had no one else to interact with. She also learned her elemental affinity came from the Nakamura and trained with the boys whenever they had time. When she thought things were starting to get better and she wouldn't have more problems her grandfather came again and offered her to join the family so her potential could be used in the right way. Of course, she refused, not wanting to know anything about them and he, not happy with her answer, sent his guards after her. She ended up confronting and fighting against her grandfather, getting greatly injured from behind when she tried to walk away and forget about everything. Thanks to this she had to stay longer than planned until she recovered enough as to be able to travel back home.

Despite the bad experience in her mother's homeland she stuck to the good things she got and learned. She wasn't going to let those events ruin everything she experienced during her traveling. Thanks to this trip she learned many things about herself and opened up more about her issues and to not hold things back and fix everything on her own. She decided to learn from her mistakes and became a bit more relaxed and level-headed, without losing her wild personality. She started to think more before acting and, despite still being short-tempered and very stubborn, she had less issues swallowing her pride when needed and focusing on what was really important. Especially during any activity related to her career, which she has always taken very seriously.

When she went back home it took her longer than usual to get back to the routine she was so used to before the trip due to the extra time she was away and having to deal with some issues with her closest people, to whom she gave priority until things calmed down. After that, it took her no time to be the same busy and hyper girl, getting her second team and boosting all her elements to the maximum level. She also got to the advanced level in the Intelligence path and a year later she became a High Jounin. She's currently working on improving her skills and even getting to higher ranks.

• Trivia & Relationships •

  • Japanese voiceMiyuki Sawashiro
  • English & singing voiceAuli'i Cravalho

  • Her first crush was Mr.Pineapple, a character she herself made up as a child.
  • Plays the piano and sings really well. 
  • Her necklace, even if you can find it everywhere in the village, is a gift from her father and she never takes it off. It gives her strength and reminds her to stay true to herself and never give up.
  • She loves adventures and is not afraid of anything, always down for any new excitement waiting out there.
  • Just as her skill in elemental ninjutsu is something she inherited from her mother's family, her genjutsu skills are something completely hers. She's really proud of it being something she achieved by herself and not because of blood. 
  • Wakana resembles her father a lot and she inherited most of his traits, like his traveling spirit.
  • As the daughter of a musician, and being trained in the art of music since she was a kid, Wakana is a very creative girl with a passion for new ideas and ‘inventions’, be it in the shape of a song or as a technique to use in battles (genjutsu or elemental ninjutsu).
  • She's a fast learner and gets the knack of things very quickly, especially if you add her stubbornness and determination to the mix. 
  • Her favorite places to be are the cliff where she became best friends with Masaru, the piano room at her parents' house and the library.
  • She dislikes worms with all her might and finds them disgusting thanks to a genjutsu her mother used during a training session where worms were eating a pineapple.
  • When Masaru and Wakana make a pinky promise, they take it VERY seriously. They never break it and it has a big meaning for them. 
  • She doesn't like using honorifics unless it's a formal meeting. She doesn't like people using them on her either but with time she just got used to it and doesn't care.
  • She has the habit of curling up when reading and uses as little space as she can (prefers narrow spaces). If not doing that you'll see her changing positions all the time and/or reading in strange positions.
  • Her favorite subjects for reading are: illusions, human psychology, music and traveling. She studies strategy as well.
  • She met her paternal grandparents when she was very young and they visited them in Omoichidou a couple of times. Later they stopped traveling due to their age but Wakana and her cousins have always kept in touch with them and she visits them whenever she's close to their village. 
  • Of the two pineapple hair clips her mother gave her when she was a child, she has only one. The other has been owned by Masaru since years ago.
  • Most of the t-shirts she wears when sleeping/around home are Masaru's. She likes to "borrow" them.  
  • Her favorite animal is the lion.
  • She joined the Intelligence path because of the traveling division.
  • She knows sign language. Started with it to insult/tease Gankona and she mastered it in no time.
  • She is surprisingly good at cutting vegetables.
  • Has a bff ring with Narashi. She always wears it as long as it's not in her way. (But I always forget to draw it. SHAME ON ME)
  • Along with the ring she also wears two bracelets on her left wrist: one with a duck Masaru gave her as a lucky charm before her trip and another with the kanji for 'dragon' Ryuu gave her when she left their village.
  • Has two tattoos on the back of her neck and back: the Illusionist path symbol and a lion.
  • She doesn't like staying quiet for too long so she has a hard time whenever she's sick or she has to stay at the hospital.
  • You will see Wakana multitasking a lot. Not only because of the challenge but because she needs to feel active.
  • Wakana gets tired/loses interest pretty quickly if she doesn't get the feedback she thinks she deserves. Or if it doesn't present any challenge and/or excitement.
  • After her failed relationship with Rentaro she discovered she has no idea what romantic love is and she feels she doesn't understand it, thus being oblivious when it comes to love matters on herself. She's not closed to romance (she is curious about it) but she just hasn't met the person who'd make her understand. And she is focused on her career.
  • It's very common to see Wakana's facial expression change a lot in a short time span. She does this unconsciously and it goes along with her very active brain and the different ideas/opinions that cross her mind during that time.
  • When she's very focused, and especially when she's figuring out a plan or solving a challenge, she tends to forget and ignore her environment. It's also usual to see her mumbling to herself as she figures things out. This changes when she's in a serious situation, where she splits her focus between the different points that need attention.
  • When on her mission or regular outfit her chest looks flatter because of the bandages she uses. She has an average breast size (or is supposed to. I can't draw breasts).
  • During her visit to her mother's homeland Shizen explained and showed her some of the Nakamura wind techniques but she refused to learn or use them because she didn't need anything from that family and she'd rather do things her own way.


