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Pathfinder stuff 18

Ilustracion hecha para Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat.

Illustration done for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat.
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Seoni is such a cool iconic, and Ultimate Combat is an amazing compendium. This is brilliant, well done!
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beautifull concept and artwork 
binkibonsai's avatar
nicely done; i love the colors and slightly cartoony hands 'n' feet! :D
DxiiiAE's avatar
ótimo trabalho de iluminação nesse desenho! parabéns! :)
mangakashapen's avatar
Ummm... ummm... Is that a Fiend's Mouth Cannon??? I <3 Ultimate Combat!!!
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
I guess it is :D They told me to paint a dragon faced cannon XD
mangakashapen's avatar
Lol, that's what I envision when I sic one of those on my players. Good work!

(It's even more fun if you make the cannon an Animated Object so it has a mind of its own :D )
AriesWarlock's avatar
Se parece a Baba yaga de Zenescope.
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
Desconozco a la tal Baba Yaga, es Seoni de Pathfinder.
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Your work is very Nice!
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A beautiful mix of graphic simplification and painting. Your style is a pleasure to look at.
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
Good to know, thank you very much ^^ (nice gallery by the way)
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Me encantan la multitud de detalles del diseño del personaje y su indumentaría es fantástica! Gran trabajo, se nota que eres un profesional :D
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
En realidad el diseño no es cosa mia, si no de Wayne Reynolds:
A mi solo me encargaron pintarla con un cañon mágico, pero bueno, gracias igualmente ^^
Waanmo's avatar
Sea como sea, oye, es fantástica! La tuya tiene un estilo y encanto totalmente distinto al original, así que es imposible quejarse! ¡Buen trabajo!
the pathfinder manuals are allways filled with gorgeous illustrations :3
Its allways a pleasure to look into one and with the stuff you make I dont think it will stop to do that :3
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
Tell that to the Paizo people, maybe that way they will send me a commission again someday XD
I dont think they will listen to a 4th class doodler :D

but still good luck :)
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