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Mandala 44 coloured 1.0

Mandala 44 inked drawing [link] imported and coloured stroke by stroke in photoshop

Lots of hours... I lost count :)

I quite like how this turned out :) I might try another colour palette..

What do you think?

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Les détails sont impressionnants et les couleurs éclatantes ce qui est dommage, c'est que l’arrière plan soit blanc, le dessins aurait plus d'impact si il était sur font cramoisie ou terre de sienne mais cela n’empêche pas que ce soit vraiment magnifique, je n'ose pas imaginer le temps passer a faire tout ça.
Ce qui me frappe surtout c'est que cela rappelle les tribus indiennes ou arborigénes, leurs tapis et leurs arts. mais je le répète: cela aurais eu plus d'impact avec un fond qui rappelle cette ambiance, mais encore plusieurs fois, Bravo
(je doit d rajoutée encore des mots pour complétés les cents: bravo bravo bravo)
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I think the colours are perfect in this work of art, even if it was not coloured by hand, there is a tremendous amount of tiny dots and lines. The way that the same colours rarely touch is a testament to the dedication of the artist to make sure they got it just right. The colours remind me of autumn so the yellows and oranges make the other colours come out more. I think having more lightness in the middle completes this work. I want people to understand that if they were to count the little circles and lines you will appreciate this work even more. It also has a resemblance to some Native Americans bead work or a rug someone would give as a wedding gift in the 1800's. There are so many different ways to look a this wonderful work of art I cannot name them all, it is fun to look at and it is also a work of art I would love to hang on my wall or give as a gift. The artist has done a great job even in with all the intricacy it has a light feeling never losing themselves in colouring this work of art.
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Love it Jim .. Michelle x
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Thank you very much! :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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You are welcome!
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I love the colour scheme. Great choices.
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Thank you. I tried to keep it with an Aztec feel.. ?
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This one about does it.
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Really beautiful, and I am admirative of your courage because it may be very long to do that !
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Thank you. and yes, I remember that one.. Many, many hours :D
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you are welcome !
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That's a really cool design, I really like how it looks realllyyy trippy and it could be a cool looking illusion :)
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Thank you very much. If you like this you should check out my other mandalas :D
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Gorgeous design and colours!
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Thank you. One of my fav's too :)
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