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[Guest Auction!] Floral Tidings by faios [CLOSED]



Our next Starfall Faire elnin <3 This design is by faios!

And this one actually comes along with two super adorable outfits: Floral festival adornments for the Starfall Faire on the left, and their adventuring attire for when they're undertaking their scholarly pursuits out in the world on the right.


End date: Sunday, July 31 @ 6PM PST 
Snipe Guard: 1 hour  The winning bids must stand for 1 hour before the auction closes.

SB: $40
Min increase: $5

Pixel: Yellow Star  AB1: $450 Pixel: Yellow Star
Basic AB, comes with only art shown above. 

Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Green Star AB2: $600Pixel: Green StarPixel: Blue Stary 

Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Green Star AB2 Bonus: Gijinka art of this elnin by faios Pixel: Green StarPixel: Blue Stary 
AB: :iconkiffels:

Please bid at my "BID HERE"comment below!

Paypal Only~ Please contact faios to discuss payment at the end of the auction!
Payment Plans For this Auction: On approval, $200 down payment required.
** Payment Plans should be discussed with faios before bidding. Additional [TOS] for reference **

Please do not hide or edit your bids! Simply ping me and I will clean up your comment if necessary or tidy up any errant bids in bidding chains.
Only bid what you can afford!! 
No co-ownership.


[Traits] :scroll: 

[Floral Tidings] 

Hair Length: vLong [
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue]
Ear Fluff: vLong [Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue]
Tail Size:  Large [Bullet; Blue] 
Tail Style: Fen [Bullet; Blue]
Crown:  n/a

Notables:  This elnin has spent a great deal of time studying botany (specifically plants living in high miasmic environs) and as a result has learned an novel bit of artistry involving flower cultivation and applied charms.
They visit the Starfall Faire this year with an assortment of floral merchandise that can be enchanted with any number of requested scents.

(Winner may use this backstory, or they are free to use their own!)

MP: [10]
Rank: Noble


Art by faios 
Elnins are a close species by myself manaberry <3 Please do not make your own!
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elnins are so beautiful omfg <3