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Three Kaiju Alarm (with story)

By manaista
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There lived a buck named who once ruled over a mighty herd.  He called himself Cervis, king of the deer. His self proclaimed woodland kingdom stretched for miles around.  However his land was far from peaceful.  Day after day, night after night, his kind lived in constant fear of the relentless predators stalking just out of sight, always waiting and watching for that one opportunity when one deer let their guard down.  Even peaceful days for Cervis and his herd were spent weary and watching for death lurking in the bushes.

Over time new types of two legged predators began to appear, tearing through all in their path.  It started with the appearance of endless paths of stone, as beasts of metal rammed countless numbers of his kind only to leave the bodies to rot.  His once mighty kingdom rapidly faded away as more and more of these two legged animals and their metal beasts consumed all in their path, leaving only a landscape that spawned more of these creatures.  The old predator’s voracity only increased as his herd and his forest dwindled.  The two legged creatures soon turned their greed onto Cervis and his surviving subjects.  Numerous creatures and their tools tried to claim him as their prize to satisfy their ever growing pride and hunger, only for his subjects to pay the price.  Eventually Cervis was all that remained of the once grand deer kingdom.

One night, the sky shimmered as hundreds of small bright rocks rained from the heavens.  One of the mysteries rocks streaked just above Cervis’s home, snapping the branches off many treetops just before exploding into a purple snow like dust over a nearby field. Cervis eventually worked up the courage to inspect the field.  Many of his favorite grazing plants were now covered in the mysterious dust.  He glanced around, watching for the ever present predators.  It was silent.  He lowered his head and sampled the newly seasoned plants.  

Hours later, Cervis could already feel a strange new energy surging through his body.  What was once blind instinct, only reacting to his surroundings, now became vivid memories. The fear of what lurked in the bushes now morphed into anger of the decline of his once proud his kingdom.  Days passed as Cervis continued to feast on the dusted field.  His body grew at impossible rates while the strange energy continued to fuel his physical and mental form.

Soon his size became so massive that even the mightiest of trees of the forest now quivered like fragile blades of grass next to his hooves. Cervis heard rustling below.  He glanced down and saw a pack of wolves fleeing.  In a single swift movement Cervis slammed his hoof onto the pack, crushing them all into a jagged crater lined with splintered trees. His heart jumped with the realization he just effortlessly destroyed the beasts that terrorized his kind for generations.  With power, satisfaction, and domination surging through his body, Cervis looked into the distance.  There stood an even more grand forest with trees of glass and stone.  With a snort of confidence, Cervis knew what he wanted as he marched towards the concrete forest.


The sights and sounds of chaos nearly overwhelmed Cervis with power.  From just his presence alone, the streets were already clogged with thousands of fleeing humans… begging for mercy from the great deer.  Cervis placed his hoof on a large office building.  To his surprise and satisfaction, the seemingly unmovable object collapsed with little effort.  Screams below enticed Cervis to look down, staring at hundreds of tiny humans jumping over their vehicles littering the roadway in futile effort to escape.  He stomped his other hoof directly onto the crowded street.  The resulting crunch felt even more satisfying then wolves he flattened earlier as dozens of cars and people smeared into the ground. His ears perked as he proceeded to drag his hoof down the road launching a tsunami of crushed pavement and cars hundreds of feet back.

Eager to show off more of his strength, Cervis aimed his antlers at a cluster of skyscrapers mocking him with their shiny facades.  Cervis charged the buildings.  The rumble of his hooves shook the city as they effortlessly trampled over dozens of smaller buildings and through the clogged streets, crushing everything in his path.  The first skyscraper to make contact exploded as Cervis’s anthlers punctured through it like tissue paper.  Cervis swung his head to the side ripping apart two other buildings while his momentum easily smashed him through another large building.

