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Una caricatura de Molly Ringwald como Claire en El Club de Los Cinco, hecho hace unos meses después de ver un maraton de pelis de John Hughes, ya casi se me habia olvidado que lo habia hecho hasta que me lo encontre pululando por mi disco duro...
Pintado en un rato de vagancia despues de cenar con Photoshop.

Y ahora en inglés:
A caricature of Molly Ringwald as Claire in The Breakfast Club, done a couple of months ago after watching a John Hughes movie marathon, I almost forgot that I had painted this until I found it somewhere in my hard drive...
Painted with Photoshop one lazy day after dinner.
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vale, ya está, no puedo ser más fan. Que pongas un dibujo del club de los cinco, que hagas los dibujos acojonantemente brutales de doug walker y que tu nick sea una clara referencia a Guybrush threepwood sencillamente me hace implosionar de admiración.
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En realidad Mancomb Seepwood es una referencia a Mancomb Seepgood, pero te lo doy por bueno.
Gracias por tu adrmiracion :blowkiss: pero no implosiones mucho que te vas a hacer pupa.

Y si, apañol.
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tsk, maldita sea he quedado de culo o//o bueno, no implosionaré mucho, un poquito y ya. :)
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Hey! this is adorable. I'm writing a little piece on Claire and John for a website and I'd love to use this! If it's cool with you, let me know. Full credit and link backs of course. the website is
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Sure, no problem, you can use it :)
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I Thought that is Pretty and Pink and its Lead Character
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Is Molly Ringwald as Claire In Breakfast Club. But she also was Pretty in pink´s main character.
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Oh, Molly... sigh...
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I would pay you hardcore if you drew him!
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Eh... Define "hardcore Payment" please.
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Whatever you want! Ill sell my house! Ill become a hooker!
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I can´t imagine why I would want you to become a homeless hooker.
But if you want to request a commission, just send me an e-mail, or a note and we can talk about it.
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The Breakfast Club!! Whoohoo!!
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Don´t you forget about meeee...
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that is excellent! well done :)
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I love the warm colours in this <33
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Im glad you lke them, thanks ^^
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Great !
The Breakfast Club is my favorite movie of all time.
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It's a fat girls name haha
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