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Going Buckwild In The Big City!

By manaista
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When your trapped in a world where everything wants to stomp or eat you... your mind starts to go a little crazy.  When your mind starts to go a little crazy... you start to have some big power fantasies showing strange little critters who's really at the top of the food chain.

I really do not know how or why I decided to do this! I needed to break in a new sketch pad and I wanted to practice doing more comic like formats.  Plus I found experimenting with already established characters from other series has been good practice of trying to stay consistent, communicating through body language, and stuff like that.  

As always, constructive feedback on how to improve is always welcome!

Buck of the Ice Age movie series.
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer
Ha nicely done
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why thank ya!  I don't know how or why, beyond some characters are just fun to draw big! XD
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer
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blcksheepHobbyist General Artist

I like this coloring you did here. I also like the cartoony look you did here compared to your normal work (since it's a character from a cartoon movie). :)

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank ya very much bud!  I found working with cartoon characters has been a pretty good way to study what can be exaggerated.