Cervis paused as his heart pounded from the thrill of complete destruction, listening to the sounds of sheer chaos in his wake.  An almost uncontrollable urge surged through his body when an ominous glow electrifying sparks started to emit from his horns.  The arcs of energy began to congregate into balls of blinding light in front of his horns.  Suddenly a bright flash followed by two energy beams lashed out from his antlers like lightning.  The beams whipped over several city blocks before they crashed into another dense portion of the city.  Structures caught directly in the path of the beams instantly disintegrated while many adjacent buildings toppled over from the explosive shock wave. With a turn of Cervis's head, the beams followed. In just a matter of seconds the beams carved through several city blocks reducing them all to a massive trench of smoldering destruction. Cervis smirked as screams echoed through his new kingdom.


Roko was first on the scene of devastation.  The mercenary raccoon wore skins of slain kaiju and stolen metal for protection. The allure of fame and the vast amount of resources from such a trophy creature proved too tempting for the raccoon.  Weaving through the chaotic streets and scaling up a building, as if tempting the humans to photograph his “heroic” actions.  He readied his improvised spear of bone, metal, and skin wrapped concrete.  Cervis, too engrossed in the dominance  over his new subjects, did not notice as the raccoon took aim.

The mighty deer stumbled as a sharp pain pierced his side.  With a brief turn of his head, Cervis caught a glimpse of the bold raccoon leaping onto his back.  Roko clawed into Cervis’s neck with one hand while the other attempted to retrieve his spear and drive it deep into a more critical area. With energy arcing from every hair, Cervis bucked with rage and panic, his hooves obliterating a group of grand skyscrapers with little resistance.  

The rush of energy proved too painful for the raccoon to maintain his grip and he was thrown hard onto a small shopping complex.  Enraged by this defiance, Cervis reared onto his hind legs further dominating the devastated skyline of the city.  His front hooves now sparked with anticipation to crush the rebellious raccoon.

With only a moment to spare, Roko collected himself and slipped through a narrow roadway.  The hooves slammed into the ruins of the shopping complex with explosive force, collapsing several adjacent buildings.

Cervis stampeded forward intentionally pressing his hoof into a surviving apartment building, crushing it in a cloud of dust.  With a snort of irritation, Cervis lowered his antlers and proceeded to thrash his head side to side in an effort to root the raccoon out from hiding.  Dozens of buildings shattered to rubble as the deer’s mighty horns effortlessly shredded through concrete and steel like they were nothing more than dried leaves.  In less than a minute an entire city block was now an unrecognizable pile of crumbled rocks with the raccoon nowhere in sight.  

Cervis’s antlers began to arc with rage,  ready to sweep another pair of blinding death beams through countless city blocks. Suddenly, Cervis’s front legs suddenly jerked away from his body as the ground abruptly shifted.  An armored fist erupted from the earth and struck Cervis in the chest with enough force to painfully eject the air from his lungs and lift all four of his legs off the ground.  Nearby buildings and a substation stood no chance as the deer’s body tumbled and crushed all beneath it. A strange armored creature confidently stood on its hind legs next to the newly formed sinkhole.

The humans knew this strange creature as an armadillo. Her face wore an expression of scowling assertion complimented by piercing green eyes and slightly elongated eyelashes.  Her already armored body further protected by large plates of metal armor given to her by the humans along with the name Amanda.

Without pause Amanda swung her fist down on the deer’s head.  The collision with Cervis’s hardened skull rang through every bone in his body along with every structure for miles around. Dazed and panicked, Cervis flailed his legs in an attempt to raise himself, kicking over nearby buildings and leaving large gashes in the streets.  His legs suddenly clamped together as a second behemoth leaped from behind a fallen office building and bear hugged all four legs together.  It was another armadillo. This one, with lively yellow eyes, was noticeably larger and heavier built than his equally deadly partner.  Just like Amanda, this armadillo was also given large plates of armor along with the name Sydney.


The substation below sparked and hissed as Cervis struggled to break free from the armadillo’s grip.  Amanda slammed her hand deep into the earth and pulled out a jagged stone spike in an effort to better penetrate the deer’s tough skull.  She pressed one foot down onto one of the deer’s antlers to hold him still.