Shin Sasaki 
→ Father | Deceased [Former Musician]
Hisui Sasaki → Mother | 48 [Retired kunoichi | Civilian]
Junichi Sasaki → Uncle | 52 [Retired Shinobi/Musician - mochibii95]
Yasu Warashi → Aunt | 46 [Civilian - mochibii95]
Takumi Warashi → Cousin | 27 [Swordsmith - MiyuKyuu]
Hatsu Warashi → Cousin and best friend | 22 [mochibii95]
Taichi Warashi → Cousin | 21 [NPC - @/Ruu-k]

Shizen Nakamura → Cousin | 24 [Shinobi from a far away land, only person she considers family from the Nakamura]

 Relationships ♦ 
Here I wrote her closest/most relevant relationships atm, let me know if I forgot someone!

Masaru Yoshida → Bestie no.1 [ChasingTheDreamAgain ]
Moriko Hayashi → Best friend [AisteachSam]
Rentaro Warashi → Good friend | [@/BrookeVeil]
Nobara Kaichou → Close friend [Mala-chi
Narashi Fujihara → Close friend, rival and path co-worker [Taminki]
Kuon Murasaki → Friend [george3222]
Gen Tenkou → Teasing target and "brother-in-law" [@/driannechan]
Minako Murasaki → Training partner, student and friend [mivty]
Tamiko Hotokegi → Former sensei and good friend [yinyangswings]
Isamu Hotokegi → "Nephew" [yinyangswings & dreamchaser21]
Akane Miyazaki → Friend and challenge buddy [Simanada]
Hinome Amatou → Friend and pineapple provider/dealer [mivty]
Satsuki Medo → Path co-worker [Fern-Sama]
Kaoru Fujihara → Path co-worker [Arztea
Kanmuri Yuki-Byakko → Path co-worker and training partner [Rikku9314]

Relationship tracker → COMING SOON?

• Roleplaying •

♦ Platform: Discord  
 Style: Headcanons | Lit | Mixed | Script  
♦ Currently taking a break from RPs but always open for headcanons and casual chats!

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