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Scarlett Widow

Ahora que parece que todo el mundo esta hablando de ella quizas sea un buen momento para colgar este garabato...

Now that everybody seem to be talking about her, maybe it´s a good time to post this doodle...
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The likeness is over 9000
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WOW very nice...
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never seen Widow so happy in my life.  Nice job with capturing Scarlet's likeness.
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simplemente me encanta :)
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I think I like your version better than the original!
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If the origial is Scarlett Johansson, then I prefer the original XD
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This is fantastic! I love her expression. All of your artwork has such life to it.
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Im glad you like it, thanks a lot :)
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ahah awsome scarlett smiley
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This is super cute, you're very talented and I love your other Avengers doodles, but I don't understand why you unzipped her costume and spread it out like that. You left the other Avengers' costumes intact. Next time, show off more of ALL of their chests, or be respectful and leave the woman's the way it was - zipped up and showing only a little skin.

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