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Furry Ferrari vs. Timid Tank (With Story)

By manaista
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What started as a normal day for a heavily populated city rapidly transformed into an eternity ruled by chaos. It started when a sinkhole hundreds of feet in diameter suddenly appeared in the center of downtown. Bystanders trapped in buildings on verge of collapse near the edge of the pit gazed into the darkness of the seemingly bottomless cavern. For many staring into the abyss, a chill ran down their spines as if a doorway to hell opened.

Just then, a pair of blood red eyes appeared from the shadows of the cavern… a blur of grey the size of a skyscraper shot out of the mouth of the pit with the speed of a bullet. In less than second the object now hundreds of feet in the air crashed back into the city with the force of a meteor, leveling several buildings of a city block.  A gigantic rabbit like figure emerged from the dust cloud, grinning as he overshadowed the panicked streets.

In less than an hour, the entire downtown transformed into a prison of crumbled buildings and uprooted streets.  The rabbit that referred to himself as Jack, the Chaos King, herded thousands of his terrified toys to the city’s center before ending their lives in some of the most horrific ways his twisted mind could conjure.

Many fleeing humans were mercilessly crushed into puddles of meat by the rabbit’s “lucky” paws.  Panicked civilians not trampled were snatched and lifted hundreds of feet above the streets only to be thrown into the rabbit’s mouth. Some were promptly ground to paste by his gargantuan teeth while some terrified humans were forced to suffer the agony of being digested alive.  For his own amusement, the rabbit even skewered several dozen people alive onto his claws or any nearby pointed structure.  Many of the survivors were then gathered by the handful only to be carried down into the rabbit hole, never to be heard from again… the savage beast reemerging after a few minutes to continue his reign of chaos.

Just outside the ravaged cityscape… another large sinkhole tore open the ground, swallowing an evacuated industrial complex in the process.  From the rubble another gargantuan animal arose, quietly shaking off the debris. It was an armadillo, so large that even on all fours it could look over many of the surrounding industrial structures into the city.

With silence and swiftness the armadillo, named Sydney by the humans that once considered him a pet, ventured into the concrete jungle on the hunt for the source of destruction.  His ears perked at the sound of muffled footsteps accompanied by the cracks of concrete and crunch of vehicles in the distance… the smells of human blood and innards smeared throughout the city overwhelmed his nostrils.  The armadillo’s hands and feet tensed, his claws fractured the pavement as vibrations from the rabbit could be felt through the streets with a rapid increase just before an abrupt silence.

In an instant the armadillo’s focus was smashed by a crushing force on his back… the sudden gain in mass violently shattered the road surrounding his hands and feet.  The armadillo only caught a brief glimpse of a furred hand attempting to claw into his shoulder armor while a massive dagger of sharpened bone launched towards his eye.  With instinctive reaction Sydney jerked his head down… the dagger scraping the scutes on his head with an unpleasant grinding noise next to his ears.   In a haste attempt to smash the rabbit on his back the armadillo dove shoulder first into a skyscraper.  Thousands of tons of steel and concrete effortlessly crumbled around Sydney as the once mighty building collapsed into the ground erupting in a plume of dust and debris.  However Jack proved to be too quick, leaping off the armadillo’s back at lighting speed while rotating in midair.  Jack the ravager landed feet first as his momentum transformed the once crowed roadway into an unrecognizable pair of jagged trenches littered with twisted metal.

Sydney had just enough time to stand on his hind legs and clench his fists when the rabbit literally launched his next attack.  Sydney swung for Jack’s frail looking body only for the rabbit side step.  The mighty boulder of a fist collided with an adjacent office building.  Over two thirds of the structure was obliterated into a cloud of dust with just in a single blow.  Determined to take the terror rabbit down, Sydney took a massive swipe with his other hand.  Again the Jack evaded his attack ease as his claws gouged away a massive piece of an apartment trapped in the carnage.

Sydney barely blocked a supersonic slash from Jack’s dagger as the weapon violently scraped the side of his arm and body.  Without pause, the Jack delivered three machine gun kicks to the armadillo’s chest accompanied by a swing with his clawed hand to the face.  Sydney stumbled three steps back before he firmly replanted his feet deep into the road.  Shifting all of his weight, the armadillo slammed his palm into the ground with tectonic force.  Any object not instantly flattened under the armadillo’s hand was launched several feet in the air before being shredded apart by a literal wave of five-story high stone spikes.

Jack leaped backwards to avoid the stone destruction. With his hand still in the ground, Sydney effortlessly ripped a massive section of road from the city below and launched the boulder at neck break speed towards the rabbit. Unable to outmaneuver the projectile in midair, Jack received a hard strike in the thigh as the boulder exploded on impact.  The deranged rabbit painfully tumbled over and through nearly a dozen buildings.  With a deep roar, the mega armadillo charged.  Smaller buildings were either flattened or exploded into rubble as the armadillo bulldozed through multiple blocks in order to intercept his opponent.

The rabbit staggered to his feet just seconds before Sydney shoved a twelve story office building off its foundation.  The two now stared each other down...  With his dagger ready the Jack sprinted at the enraged armadillo.  His supersonic paws pounding vehicles deep into pavement while the sonic boom just behind him shattered nearby windows and facades.  The armadillo took one mighty stomp of his own as truck wide fissures splintered down the street with more than enough explosive force to disintegrate the strongest of building foundations in the process.  In an effort to dodge the two story high stumbling stone, the rabbit carelessly sideswiped a several skyscrapers. With simple hop and a firm foot planted on top of the armadillo’s head, the rabbit jumped clean over Sydney.