A sudden surge of energy rushed through Cervis's body as unusually massive bolts of electricity whipped from the substation into Cervis's fur. Lights all around the city flickered black.  The unexpected burst in energy jolted both Amanda and Sydney as the larger armadillo briefly lost his grip on the deer's legs.  Cervis managed to break his hind leg free, and with a panicked kick to the chest launched Sydney hundreds of feet back, through a large skyscraper, and into an office complex.  Amanda lost her balance as Cervis staggered onto his feet. With an enraged swing of his head, Cervis attempted to impale Amanda. His horns failed to puncture her armor as Amanda was lifted from the ground and thrown through several buildings like a giant lacrosse ball, crashing just a few hundred feet away from Sydney.

Cervis turned to the rubble buried armadillos.  His antlers arced once again, ready to cook the armored ones and any humans in his way.  Cervis fired his beams of rage into the ruins the armadillos laid within.  The blinding explosion destroyed any buildings that did not initially collapse from the flying armored ones.

Very little remained in the smoldering crater.  Cervis smirked as he prepared to continue his rampage.  Just then, the singed destruction began to shift as both Amanda and Sydney slowly arose from the surrounding ashes. Their massive forms unveiled a crowd of terrified humans, miraculously shielded from the blast.

Just as Cervis turned his head towards the armadillos again,  a lasso of knotted steel and cables snared the deer by the antler.  The raccoon jerked the deer’s head back, with the distracted deer briefly stumbling to the side.  The deer promptly contested by pulling back. The very brief tug of war snapped the cable, but bought just enough time for the armadillos to reposition.

Countless vehicles and small structures were crushed flat in foot prints of splintered pavement as the armadillos charged through the clogged streets to set up another attack. The raccoon left a trail of jagged claw marks and paw prints embedded deep into fasades of buildings as he leaped from building to building to join the armadillos.  Cervis gave chase to his prey. His hooves thundered through the city as they demolished anything that survived the smaller giants.  Amanda, Sydney, and Roko maneuvered through the maze of city streets.  They briefly escaped the sight of Cervis with the deer blindly firing another set of beams into the city.   Amanda and Sydney found themselves now standing on a wide roadway, forced to ignore the countless number of cars and buildings trampled in their paths.   Roko soon followed as he scaled up a nearby skyscraper.  Glass shattered and floors bowed with the building barely supporting the raccoon’s weight.

Cervis rounded the corner. His hoof kicked over the top of a small building before pancaking dozens of cars in a crowded intersection.  His other hooves followed, indiscriminately stomping adjacent buildings and the major roadway into unrecognizable rubble.  With a loud snort, Cervis attempted to show his dominance by stamping one hoof hard onto an elevated freeway.  His antlers sparked as he lifted his other hoof, pressing down on a large building.  Cervis took aim at the armadillos and fired.

Sydney dropped down onto all fours. His hands slammed into the pavement with earth shattering force.  Fissures snaked down the road when suddenly a wall of stone spikes exploded from the ground. The new mountain of the city threw vehicles into the air and tore through nearby buildings.  The shield stopped one of the death beams with a boom as the shockwave toppled buildings on their weakened foundations.  At the same time, the second beam barreled through buildings towards Amanda.  She planted her feet deep into the pavement while she tried to cover her face with the stone spike still fixed to her arm.  The summoned wall shattered.  Beams barley missed their targets, instead tearing through the entire block and showering both armored behemoths in a wave of heat and debris.

With a deep roar, Sydney charged at Cervis on all fours.  Amanda leaped over the smoldering rubble with her makeshift sword on hand. Roko readied his spear and jumped off the now collapsing building. Cervis lurched forward with his antlers ready. Meanwhile panicked humans braced for further destruction of their once peaceful city. 

