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FE: Super Cute Dark Rites

By manatiki
Lyon and Knoll from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones having fun with darkness! 

Featuring Knoll's curves... 

☆ twitter post -…

Fire Emblem © Nintendo
Artwork © manatiki (me)
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© 2019 - 2021 manatiki
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Dying of cuteness!

What could possibly go wrong

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YEAH exactly, it's sooo cute, it must be worth it right . . .

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What could possibly go wrong

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those nosebleeds be rolling in omg...:Req: Chinchilla NB 
its been ages since i've been active, and damnnnn its been a while since i've seen your work and god this is gorgeous!!!
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Naturally! white lamb blush 
Nice to see you again~
Woah! Thank you, it means you notice some improvement, and it makes me happy. 
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^^ been a while xd, your style looks more refined than some of it used to! lmao still better than i am tho~
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The orb almost resembles some luminous egg.
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FOX LAUGH I joked about this with a friend already! 
It was my weird decision of making the dark stone white colored... It's supposed to be blank so you can interpret any color you want and because white looked fine with the color scheme. 
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Knoll's curves strikes again :eyes: 
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Can't bring darkness to the world if you ain't cute. And those too are definitely cute. Love the colour palette in this one, really reminds me of those ingame pictures. Well done!
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That's the spirit~! 
EXACTLY my inspiration for this! :heart: Couldn't expect less from Taki, hehe. The in-game pictures are lovely. 
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Darkness had never been so cute 
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Simply adorable. I love how you shade the black robes. Hair looks gorgeous~
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Aww, thanks! I spent some time on the robes, haha. 
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It's all fun and games until demon Lord ruins all our fun
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Hahaha, exactly this. 
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