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[HSV] Kin Miyazaki
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Published: June 1, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 mandarain-a
Note: Will update with the rest of his info another day :')


• Profile •

Name: Kin Miyazaki (宮﨑 金)
Birthday: September 7
Age: 27
Gender: Male 
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Blood type: O-

• Shinobi life •

Affiliation: Omoichidou
Rank: Chunin
Registration number: #03091501

Elements: Lightning (Talented)
Paths: ANBU (Beginner)

Ninjutsu → 3
Taijutsu → 3
Genjutsu → 1.5
Intelligence → 2.5
Force → 2.5
Speed  3 
Stamina → 4.5 
Seals → 2


• Trivia & Relationships •

  • He is left-handed.
  • He smokes when he feels somehow troubled and/or needs to relax.
  • If Aoi wouldn't have had the accident he would've probably quitted being a shinobi, but he decided to continue in his brother's place.
  • He has 7 piercings: 2 on his right ear, 3 on his left ear, 1 on his right brow and 1 on his left nipple.
  • He also has various tattoos: a raven on his back (clan symbol), Mina's name (with a bow on the 'i' as his personal touch) due to a bet, his band's logo and 3 tribal tattoos: 1 on the upper left arm, 1 on the lower right arm and 1 on the right leg, but can’t be fully seen at first sight because they are covered by his bandages or clothes.
  • He loves training and playing the drums, as a way of releasing his emotions.
  • He has a very high alcohol tolerance.
  • Like his siblings he stands out for his physical skills but each of them ended up having a different high-level skill. Kin’s is stamina, Aoi’s was/is force and Akane’s is speed. However, while Aoi and Akane prefer boxing as venting activity and practice, Kin prefers playing the drums.
  • His favorite music is any type of rock/hard-rock and punk.
  • He’s in a percussion band called “The Beating Beats”, where he has the name "The Golden Beat" for being one of the founders.
  • He likes doing the housework.
  • He is good with numbers and likes calculating budget and expenses.
  • Kin is a very good saver and has his own private account for savings.
  • Minako usually takes his money to buy stuff but Kin knows and controls the amount of money Mina "casually" finds.
  • He has the habit of cleaning the house when he's upset, mainly thanks of Mina, who liked to hit and break things at his place whenever they had an argument. 
  • He's really good with kids, they make him think about his siblings.
  • He gives his all in the things he does but he always chooses the most practical solution, even if it's the easiest one. He's not considered lazy but he won't just do anything without a good reason or motivation.
  • He is very skilled using his hands and fingers.
  • He is more of a peaceful guy and is not easy to annoy him; unless you say the wrong words at the wrong time/place, then the poison will come out of him.
  • Even if he's able to cook almost everything, desserts and sweet things are his weak point.


Teruo Miyazaki 
→ Father 
Makino Miyazaki → Mother 
Aoi Miyazaki → Brother [Y-uno]
Akane Miyazaki → Sister [Simanada

 Relationships ♦ 
Let me know if I forgot someone!

Minako Murasaki → Best friend and girlfriend [mivty]
Yuuzan Byakko 
→ Best friend [mochibii95]
Hiroya Murasaki 
→ Close friend, former boss [mochibii95]
Sumire Kobiru → Close friend [SnazzySuit]
Masaru Yoshida 
→ Former sensei, inspiration [ChasingTheDreamAgain ]
Hatsu Warashi → Former co-worker at the music store [mochibii95]
Gen Tenkou
 → Teasing target [@/driannechan]
Satsuki Medo → Good friend [Fern-Sama]
Kou Byakko  → Friend [AisteachSam]
Kisa Murasaki → Friend [Mintoffee

• Roleplaying •

♦ Platform: Discord  
 Style: Headcanons 

Template by Infinitum-Outbreak 
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Can Kin help me with my budgeting and saving?!
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He’s lookin great Manda!!!! 😘😘😘❤️
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*slaps self* am i dreamin rn??
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