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 Pixel: Blue Stary Pixel: Blue Stary P R O M P T Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue Stary   

Status : [OVER]
Deadline : August 14, 11:59pm PST

"My Faire Elnin"
#01 Draw your elnin at the Starfall Faire!

This year's Celestial Vigil is hitting full swing, and the Starfall Faire is the best place to be for it! (Read about the Celestial Vigil [here] if you haven't already!) What does your elnin do to celebrate? Do they visit the festival stalls where they can find a mountain of food and fun games to play? Do they spend the nights watching fireworks and falling stars? Or do they join the tavern barbecues and get silly drunk with their friends? It can be just about anything!

 Pixel: Blue Stary Pixel: Blue Stary R E W A R D S Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue Stary 

Completion : 3 EC

[Requirements for a "Complete" piece]
Pixel: Blue Stary Must include an elnin that you own. (That means you would not qualify for completion by drawing someone else's elnin with your browbird for example.)
Pixel: Blue Stary Must be fully colored and include at least most of your elnin's body.
Pixel: Blue Stary Since I started late into the month, a background in not required but will be considered a bonus for this prompt only.
Pixel: Blue Stary Must have some sort of festive accessory or outfit! This can be anything from a simple waist sash to a full blown outfit, but I wanna see your elnin ready for a fun time!
Pixel: Blue Stary The drawing must relate to the prompt.
Pixel: Blue Stary You must submit your entry to the Prompt group folder [here] before the deadline.

These are only in addition to the Completion Reward, and will not apply if you do not fulfill completion requirements.
** You may only claim each of the following bonuses one time, for a total maximum bonus amount of +4 EC**

Pixel: Blue Stary Including a complete background: +1 EC

Pixel: Blue Stary Including another Berry Bazaar CS (elnins, kyunru, kyulin, etc): +1 EC

Pixel: Blue Stary Including any non-Berry Bazaar CS: +1 EC
*** To keep things simple, this time around please only use CS that I've already asked permission for. *** 
 OK to use: Browbirds, Kitbulls, Lantern Dragons, Star Dusters, Dragonkits, Aetherlings, Grottes, Snaptraps

Pixel: Blue Stary Drawing your elnin in its gijinka form: +1 EC
Human form guidlines:
Their gijinka forms are short compared to the other races. Like so: [Example 1] [Example 2]
They have humanish faces, no animal noses.
Skin color can match their feral form, or be normal skintones, or a combination of those!
You can't create new markings, but you can mix and match the skin tone color with parts of their base markings to make it interesting!
They have normal people hands, but tiny paw feets (with toe beans hue hue).
In ginkina state, they are gender neutral (no boobs, etc)

 Pixel: Blue Stary Pixel: Blue Stary F A Q Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue Stary 

"Can I enter multiple drawings?"
Not this time around, but possibly for future prompts!

"Can I do a written entry?"
Yes! However, please note, written entries must be 700 words long to count as complete in addition to any previously listed applicable requirements. 
ALSO NOTE Written entries -ARE NOT- eligible for bonus points at this time.
Will probably change this later on, but for now I would really love to see some elnin art! <3

"Can I include someone elses' character in my drawing"
Of course! Just make sure you have their permission first. If you like, you can comment below if you're looking for a partner to draw!

"Can I join if I don't own an elnin?"
I'm afraid not. You have to draw an elnin that you yourself own in order to count for any points.

"Do I need to complete a registration sheet to join"
Nope! Not at this point in time anyway.

"What the heck is EC, and what's it used for?"
EC stands for elanicite coin, and is one of the primary currencies of Eyre! It is tracked over here at the Goldspring Grande Treasury.
EC can be traded for goodies when caravans or merchants come around. You'll also be able to use EC to purchase design changes for your adopts (marking/color edits etc). 

"Can I use an elnin I just got from the current event?"

"I'm waiting on an elnin that I would have loved to participate in this ; ; "
AW MAN! I'm so sorry ; ; HEY! I'll tell you what, if you let me know when you get your finished elnin that you wanted to enter this event , I will give you a 22 day period to submit your art so you'll still be able to get credit! This only applies to people who are currently waiting for an elnin, it will not apply to anyone who receives a custom/etc after the event concludes. 

Please comment if you have any questions! <3

Have fun!!


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