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Barbarian girl

Ilustración que hice para la seccion de preguntas y respuestas del numero 73 de ImagineFX para explicar como dar un acabado pulidico a las ilustraciones rapidamente.
¿Quereis saber como? ¡Comprad la revista!

Illustrations I did for the Q&A section of the issue 73 of ImagineFX to explain how to give a polished look to an illustration quickly.
Do you want to know how? Buy the magazine!
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Incredible skin tones, just perfect!
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I really like this image.  She's clearly strong based on the size of the one handed axe she has, but she still looks soft and feminine.  Most of the time I am not a fan of face tattoos, but you make them work.  I feel like she is probably a bad girl due to the skull belt buckle.  Maybe a highway brigand.  Or perhaps she simply has a job associated with death such as executioner or a priestess who administers trial by combat.

i think I would get rid of the vein on her arm, but other than that great job!
XkingpenX's avatar
I think those are scars, not veins. the one on her left arm almost looks like a burn scar.
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
She's a barbarian so I guess she is not bad, just, chaotic neutral :D
I'm glad you like it, thanks a lot :)
artcollectorSS's avatar
epic ... wild girl
monstercharles's avatar
Pramodace's avatar
like how you did the metal finish...excellent
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Spetacular, congratulations!
bigvoltron's avatar
Wow, incredible!
Maron-art's avatar
Oh, this is pure awesome o___o
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
Good to know, thanks ^^
Fitz-Chivalry's avatar
And this is why I need to work out. Not to be skinny, so I can look like that.
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
:D Then get yourself an axe and start working out!
Fitz-Chivalry's avatar
Been working on it since I wrote you that original message. =p
Mancomb-Seepwood's avatar
And is it giving you any results? :)
Fitz-Chivalry's avatar
Quite actually. But I'm also tight lacing, so most of my results are in that my waist is now almost half the measurements to my hips or bust. But certainly I have gained muscle tone and less chub.
This image actually was very inspiring. Thank you for your awesome art.
Sarchale's avatar
I'm favoriting this because it's the first Barbarian girl I've seen on DevArt with realistic breats. Kudos.
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