To be continued…



Well… it feels like I bit off more than I can chew while at the same time it feels like I didn’t take a big enough bite. Although I guess that’s the fun of it, go back and find new ways to push it!   Still some issues with the fundamentals I have to work out.  I did a lot more digital editing than I initially planned, but hopefully well worth the effort.  Another thing that seems to happen is I try to make a simple back story, and then it turns into a whole side story thing.

The deer monster, Cervis, is another character I've been meaning to get down on paper for some time now.  Some of the details are still in development like a rough idea of his backstory and some of his other powers.



As seen above, Cervis can direct energy to his already razor sharp antlers to fire beams of destruction or painfully shred apart anything that gets in his way.  He can also direct the energy to his hooves for extra explosive kicks or to fry any poor critters pinned under his weight.  His energy naturally recharges over time, however he can absorb some energy from some nearby objects for a temporary boost.  The energy radiating from his antlers as he is charging up can unintentionally act as a shield, disintegrating weaker projectiles.

Constructive feedback on how to improve is always appreciated!

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screw it this guy never completes a story time for the nuclear warhead of democracy

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Umm, thank you? I do like that nuclear warhead of democracy term. I gotta use that with something.
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İf you use it you owe me 12 gallons of Oil

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I think i see what you're saying.

As far the story writing part, I figure it's either:
Assault people with a thirty page wall of text, awkwardly end it too soon and box myself in, or try and find a good stopping point but leave it open ended enough to add more later.
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thanks so for return as the United States Government I will tell you what is happening in the rest of the world

So these blue fuck shits fell mostly at western Europe, Southern Asia, and North America so here are the current situations of individual Countries

USA(Me):West coast is Under Attack East Coast is a huge fortress at this point oh also here lets hear New York

New York:mY StOcK mArKet SuRvİvEd

Russia: Bring, all of the Kaiju I'll shoot it in the head

China:............Help.........I lost hong kong..........SAVE MEEEE


France:Paris is a fortress at this point

Germany:Berlin is totally destroyed at this point

Turkey:Country as of itself is fortress (like listen my man borium is deadly to kaiju but in extremely high doses the country is a natural fortress)İstanbul is currently the largest city in europe with a population of 25 million

İtaly:think of covid-19 but with kaijus

South Africa:they reactivated their nuclear weapons program and also the African Union is on high alert eliminating all kaiju that enters the continent or if they are peacfull and intelligent tell them to get out


Mexico:STOP WİTH THE İMMİGRANTS also they are completely helpless against hostile kaiju

Switzerland:they are neutral works


Roon:can confirm it is great there

North Korea:joke of th international Community


yeah you will you will

South Korea:ignore him please

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it is supposed to a joke but we never know maybe its blood is oil

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... now there's a thought!
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer

Amazing picture and the story was fun to read

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why thank you very much bud! I didn't even mean to go that far with the story.

Try and do something simple.... aaaannd it's five pages long. :D
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As always, I am seriously impressed by your attention to detail. It floors me each time I look at one of your pieces and see just how many little details you've included.

For criticism, I have to go with Cervis himself, or at least his current design. I think it's a great concept, but right now he doesn't look very kaijuy; if that make any sense. Look at your two armadillo monsters for example. It is clear what species they are based on, but there is no way that if you showed this to someone without any context, that they would think they are ordinary armadillos. Cervis just sort of looks like a regular deer.

I think you can fix this by playing around with his proportions and maybe tweaking his antlers to give him a more unique profile. If you haven't already, check out some prehistoric deer like Eucladoceros or megaloceros, those things had some crazy antlers you might be able to use as inspiration.

P.S. Antler lasers are a seriously badass power.

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm, that's a pretty good point you make there! I notice I've still been having that problem too. Like, I do the initial sketch... it looks too drab, try and exaggerate that even more, still too plain, then try and exaggerate that even more... still not exaggerated enough.

Thanks so much for the feedback! It really helps me look at what I need to focus more on. Push the kaiju look even harder.
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blcksheepHobbyist General Artist
Antler lasers? You definitely have my attention here. :D
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sure the block wide explosions would be pretty noticeable for miles around! :D Thank ya bud!
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