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[Event] Starfall Faire - Over! Thank you!


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A very bouncy white elnin is currently parading around the cities at the base of Yggdrasil promoting this year's Starfall Faire. She hands you a flier, gives you a wink and chirps, "Hope to see you there!"

Starfall Faire Event Schedule:
Recent Updates / Changes:

[7/26] : Added Flatsale info to the 28th.
[7/14] : Updated event schedule! Event extended so that I don't have to crowd everyone into the last weekend. Will have a week break in between since I'll be away for Comic-Con!
[7/12] : Added "Coral Dragon" to the 14th. Current count of designs not yet listed: 5
[7/11] : Moved Free raffle up one day. Added "Distant Echoes" to the 18th. Added "Assorted Mix" sale to the 17th
There are still a few things that aren't listed yet~

Saturday, 9th :
[Guest Sale Snappledragons ] 6pm PST "Angel Daiquiri " [CLOSED]

Sunday, 10th :
[Guest Sale - AgentCorrina ] 3pm PST "Skyblaze Corsair" [CLOSED]
[Prompt!] My Faire Elnin Opn by manaberry 

Monday, 11th :
[Guest Sale MahoHaku ] 10am PST "Frosted Strawberry Lemonade" [CLOSED]
[YCH] Elnin Base Transfers Starfall Faire Base + design edits [CLOSED]

Tuesday, 12th :
[Guest Sale pairoe ] 5pm PST "Eventide" [CLOSED]
[Free Raffle] 1pm PST Cool as a Cucumber  [CLOSED]

Wednesday, 13th :
[Guest Sale toripng] 4pm PST "Elnins by toripng!" [CLOSED]

Thursday, 14th :
[Guest Sale StickyPeach ] 4pm PST "Coral Dragon" [CLOSED]

Friday, 15th :
[Sale manaberry ] 7pm PST "Hand of Fate" [CLOSED]

Saturday, 16th :
[Guest Sale Pekleo ] 1pm PST "Night Lights" [CLOSED]

Sunday, 17th :
[Flatsale manaberry ] 7:30pm PST "Assorted"  [CLOSED]

Monday, 18th :  
[Sale manaberry ] 8pm PST "Heart of a Valkyrie" [CLOSED]

Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue Stary ----- ONE WEEK BREAK WHILE I'M OUT OF TOWN!! ----- Pixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue StaryPixel: Blue Stary

Monday, 25th :  
[Guest Sale OnionGrump, iPead ] 7:30pm PST "Kingyo" [CLOSED]

Tuesday, 26th :  
[Guest Sale Lilwolfpard ] 6pm PST "Summer Berry Smoothie" [CLOSED]

Wednesday, 27th :  
[Guest Sale sordid-dessert ] 6pm PST "River Prince" [CLOSED]

Thursday, 28th :  
[Guest Sale al-kem-y ] 6pm PST "Elnins by al-kem-y [CLOSED]

Friday, 29th :  
[Guest Sale faios ] 6pm PST "Floral Tidings"[CLOSED]

Saturday, 30th :  
[Guest Sale himehorse ] 6pm PST "Cheery Cherry"[CLOSED]

Sunday, 31st :  
[Sale manaberry ] 6pm PST "Moonfall" [CLOSED]

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