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[AUCTION] Moonfall - CLOSED -



And the final Starfall Faire elnin is by me <3 ^^

I actually fell a bit behind since I wasn't home yesterday, hence the silhouettes T^T But the last bits I'll have done by tonight for sure (it's mostly little tweaks and touchups) <3 Will update the image as soon as I stop nitpicking over details xD;;

Exclamation  Also there are a few things worth mentioning about this elnin, because it reflects a few of the customization options for the species that will be getting released once I have the guides together.

Pixel: Blue Stary First, their horns are visibly thinner than what was up until this point considered normal. Elnins will be able to alter the general shape of their primary horns at will, making them smaller, rounder, etc (there's also an option to "hide" them, in which case they appear as two disc-like markings on their forehead).  

Pixel: Blue Stary Secondly, this elnin has a "sleek" body type. Small paws, generally smaller body and slimmer features. I'd been having a lot of fun making elnins chubby and squishy, but there are other body types and owners are welcome to draw their elnins however they please. ^^

Pixel: Blue Stary The last major feature that you can see in miniature on the right, involves an elnin's hair/tail sizes. Elnin hair grows to whatever length its innate mana allows for (I'll go into this more in the guide!), it never grows any longer than this. However, it is possible for an elnin to suppress or otherwise regulate the manaflow in their own bodies to 'shrink' their tails or shorten their hair... for convenience.. and because I know not everyone wants to draw all that hair all the time. xD So, to reiterate that last bit, elnins with naturally short hair won't be able to grow it any longer, but elnins with naturally long hair or large tails can go back and forth as they please.  


End date: Friday, August 5 @ 6PM PST 
Snipe Guard: 1 hour  The winning bids must stand for 1 hour before the auction closes.

SB: $50
Min increase: $5

Pixel: Blue Stary AB: $1000Pixel: Blue Stary 
AB: :iconendejester:

Pixel: Blue Stary AB Bonus : Experimental gijinka by manaberry. Pixel: Blue Stary 
 AB Bonus will be done as an artist's choice sort of thing, so it will be a mystery for the winner until it's done :'3c 

(Please note, the AB is a price ceiling, not a price tag. It is meant as a bidding cap! If you have opinions on the AB, please be respectful and remember that fact. <3)

Payment due within 24hours of the auction end, or the design will be reclaimed and put back up for sale.
Paypal Only~ Please contact manaberry to discuss payment at the end of the auction!
Payment Plans For this Auction: On approval, please note first.
** Payment Plans should be discussed with manaberry before bidding.  **

Please do not hide or edit your bids! Simply ping me and I will clean up your comment if necessary or tidy up any errant bids in bidding chains.
Only bid what you can afford!! 
No co-ownership.


[Traits] :scroll: 


Hair Length: vLong[
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue
Ear Fluff: Short [-]
Tail Size:  xxLarge [Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue] 
Tail Style: Weald [Bullet; Blue]
Crown: Simple Fractal [Bullet; Blue]

Notables: The underside of this elnin's hair/belly/tail as well as their ear fluff shimmers iridescently and glows softly under moonlight.
They have managed to convince a star wisp to take up residence in a delicate golden lantern. The wisp sometimes makes soft sounds reminiscent of wind chimes.

MP: [11]
Rank: Noble


Elnins are a close species by myself manaberry <3 Please do not make your own!
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I know that this elnin’s gender is unrestricted. This elnin is a female in my opinion but this is a beautiful elnin. I love her!