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Chocolate Icon Set

I was looking through my gallery at some old stuff, and saw that i had done a vector set of chocolates. With Valentine's day just around the corner, I thought perhaps people might like some chocolate icons.

To download, just click the download button to the left of the deviation.

The icons included are PNG files. If PNGs don't work for you, they can be converted to whatever kind of file you need here: [link]

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

EDIT: Okay, they work now. sorry about that... apparently only one of the PNG files worked on the icon converter website, but THEY ALL WORK NOW :D
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Wow! Super cute!
Can I use them to do a personal skin for da? Of course, all the credits to your wonderful work!^^
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May I use this? I'll give credit and link to here if necessary..
It's really cute!! I wub it <3
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Hello, can these Icons be used commercially?
We would like to include two of these icons on a logo.
JosefinaEditions's avatar
Like, thank you ^^
BlackSheep6's avatar
Awww, looks yummy!! Thank you!
franco04915's avatar
there great make me want to eat
PsdDude's avatar
Amazing!!!!! sweet !!!
Will-It-Work's avatar
Oooh, tasty. They look good. Thank you for including some dark chocolate as well.
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skrlt's avatar
Aw they are so cool!
They look so yummy!! :P
Tenement-Funster's avatar
Aww, they look so cute and edible!! hahaha ^^
manda-pie's avatar
hehe, thanks! i'm glad you like them :hug:
Tenement-Funster's avatar
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