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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."


✧ General Info

○ Name: Fawn
 Nickname: Marliroo ( Lapine for "little mom")
 Age: 2.5 years
○ Gender: Doe
○ Rank: Mother 
○ Mentor: Cloud
○ Skills:
Calm under pressure
    - Intelligent
    - Empathy
    - Knowledge plants

○ Weaknesses: 
    - Pacifistic
    - Soft hearted
    - Weak stamina
    - Too trusting

○ Appearance: Fawn is a graceful and slender rabbit, with a sleek coat of milky white and brown fur. She has big, soft blue eyes and a peachy nose. 
○ Breed: Mountain hare 
○ Scent: Honey and rainwater
○ Voice: Merrill - Dragon Age

"We all must be dreaming this life away, in a world so cold."

✧ Personality

+ [ Compassionate ] Fawn is a gentle and soft-spoken doe with a big heart. Empathetic to a fault, she tries to find goodness in all even if harm were to befall her. And for those she loves, Fawn will do anything to ensure that they stay safe.

+ [ Motherly ] She's more "mama bear" than she is rabbit, fierce and sharp-tongued should her loved ones be endangered. These motherly tendencies often make the rabbit far more uptight than she intends. Be prepared for a heavy scolding if you do something reckless - especially if it leads to others getting hurt. Despite that, Fawn is the best rabbit to go to for matronly advice; she'll always have an ear to lend you no matter what.  

+ [ Demure Fawn doesn't care for attention. She's more reserved and modest, not a show-boat. She can come off as rather timid when it comes to others with her quiet voice and bashful demeanor. She's painfully easy to embarrass!

+ [ Intelligent Being quite cautious, Fawn isn't one that rushes into things headfirst. She's intelligent and willing to wait before impulse, her keen eye often seeing more than most.

+ [ Devoted When making a commitment, Fawn takes it very seriously. She won't abandon a responsibility, always determined to work through it to the end. She is also devout in her spirituality, believing herself to be one with nature and Frith himself.  

[ Pacifist She condemns violence, believing that anything can be solved with words and heart. If faced with a battle, Fawn would rather talk her opponent out of it than fight. Sometimes this pacifistic ideal can lead her to be hesitant to act; a belief that isn't the best for a battle field. She's frustratingly stubborn in this ideal, refusing to harm another if she can help it. Fawn can appear naive in this, and it makes her easy to manipulate. She'll always give a rabbit their second chance, far too trusting of others.  

- [ Prudish Fawn was raised to be a formal and proper lady. Taught to always remain composed and quiet, it can be hard to get her to loosen up and have fun. It's not that she doesn't want to, but rather that Fawn just... doesn't know how to.

- [ Critical  Fawn won't stay quiet if she disapproves of something. Her stern eye knows no bounds! She's quick to chastise, always with a sarcastic comment on her tongue. She's truly a perfectionist at heart and won't settle for less.

- [ Worrisome In the back of her mind, Fawn has a never-ending supply of "what ifs". She constantly plans for the worst scenario, fretting over everything and anything. She can find something to be anxious about in pretty much any situation - it's impressive, really.

- [ Emotional Fervent feelings come with a big heart, and Fawn is no different. Whether she be yelling at you for being foolish or crying her heart out, this sensitive hare wears her tender heart on her sleeve. She's extremely easy to read.

○ often melancholy, easily flustered, skittish, too sweet for her own good, will yell at you because SHE CARES, holds grudges for eternity, very feminine, ridiculously stubborn


“And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope, It's a shot in the dark and right at my throat.”

 ✧ History            

                Underneath Frith's radiant glow, a pale kit took her first breath. Fawn and her brother were born in the hazy midst of summer, children to the Chief Rabbit Ashrah himself and the warren's stoic healer, Cloud. Together they all lived within the mountain-top warren of Sun's Peak, where Ashrah ruled with an iron paw. The kits here were raised as devout followers of Frith, believing that they were the true children of the sun because of how close to the sky their mountain was. But Ashrah was not known as a kind leader - he was a strict authoritarian, yet a brilliant mind. As his kit, Fawn was expected to appear perfect at all times.

Despite that Fawn's kit-hood was a comfortable and safe one, but even from a young age she was molded to be a silent and compliant doe. To embarrass herself was to embarrass her father - which was seen as unacceptable. Fawn was nothing more than a quiet wallflower, standing behind her father to simply look pretty and keep her muzzle shut.  She spent most of her time in the healer's burrow alongside her mother, watching the herbs with keen eyes and helping when she could. Cloud passed on her knowledge of plant-life to the young child, filling her head with thoughts of willow bark and wintergreen.

But Fawn found true solace beside her brother. Hawk was everything she wasn't; he was spitfire and freedom, burning bright with a determination that Fawn envied. She could not find the same strength in herself. With him, she felt that she could truly be herself. Yet he was just as reckless as he was brave. Fawn grew up chasing after the wild buck, often patching up his misbegotten wounds all while giving him a fiery scolding for his foolish adventures.

Compared to the rebellious buck, Fawn was a model child. Ashrah made no attempt to hide his favoritism for his young doe, which stirred unrest within the rest of the warren. They resented the preferential treatment Fawn was given. Often Fawn was either met with a fearful respect or downright disdain. Suffice to say, she spent many a day with only the sky for company.

