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Uh-oh, Aisty's in trouble!

It seems like Aisty lost a bet and now she has to.... do something on this list. 

It's totally not a random excuse to draw Aisty in something lewd. Not a chance. 
... .... so yea.... fave away

I think I'll give this time until Saturday. I expect 100 000 by then. 

P.S. I am considering drawing all the ones unlocked, not just the top one. Not 100% on how extensive the pics will be, though. 
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Darn, so close to 100 000

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Oh, I vote for 10 faves :P
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Let's see her fluffy body 😋
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Sagera: well sorry Aisty looks like your stripping down naked for sure I’d say I wish it wasn’t like that but I favorited this toooo soooo that would be a lie

Actual me: nice we reached all but the last one I wouldn’t mind seeing all of them your work is that amazing
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I'm glad to hear that c:
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Just any of these are great 
113 Fabs when I added mine, so just a few more to get all rewards :P
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Just a couple more ;D
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I would love to 100,000 favs one
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Wait. You can get 100.000 faves?
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So far, only one submission on DA inn all of its history has made over a 100,000, at least that i can find anyway.
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You can, but there's a very low chance of it happening.
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It is possible but very unlikely.
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Stinky: Oooooooooooo!!! A cheap gimmick for faves! ^_^ I love it! :giggle:

Stella: Give me porn!!! :XD: *Fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave...*
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Heeeey, it's not a cheap gimmick! 
It's... fun!
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Stinky: "Fun" and "cheap" aren't mutually exclusive. ;p

Stella: Nor are "gimmick" and "fun." ;p
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Naw naw, that's not what the slightly shady fellow in the back-alley told me
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Stinky: :XD:

Stella: You have an odd sense of trust. :XD:
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As the saying goes don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash 
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Omy, what about if someone else writes the check for you? :D
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