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Iron Man
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a gift for a friends son. had a lot of fun with it.
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Amazing work
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Username-91|Hobbyist Filmographer
Somebody has took this from you [link] :|
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Am loving this image of yours......you have nailed it man.
If you could say the word I would love to create an anamorphic chalk pavement art work of this great image for a college project if that would be OK with you? Everything in your design would work so well with it. Big fan of your work Baz from England.
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Kqoll|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing ! I love it ;)
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Gbfixxer|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey really amazing piece just become a member on this site and so much good art work! Ive tried to do this piece and hope you don't mind way off pace but pls take a look and comment really looking at getting into this field of work professionally!!!!
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Pumpkinbrain|Student Traditional Artist
Should be awesome work for DC comics...

Good job.

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jane03|Professional General Artist
awesome!!! :headbang: can i use for my ink practice?? tnx..
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rcardoso530|Professional Digital Artist
listen i resently posted this on my site and wasn't aware that it was your's i thought it was someone else.... check it out tell me what you think....

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JesterretseJ|Professional Traditional Artist
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thats so awesome ... i love it
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this is awsome!
loving the work and I'm real jealous of your job at DC!
im hoping to get a comic book job soon!
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Moonstricken's avatar
holy crap, this is awesome!
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SoldierKoko's avatar
Oh my god

Master of Perspective XD
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MicahJGunnell|Professional Filmographer
DAAAMNN...This is awesome. I feel like such a kiss ass, but I haven't been to your gallery in a while and you've put up some great pieces!!
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michaelstewart|Professional General Artist
Yes it is, isn't it! lol
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Cyberborg|Professional General Artist
Freaking AWESOME!!
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MikeDimayuga|Professional General Artist
GODDAM this is good! PAINFULLY good.
(painful because realizing i will never be this good HURTS like a bastard!) its a gift but you poured in all that work... complete with a wide-angle perspective! crazy. crazy like a fox.

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This is INSANE awesome!
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What a nice work ! Awesome, congratulation ;)
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That's a sweet gift.
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NaGaSaNe|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome! c",)
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shadowyzman|Professional Digital Artist
Killer perspective mate!!
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