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Moving out of this account sumX
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A note for you all:

Self-Insert and Self-Shipper (STAMP)
Self Insert Trash Stamp

I am an artist who's trying to improve myself as a human being and also be an inspiration to other people as well. My goal is to have my art shown to the world positively and able to make an Inspiration to others off of it. Usually I have to explain the common sense of life that may make all the gossipers cringe and deny so much and wonder why they aren't taken seriously and being a fucking joke.

I'm a self shipper for life. I am the Jacques artist of the internet for the Spyro fandom as I have a few Alternate Universes to escape reality, like Spyro and Sparx being in Dragon Shores to take a break from adventuring.

I'm still a developing artist so criticism is accepted even if I don't have a CORE membership.

Here's some links to a few other art places and other sites I'm in.

Manda-Tee (@MandaTee12) | Twitter

Mandatee (@Manda-tee) - Wattpad

MandaTee – Curious Cat

To donate to me, please go to my paypal

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Favourite Visual Artist
Me, My friends and the deviant artists I watch here
Favourite Movies
I don't have good tastes in movies
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, My 600lb Life, and a few I cannot think of lol
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lady Gaga, S3RL, Maroon 5, Selena Gomez and many more!
Favourite Books
Kitchen Princess (that's a Manga)
Favourite Writers
Mark Twain
Favourite Games
Spyro the Dragon, Spyro Reignited trilogy, Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Ruby and Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuel
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation and Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Gaomon 1560 art tablet and Medibang Paint Pro (for digitalart)/sketchbook, pencils, pens, markers, and computer paper (Traditional) and Kodak Easyshare and my LG Phoenix phone (for photos)
Other Interests
DRAWING! Jacques from Spyro the Dragon (he is a babe to me), BBW artwork that's tasteful, Cats, bunnies, other animals, the furry fandom, and many more!

Donation Pool

Feel free to Donate

If you like my art or want to be nice and send points for blessings, feel free to send in points.

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I'm not sure if I should link you guys to my "newest" account due to the hate before but I've been getting new watchers here and  I've been dead here lately, but please follow me here :iconHu-Manda-Tee: I just want to remain at peace and do better. t...
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Might have to deactivate this account if I have to, I just can't deal with this shit anymore with giving myself excuses and such for my actions. the drama I've dealt with for years and "never changing" and making excuses for everything I've done through the years, it's sick. there's been a callout on me being called a pedophile and people want my libido to be taken out, want me off the internet off for good and stay away from children. accidents happens and I know I fucked up big time. I made that one status because of my safety and also my content isn't usually kid friendly anyways. I fucked up and I was talking nasty to a minor through discord when I was friends with them when we had the same crush with Ruben. they did drew porn and showed me some artwork as well and acted like they were some adult so I treated them as an adult. Didn't realize it was considered grooming. I apologize for that and will not do that shit again with anyone below 18. In my newest account I put a sign
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I decided to put all my deviations here in storage since I'm moving to a new account. I'm sorry guys. I have to do what I can. I'm cleaning up and such. I have to start anew and don't want people to look at my shit and be like "oh that artist is ho
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Please go to Hu-Manda-Tee since I am more active there now. Birthday wishes will have to be at my new account too.