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Jinkies, a ghost!

By Mancoin
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Eyyyy, here's my entry to the Dreamkeepers Halloween contest.
Hope you like it.
As for me... I have a mystery to crack with this cute Velma over here ;P 

Lilith © Dave & Liz Lillie
Velma © 
Picture © Mancoin (Dovydas Širvinskas)
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© 2016 - 2021 Mancoin
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Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Where are you! *sing in with me!*
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Great job recreating Velma's outfit.
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Cool. So who would be the rest of the gang? I wonder.
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Hmm Not too sure
But it would probably make sense to make Mace into Fred, Namah into Daphne ... aaand my ideas dry up at that XD
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You'd need to have bast as fred, mace as shaggy, whip as scooby, and that leaves namah as daphne

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Already an improvement of the whole show : D

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I see. Well you still have great drawing skills.
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^^ Why thank you
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Wish I was this talented.
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Your character rocks the Velma getup. :)
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Heh, unfortunately, this isn't my character. 
Lilith Calah is from "Dreamkeepers"
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Whoops, my bad. ^^

You still did an awesome job. :)
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Here's the question. Would her sister be the monster or Daphne?
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Definately far lovelier than the original character :b Also in visuals, I don't like the look of the old show and it's characters.
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Why thank you ^^

I recall not being the biggest fan of the show when I was little.
That being said, though, it still is able to evoke some nostalgia in me
very well illustrated ! :thumbsup:
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:giggle: Zoinks! She's cute! ^_^
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Aw,groovy work! She fits the role quite nicely. :)
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Looks like Daphne left one of her hand puppets on her tail.
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Someone did the whole cast as scoop characters, have you seen that one?

Anyway well done and fitting.
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I haven't, actually. 
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