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Starfall Faire Elnin Base Transfers [CLOSED]



It looks like this year the Starfall Faire has attracted a talented aesthetician willing to work a little magic on elnins!

Offering base transfers (done by myself) onto the Starfall Faire lines! <3 Will also be making design edits available for these. It says "small" edits in the image, but I'm open to being pretty flexible as long as the edits you are requesting do not COMPLETELY change your elnin's appearance or change their rank.  Approved MYO/official/guest elnins are all eligible to be transferred to these lines.

NOTE FOR PEOPLE WAITING ON ELNINS: If you currently are waiting on an elnin from me, note me to let me know if you want them on this base! No charge, and it will probably help you get your elnin faster xD These will be worked on in conjunction with owed work at the start of August.

* Changing hairstyle, but not length UNLESS you are just swapping the ear fluff and hair lengths with eachother.
* Swapping crown/tail style within same MP tier (ex fen tails can only be switched with 1 other star tail styles)
* Changing markings
* Changing fur colors
* Changing horn/eye color

* Any changes that cause their rank to fluctuate
* Requesting items unless the item is a small accessory that is already present on their official art as a central design aspect (this mostly applies to hair clasps that are required to maintain whatever hairstyle your elnin has)
* Changing the base lineart
* No phasma horns for these
* You may not add a crown to your elnin if they do not already have one

IMPORTANT NOTE ::  Please try to be a little subtle with your adjustments. I will veto changes that basically turn the elnin into a different design entirely, as this is supposed to be an elnin having Eyre's version of a "little cosmetic magic done".


Slots are $100 each. Paypal only.

Please comment OR note me to claim a slot or if you have any questions!

Paid Slots:
  1. sordid-dessert for endejester - Pachua
  2. endejester for nessuhime - Remiel
  3. Shijinno - Moonshine 
  4. MewMew151 - Snowberry
  5. xNocturnalKittenX - Bramble
  6. Forged-Artifacts - Altair
  7.  nessuhime - Cimmerian 
  8. Yunonia - Prince
  9. Sarenidy - Magia
  10. PatchworkPrince - Prok

Owed elnins / Misc gifts:


Elnins are a close species by myself manaberry <3 Please do not make your own!
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I can use this base for make a elnin ???
:? (Confused)