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[Elnin] Hand of Fate [Closed]



Yaay! This Starfall Faire bebe is by me! <3 I actually... really fell in love with him ngl xD;;;


End date: Sunday, July 17 @ 7PM PST 
Snipe Guard: 1 hour  The winning bids must stand for 1 hour before the auction closes.

SB: $50
Min increase: $5
AB: $850

AB: :iconendejester:

Allowed a private AB on this one cause I owe this lady half my sanity basically rofl ;v; /

Paypal Only~ Please contact manaberry to discuss payment at the end of the auction!
Payment Plans For this Auction: N/A
** Payment Plans should be discussed with manaberry before bidding.  **

Please do not hide or edit your bids! Simply ping me and I will clean up your comment if necessary or tidy up any errant bids in bidding chains.
Only bid what you can afford!! 
No co-ownership.


[Traits] :scroll: 

[Hand of Fate] 

Hair Length: Medium [
Bullet; Blue
Ear Fluff: Medium [Bullet; Blue]
Tail Size:  Large [Bullet; Blue] 
Tail Style: Shoal [Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue]
Crown:  Orbital - Cinderfae [Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue]*
*This crown displays a small degree of sentience. Loves sugar.

Notables: Lost an arm to a newly turned daeva. Luckily, the creature only wanted to escape, and did not continue to attack elnin was incapacitated. 
Hair/ear fluff no longer grows to full length on injured side due to subsequent damage to internal mana flow.
Visible signs of previous (now suppressed) mana poisoning: dark sclera, cracks in the structure of their horns.
[Adept] level pomu skill: Can fuse itself with its elnin host, taking the shape of a black-feathered arm. While in this state, the pomu-arm functions exactly like any regular arm... but with more feathers.

MP: [11]
Rank: Noble


Elnins are a close species by myself manaberry <3 Please do not make your own!
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Woah, I love these...