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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my :devart: profile page :wave:
Most of you know that I am a Bionicle MOCer
For those of you that don't, I make sculptures
of various things using legos, and more
specifically Bionicle/Hero Factor parts.
Though I do use regular legos ligh you
Might be familiar with. The Term MOC
is an acrynym that stands for
My Own Creation.
This is a term we creators of original lego
sculptres universally(mostly) use as a term
for anything made by us and not officially
designed by lego or lego engineers.
So that's that.
I am also a musician. I play bass, drums
and a little bit of keybard and guitar
If you want to know more about that stuf
just ask me, and feelf free to ask me about
most anything you're curious about, or comment
on my Deviations or journals.
Overall I'm pretty friendly, unless given a reason
not to be. :) I hope to hear from you.

Thank you to anyone and everyone for favorites,
comments and watches.:iconthankyousignplz:

On Beyond the Brick

Sat Oct 27, 2018, 10:53 PM

:iconexcitedlaplz:Spaz Zaeon SPAZ :omgnoes: Excited :excited: Excited Freak Out :Flail: Dork Dance 2

During Bricks By The Bay 2018 The fellows from Beyond The Brick liked my MOC enough to interview me. And to say that it was the highlight of the convention for the year is an absolute understatement.

Well I guess that's another box checked off on the list of cool things that can happen to Lego builders happening to me.

I also just wanna say thank you to everyone who's supported me through likes, faves, comments, follows, etc.

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By now people probably know me for liking really heavy aggressive sounding music. Lets prove that wrong. 

Here's such a beautiful acoustic performance from an indie math rock band Orchards. Lucy Evers' voice is so beautiful and serene. :heart::music: This is a really different type of music than I normally suggest, so give it a listen. 

That's what's beautiful about people and music, you can love all kinds of music, equally. Heavy and aggressive, simple and soft, everything in between. People are multifaceted, their tastes in music should be to. :)  
Watercolor Painting by ElmerLobo
ElmerLobo is an awesome dude and he made this wonderful watercolor painting of Matteo "Calling it a Day" in his words. You should totally go check out his deviation. 
Calling it a day by ElmerLobo 

To coincide with this piece of artwork, I decided to write up a small little sample, inspired by it. 

Flame-lit Memories

~ By Dave Foreman

Wood crackled, heat radiated from a central point, and a warm glow was cast over the surrounding area of cool moonlit forest. Owls could be heard hooting off in the distance, and small birds chirped and peeped as they settled into their nests for the night, Matteo was doing the same. Matteo stoked the logs of his camp fire that he was huddled around, while his horse snorted and chewed at the grass near by. The winds were starting to gust in from the north, bringing with them the pangs of winter. Although Matteo liked the cold far more than the heat of summer, he saw no reason to freeze, and a warm firelite campsite always put his mind at ease. Smoke could be seen rising off in the distance. His destination was about a day and a half's ride, one he certainly could have shortened by traveling at night, but Matteo was never one to rush, and Ashwin, his horse could rest. Afterall, he had all the time in the world, so much so he was the envy of great men. Even Death himself loathed Matteo for is never ending abundance of time. Of all Matteo's alies, time was his greatest.

Satisfied that the fire had been properly stoked, Matteo set a rack into the flames with a pot of water on top of it. Out of his satchel came a host of spices, herbs, and a few dried vegetables. It was a modest stew, but a stew nonetheless. Being an immortal Lemurian meant he was always hungry, Matteo seldom skipped a meal. His friend Elmer always joked, “Mahteeoh my friend, you always eat as much as I and drink almost as much, yet you are a skinny man and never slur! You must have a great void of a stomach!” This was usually accompanied by a hearty laugh, a swig of ale, a bite of what ever dead animal he had managed to get his large hands on that evening and a stiff punch to the arm. Meanwhile his dear friend Remi Basile would comment “If I ate as much as you Monsieur, I would be most fat! How do you keep such a figure, I must know?” Remi was always fretting about his appearances, despite being a handsome if not slightly vertically challenged man. It was hard keeping a secret like being one of the last survivors of a long extinct immortal race of beings, and that he has seen the world grow and change for centuries longer than their great grandfathers had been alive. Thankfully Matteo didn't always have to. With his most trusted friends, he swore them to secrecy, and saw to them, till the end of their days. In calming times like these, Matteo often reminisced about his friends, past and present. So many had come along, so many had left, yet he remained, always. Time may be Matteo's greatest ally, but it was the sworn enemy of everyone else. 
Baroness is such an underrated band. I love these guys, and there's a real story of triumph in the face of adversity after they had a real bad bus crash that almost killed their singer. Its a great story. But what I love most is the heavy instrumentation coupled with serene lyrics and artwork, which is also done by their singer, John. Its an interesting marriage of beautiful aesthetics and heavy hitting music.


