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Belated new year greeting

Sorry for the belated greeting. XD

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whoever pissed them off: and that was when he realized… *he frcked up*

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sonic has eyelashes
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snowball fight with Silver= your screwed
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Stripes figured that out the hard way XD

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Omg you did this.
I love this pic!
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I like your picture, especially Shadow! XDLove 
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silver...... ur not really juggling those snowballs....:juggling: 
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That's what she said.
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Bro...these ain't your pictures...😑
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Haha, why did you arrive at such a different conclusion?  You need to prove your view. *waiting*
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Sorry...I usually dont know what im saying...Forgive me but I no longer need to bother you over the art I actually belive you drew these I thought it over...but why do I feel like ive seen your art on someone elses ptofile?😮
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Simply there are a kind of people who don't know how to put their favs into a hdd. One of those things. Anyway, thanks for your understanding! ;)
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Whose are they then?
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Ive een the other diffrent pictures from the original artists before im not being completely mean but havent you also wondered why all the pictures are a diffrent style too...none of her pictures are the same style...ive also noticed she must have her own signature on all of them....but she dosent
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Ok, this may seem lecture-ish (my apologies), but I'm just getting my points across.

1.) You need to be more specific when you say "I've seen the other different pictures from the original artists..." otherwise that point is invalid. "The original artists" is too vague to be used as proper evidence.

2.) I think it must be subjective that the rest of the pictures don't seem to have the same style, because I disagree? I think manaita's coloring style kind of stands out.

3.) But this picture in particular does have a signature, and it belongs to manaita (the URL on the right side) so why would you comment on this picture if the other ones don't have signatures?

4.) I searched the image on google and didn't come up with any other artist results.

I think it's good that you're pointing out your suspicions about this, but you shouldn't blatantly accuse someone of plagiarism without supporting evidence, and even when questioned, you can't specifically back anything up? You should always be pretty dang sure someone stole art before you accuse them, especially personally... I mean, wouldn't you feel crappy if someone accused you of art theft? Thankfully, though, manaita either doesn't read the comments or doesn't know much English so she's most likely oblivious to all of this. :XD:

Sorry this is long... But I hope you get my point? ^^; Have a good day. :aww:
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Awesome!!! Love how you drew all three of them!!!
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Ha, if only such an image could occur as a cutscene between these three in the games. If only
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hedgehog snow ball fight haha
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My three favourite characters:heart:
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I call dibs on silver for my team!
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