The armadillo tried to turn his mighty bulk as quickly as possible, unintentionally sending his tail shearing through several buildings in the process.  Jack weaved through the narrow streets with agility that put even the swiftest sports cars to shame. It was only for a brief moment the rabbit disappeared from sight before he sprung into the air well above several skyscrapers.  He planted his paws on top of a building, the structure immediately started to crack and buckle as the rabbit balanced his weight.  The building only collapsed a few floors when the rabbit pushed off with more force than a thousand jets taking off.  The upper portion of the building exploded behind Jack as he launched toward the armadillo.

Sydney’s street wide feet carved deep trenches into the road as he readied his fists for the rabbit shooting towards him.  The collision of titans shattered nearby windows with a deep boom that could be heard from the other side of the city.  Jack’s powerful paws landed right in the center of Sydney’s chest while his open hand grasped the armadillo’s neck for support.  Even Sydney the unmovable mountain nearly lost his balance as he stumbled backwards, another building unfortunate enough to be under his step instantly compacted down to the foundation.  Meanwhile the rabbit haphazardly swung his knife in an attempt to gouge into any exposed flesh.  In less than a second the rabbit managed to stab the armadillo five times.  Three of the strikes of the knife scraped Sydney’s armor again with a horrible screech.   One strike grazed his face immediately drawing blood.  One stab managed to slip through a gap in the armor and into Sydney’s shoulder, only to be painfully stopped by his thick collar bone.

With a roar of pain and rage, Sydney single handedly grabbed Jack by the body and ripped the rabbit off.  The behemoth hand, nearly the size of Jack’s torso, then squeezed with bone breaking grip while the rabbit tried to gasp for air with a partial smirk in attempt to hide the pain. The armadillo continued to tighten his grip while his massive claws intentionally burrowed further into the rabbit’s cracking body.  Sydney then slammed the rabbit down onto a cluster of smaller buildings.  The structures were violently demolished as the rabbit was imbedded deep into the ground.  Sydney roared again while he lifted up the rabbit again in rage and slammed him down with even more force on top of another building.  The rubble did not even fully settle when Sydney lifted Jack for a third time and slammed him deep into the road with the ground shattering force of an earthquake.  The armadillo raised the now limp and bleeding rabbit to eye level.  Sydney opened his other hand, ready to crush the rabbit’s skull like an egg then grind remains of his organs into pulp… the city was silent and lifeless.

Just then, the armadillo’s attention was directed to movement in the sky hundreds of feet behind the rabbit.  It was a news helicopter. The armadillo’s heart froze when his eyes locked onto the horrified faces of the reporter, the pilot, and their camera broadcasting the behemoths’ destruction live around the world.  His focus torn away from his enemy, and shifted towards the innocents still trapped in the city.  Sydney’s ears dropped as a trickle of muffled moans seeped from the ruins of buildings that rapidly grew into a flood of fear of fear and agony that echoed from every crushed corner of downtown.  Sydney slowly lowered rabbit as he dared to look at the devastation.  His stomach nearly turned inside out.  Within the carpet of flattened cars and leveled buildings that surrounded the two were hundreds if not thousands of humans, many were broken and crushed beyond recognition. Some bloody survivors stared back at the armadillo as they cried in fear of what the monster will do next.

The rabbit still in Sydney’s hand quietly began to twitch… he turned his battered head towards the armadillo now on the edge of tears. “HA, DUMBASS!” the rabbit mocked as Jack delivered a swift kick to Sydney’s chin.  Stunned, Sydney dropped the rabbit.  In a split second blur Jack staggered onto all fours, snatched his knife wedged in the rubble next to one of the craters, dashed between dozens of buildings, then disappeared back into the cavern his reign of chaos originated from.

Thousands of eyes stared at the armadillo.  A torrent of emotions raced through the armadillo’s head as he stood there with the sickened thought of how many he may have murdered to stop one rabbit and still fail.  He tried to speak, but no words came out.  Humans cowered for shelter as if he was about to redirect his rage onto the remainder of the city.  Sydney slowly and silently walked through the wreckage and climbed down the rabbit hole in a futile attempt to pursue the Chaos King, Jack.

To be continued…

I don't know whether this one would be considered a revisit of an old drawing, "Timid Titan Tank vs. Furry Freak Ferrari" or a continuation of the same fight.

On the right: The moving-mountain mountain-mover, Sydney Armadillo Armstrong
On the left: The fast and furious Chaos King, Jack Lucifer Ravage

I tried to update their designs a bit to see what ideas do and don't stick as well as keep working on the whole dynamics thing to get more action out of the picture.  I ended up going all out with the side story above too because it just would have felt empty if I didn’t.  I'm still not satisfied with the results, but of course it was a fun learning experience!

Of course any constructive feedback as always welcome!

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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heck yeah!! Much fun to make!
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PLEASE, do more of them.
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm working on it, just at a really slow pace! XD
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank ye bud!!  Whoo,  this ended up being more than I planned, but it was still worth it!
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Your very welcome
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer
I love the title here!

Anyways, well drawn and I loved the mini story here.
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank ya very much!  I wish could have done the full title, but maybe shorter is better.  Also good to warn people they're about to be assaulted with a wall of text. :XD:

Dang I try to keep it simple and end up going all the way!
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer
That's how it goes some days
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Law of inertia at its finest... hard to start drawing, but once you start it's hard to stop!
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ReydorerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, you've done a great job on the city destruction!
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manaistaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank ya bud! I've been trying to get that camera angle lower and loosen up a bit with the three point perspective.

Feels like I made some of the buildings crooked though... or that could be Sydney causing the entire block to shift :D
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