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So what if we could fly

I refuse to hear 'step down from there'
when I enjoy my feet dangling in the air
What if we could fly?
What if we could soar so high?
But we can't because we're scared
So silly and unprepared
To just jump into the sky
I don't wish to die--just to be free
But I guess we can't have everything, can we.

quick, simple, but fun :]
For some reason, the entire time I drew this, I couldn't help but think of an artist I've known for a long while, :iconannibal:. I kinda wished we talked a little more often - w-
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This gave me goosebumps! Very breathtaking and inspiring. =)
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omg omg omg.
why have I not seen and fav'ed this earlier!! @_@.

love it so much :heart:
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I love how uplifting this piece is. And the colours are very lovely.
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Woow mama, those clouds looks so real! Amazing work on that wild perspective. It's good to see olde characters ressurected!
Stephanie-Chivas's avatar
Awesome pic, I love the perspective of the buildings and the way they curve like his body trying to fly.
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I love this picture <3 Turu looks so serene and the surroundings look really great, like the glass :D
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This is excellent. So calm and beautiful.
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Okay, I've been meaning to comment on this since you submit'd it, but I kept forgetting because I suck.

I just love the entire perspective on this. The curve of the buildings, the curve of his body, the clouds reflecting off the windows, the loss of saturation and definition as the buildings get taller, the-- everything. You're really getting that fluid, pro look to your pictures. Envy, man, envy.
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Amazing, so simple and sweet, just perfect.
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interesting composition and forshorten:)
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he has elvin ears and is flying out of what looks like a buisness's window. interesting...
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I've always wanted to jump like this =)
Love the colors and the perspective, great work!
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mmmm can you feel it? this mix of fresh air, freedom and crazyness when Turu is around, this becomes soooo inspiring!!!

*What?* never mind... Fav :+fav:
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This turned out awesomely Mana! :) I admire your skills to actually finish pictures XD.
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Oh my god I love you. I saw this on my notices and was like....Mana is such a goddess.

I wished we talked more too! Argh, I need to visit DA more! But yeah, you rock, and I think this is my favorite picture on deviantART and I am going to download it and look at it like some crazy stalker fiend because it is so great.

The perspective, that serene look, the fragments of glass, the atmo, the's all so...mature. You are a great artist! :D :glomp:
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haha you should get...msn or something I say! ' ^'!
Your comment makes me so happy :'] <33
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I know that feeling. It is a real powerul thurst to want to fly. realy nice I like it alot.
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Gods, that's gorgeous. @_@ Wonderful pallete and composition...Useless comment, I know, but I really like this! :heart:
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This is WONDERFUL, darling!
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Haha, you know in the old westerns, they made their own easy to break windows with corn syrup?

This just reminded me of that - and awesome.
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Beautiful color choice, it really caught my eye as a thumbnail.
Soreiya's avatar
Looks nice, I like the pose and perspective.

I'm surprised they don't have any cuts from jumping out the window. lol
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