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[HSV] His smirk by mandarain-a [HSV] His smirk by mandarain-a
♦ Read from right to left ♦

Idk why I drew this to be read from right to left X'D Aaanyway, something I've been wanting to finish for a long time! One of those things on my list :') And well it looks a lot better now than how I had the sketch from last year or whenever it was I sketched this hahahah this is supposed to happen when Wakana was 17 and still lived at her parents' house (and before being chunin).

Wakana resembles her father A LOT . If it weren't because of her hair color and some other features she'd be a female copy of Shin. So that's what I wanted to show here and I tried my best to make them look alike. As for Hisui, she does know very well her daughter looks like her husband but she sees her as she is. Wakana is her own person. Buut there are always those times in which she's caught off guard and sees the resemblance more evidently, like in here where Wakana, without knowing, is smirking the same way Shin did sometimes (something only Hisui knows since around Wakana he acted as the dork he always was). So for a second Hisui thought she was seeing her husband but then she's just "nah, that's my weird daughter". And ofc Wakana thinks her comment was so clever and amazing that left her mother speechless. And yes, no dialogue on panel 4 on purpose. Up to your imagination :thumbsup:

I never know how to "screentone" Wakana. Should I put some tone on her skin even if her tan is light? Her hair since it's green and a 'different' color? These are the questions that wander my head


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Rikku9314 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This turned out great, love! <3 
mandarain-a Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot hun! :heart: 
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