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Mandala 38 - Rainbow coloured



My original inked Mandala 38 drawing… scanned and coloured in CS5.

Enjoy colouring Mandalas? Check out my book here:… Thx!
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hello i like how you have used color wheel as the basis of your design. the way that you used perspective squares is very unique to show difference in something that usually is lacking in definition due to the fact of its design. due to my inability as a person for being partially colorblind i find this much easier to use as a color wheel, but if there were any way to increase the definition between each color i would love this piece even more than i do now. i also enjoy the multi-tiered effect that you have created and would suggest putting color on the tops of the squares that are in the row after the outermost and or putting different designs on every ring. well thank you for considering my comments but you don't have to listen to anything i say for it is your art and your own stylistic decision to make