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Elnin : A Knight to Remember



The first revealed humanoid elnin example! She belongs to the ever lovely Rajaputi ... I am.. still finishing up the normal form but I'm worn out for today and am ready for some FFXIV XD;; I WILL.. probably just add the little one in on this image once I finish (Will send it to you then Rajacakes!)


So I'm still working on a proper guide for how to design your elnin's humanoid form, but here is an example! I've mentioned it before, but to reiterate, ALL elnins are able to achieve this form via a very common potion made of manaberries ^_~ So there is no special thing that you need to do in order to unlock this trait.

A quick bonus snippet! :

This one is a knight class, and you can see her weapon here! Knights have to receive special training because their weapons are actually a specialized pomu evolution. Daeva (the race of monsters that inhabit the miasma) are very hard to kill, but one of the things they are weak to are phasmic element weapons! Elnin weapon hilts are always black because that is the actual body of their pomu, while the blades are manifestations of the elnin's own phasmic energy (which means the blade color will match the elnin's horns).


Elnins are a close species by myself manaberry <3 Please do not make your own!
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*throws questions*

So, what kind of MP does your Elnin need in order to take up the knight class? Are there other classes? Smaller pomu weapon evolutions?