ATTN! All MYO/MYO Slot holders, please read!!

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I was trying to get all the myos added to the masterlist by myself, but over time I think it's become somewhat unorganized (RIP my inbox) and with everything else on my to-do list the delays are just endless Kitty Emoji 11 . So! In the interest of getting this done within the next decade xD;;; I'm having the good starbask assist me <3

Attention orange Attention orange  If you currently have an unused MYO slot or an MYO that's not on the [Masterlist account] please do the following: Attention orange Attention orange 

This includes people that have noted me previously! If your MYO is not uploaded at this time, please resend your information to manaseed--!!

  1. Please send a note to the manaseed account with any applicable items asked for below:
  2. The full res transparent image of your [approved*] MYO elnin.
    • * If you have an MYO that has not been approved by me personally, please note me before submitting it to the masterlist
    • Images for the Masterlist must clearly show your elnin without phasmic horns or any clothing / obstructive accessories.
  3. A link to your uploaded MYO art if you'd like the Masterlist to link to your gallery.
  4. How was your MYO/MYO Slot obtained? : 
    • MYO contest win/purchase.
    • Guest artist reward (which event?).
    • Trade from manaberri.
    • Purchased or Traded from another user. Please provide the original creator's name if you can!
    • Other? Please specify.
  5. The $ value of your MYO/MYO Slot. Guest MYOs are trade only. If you're unsure or need confirmation, please note me before submitting anything to the masterlist.
  6. The stats of your MYO or the rank cap of your MYO Slot. If you're unsure or need confirmation, please note me before submitting anything to the masterlist.
    • Hair length: 
      Ear fluff length: 
      Tail Style: 
      Tail Size:  
      MP Total: 
  7. Anything you think you'd like to add in there that I might have missed.

If you need any clarifications, or have any other questions regarding your MYO/MYO Slot please note me! Otherwise, if anyone has any general questions please comment here and I will get back to you asap. 

Thank you guys!!
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