As she matured, Fawn knew that soon it would be expected of her to settle down and provide the warren with kits. It was not the life she dreamed of, but since when had Fawn ever expected her dreams to come true? She was safe and warm with a home - for that, she was grateful. Father chose a strong buck from his Owsla to be her mate, claiming that it was 'nothing but the best for his kin'. The buck treated her well, but in all their time together they had not spoken more than three words. Such is life, Fawn told herself with a sigh.

Her belly was swollen with kits when the tensions within Sun's Peak finally came to a head. Hawk woke her in the middle of the night, voice hush with urgency. "We are going to overthrow Father's reign and send him to the Black Rabbit. But the others - the others, they want you dead too, Sister. You have to run." Either she risk the lives of her kits and stay, or she flee into the forest into an unknown world. Though her heart knew immediately which answer to choose, her paws would hesitate.

"But why, Brother? What have I done?"

"Because the world is not fair, and it certainly is not kind." He said. The pregnant doe could only stare with disbelief, but never hopelessness. Hawk had always drilled that into her; never lose hope. She picked herself up, knowing what it was she had to do. Survive.

"Frith speed, Fawn. You will need it."

Under the unblinking light of Inlé, Fawn fled into the trees. She could hear the cry of battle break out behind her - and a rabbit shout her name - but she could not stop running for a single moment. Her lungs burned with white fire; and belatedly she realized her belly did too. Her gallop stumbled to a halt as a spike of pain shot through her. The kits were coming? Now?

The rebels had caught up to her. Though Fawn had been able to fend them off long enough to escape into the woods, the moment their paw struck her belly she knew something was wrong. Pain twisted in her, tying knots around her heart. That night Fawn gave birth to a litter of unmoving kits. She turned her teary eyes skyward, seeing a blanket of tumultuous grey clouds block out the sunrise. She realizes it, in that moment.

Frith is not shining on her. Not anymore.

Her brother's words echo in her thoughts: the world is not kind. It is then that a small, fluttering voice in the back of her mind answers, quiet but strong ... Then shouldn't we be the ones to change it? Change the world? Though Fawn's heart is broken, she puts herself back together. It is the only thing she can do. She would not, could not, lose hope. Fawn's journey down the mountain was as dangerous as it was beautiful. Mother had taught her which herbs to look out for, and which ones to avoid like the plague. The doe never realized how life-saving that knowledge would come to be, until now. She was a Hlessi now, with no idea what may prowl ahead.

Fawn had never stepped foot outside of her old warren; there had never been a reason to. Not when Sun's Peak was safe and warm. She missed her home, and her family - but war had taken that from her. Looking for a new home, Fawn eventually stumbled upon Buttercup Hill. The rabbits there took in the weak and weary doe, welcoming her as one of their own. She easily found herself drawn to the nursery, heart aching at the thought of what she could've once had. But Fawn had been given a new chance, and with it a new beginning. Buttercup Hill was her home now, and she wasn't going to let this one be ruined by war.  


 ✧ Extra    

Mate: None
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kits: None
    ○ Ashrah | Father
    ○ Cloud | Mother
    ○ Hawk | Brother

○ Loves all manner of plants and flowers
○ Likes to wear forget-me-nots and baby blue eye flowers in her fur
○ Often wakes early to see the sunrise
○ She has a sweet singing voice, though she rarely sings in front of others
 Always appears clean and well-groomed
○ She is very fond of children
○ Feels more comfortable around does rather than bucks
○ Wants to be friends with everyone
○ Fawn believes that the war between Buttercup and Bogweed is wasteful and unnecessary, and wonders why Bogweed chooses to voice their unhappiness with violence instead of diplomacy. Despite that, she has a far more merciful view of Bogweed and believes that Buttercup should give them a chance at peace - not to eradicate them, or anyone!

Roleplay example: 
Buttercup hill basked under the sun's waning glow as a slight breeze rustled through Fawn's pale fur, bringing with it the sweet scent of wildflowers and spring. It seemed only yesterday that the daisies and tulips were first budding among the melting patches of snow. The thoughtful doe sat with her back to the warren, periwinkle eyes fixated on the sky. Clouds painted it with streaks of violet and blush pink - beautiful, the rabbit thought to herself. Though soon the shadows of Inlé would usher her back to the burrow, Fawn savored this peaceful moment for now. Before she could even conjure the thought of wishing for someone to share this moment with, she heard a rustle behind her. Fawn's ears flicked behind her, before she spoke up in a soft voice. "It's beautiful, don't you think so?"
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aww thank you so much!!
newt is so cool as well, i love his colors n_n
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Such a pretty girl! I don't rp, but I love Watership Down and I'm in the process of making my own character and stuff XD
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oml I LOVE HER <3
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She is my wife now I don't even care what you're going to say
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omg thank you SHES ALL YOURS /throws fawn at u
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Fawn has been accepted into Buttercup Hill! You may submit their application to the group's gallery and begin roleplaying with them as your character.
If you wish to add an additional character, please note the group with a link to the application.

Welcome to the War for the Warren!
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She is absolutely stunning! Love her colors<3
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