I will bury your bones inside my garden
Underneath your eyes can't burn through me anymore
I will throw a golden anchor in the harbor
Tie you by your chain to the ghost on the ocean floor
And as my lungs deflate
You help me suffocate
We have no need to breathe
You tried to disappear
So long
I followed you
Along the eastern banks I ran
'Til no more could I stride
No wing nor cloven hoof
Would let me stay rolling tide
Across the coastal banks she runs
And gallops towards the sea
But I cannot outrun the beast
That bears my sanity
And as my lungs deflate
You help me suffocate
We have no need to breathe
You tried to disappear
So long
I followed you
The world is great and wide
But wherever you go you know
I'm a step behind
Lay that hammer down
If your cross needs a nail I'm sure we can sort it out
If you try to disappear
I'm just around the bend
So long
I followed you
When you try to run and hide
It warms my little heart
So long
I followed you
Powder and bones by Istrandar

Cool art by Istrandar  is cool. I wish this was a video game I could play. I'd kick that wendigo's ass!
Aspergers: The Obstacles I Face by Saronicle

This is an important piece of art Saronicle made. If you're on the Autism spectrum and more specifically have Asperger's Syndrome, you should check out this piece and read its description.

It also just happens to be some real pretty art. :heart:

Welcome to my Page.

Welcome and Thank You
Hello there, thank you for visiting my Deviantpage. If you've favorited or added me to your :+devwatch: then allow me to say thank you. I sometimes get a lot of traffic in bursts with new submissions so I may not personally thank you for the favorite or watch. But I want you to know that I do appreciate the support.

As for my followers. Thank you all for the continued support of my artwork. You all have made Deviantart such a wonderful experience for me. :wave:


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Mortchen Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2019  Hobbyist
Thanks for all the likes & faves!
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner May 1, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! :wave:
Serch2 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dúde, you are here too! I used to visit your Tumblr time ago :D Why did you delete it? You got sick of all the SJWs? :D
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:XD: I was here first. As in, this was the first social media type site I ever joined. I was here before FB, twitter, any of it. I've been here since 2009.

SJW's are annoying, but most importantly, they got rid of all the porn! So I moved to twitter, but twitter is such a cespool of people bickering and arguing, and just being their meanest low resolution selves. I'm quitting that to.
Serch2 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hoo man, you left Tumblr and you went to Twitter? Dude, Twitter is, at least, as bad as Tumblr in SJWness :D Can´t wait till they infect this site too… :(
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its probably worse, but its where all the tiddie artists went. :XD: But yeah I gave it up to. I can't stand this PC internet culture anymore. They're gonna take it too far and eventually someone's going to shoot back, literally.
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ItsYaDoctor Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019  Student General Artist
Thanks for the amazing watch!! 
Plague doctors /and/ bionicle! Hats off to you sir, you have amazing taste 
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! I saw cool beaky boiz in your gallery, and that's good enough for me!

 Haha Glad you like the combination, its certainly unique. :giggle:
ElmerLobo Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You have a very intriguing gallery!
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! I could say the same to you in fact. A super hero in tights with big muscles that's also a plague doctor? That's pretty neat.
ElmerLobo Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! I like your gallery because I used to play with Legos all the time. I had quite a bit of Bionicles. So this takes me right back to 2008, when I was just in second grade.

My style is ment to be sort of break the mold that modern cartoons/ comics have. You see, there is a lack a very masculine men in anime, American cartoons, etc. (Also Plague Doctors, haha). Speaking of which, there are really no plague doctor superheros. For that reason, my plague doctor is simply named The Plague Doctor. Seeing how there are are no other ones, why not make him the one and only Plague Doctor?

Oh yeah, and he is JACKED!
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That holds true for a lot of us. I got my first lego when I was 2, and I just never gave it up. So that's 28 years of playing with lego and being creative with it. But a lot of builders who work with lego as a medium were in your shoes. They just kept at it and made it their medium of choice, or is a secondary medium. A lot of Lego builders draw or do art in some other fashion.

I don't think that's entirely true. I think there's so many things to pay attention to now, thanks to the internet, its not entirely obvious where the masculine characters are. But there is indeed a pushback against masculinity in American culture right now. There's no denying that.

There's yet to be a really popular IP that features plague doctors. Assassin's Creed featured them sure, but they weren't the focus. My story and characters isn't super hero based, but they are definitely plague doctors, and they're the focus of the story.
Bionicle MOC: Matteo by Mana-Ramp-Matoran   Comissioned Art: Matteo By LalaVolpe. by Mana-Ramp-Matoran   Attack from above. by Mana-Ramp-Matoran

Matteo is my main character. Long story short, he's immortal, basically has captain america level strength and speed, and one gimmick thats basically Wolverine's claws, crossed with Ezio's wrist blades, and that's about it. I've tried not to make him OP as a character. Though his talents are more that he's kinda good at the most random things, like sewing, or lock picking. Cause when you are ageless, you get bored, and learn stuff. :XD:

Sure that works if your plague doctor is the only one in your universe, but what happens when more crop up, or like the drawing you did, its a cross over with another's doc?  Does your guy have any abilities?
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BowlerHatTom Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for all the favs and consider that request done!
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome. :D I really like your character sketches, they're very imaginative, and inspiring. :D
DyanerisArt Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Again, thank you so much for the watch  and tha favs !!
It really means a lot to me !
I hope you'll enjoy my future submissions !!
Have a wonderful day <3 
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! :la: :dummy:

I'm sure I will enjoy them. :D You'll be seeing me around in the comment sections. if I like something I definitely speak up.

You to!!! I'm glad I was able to make your day.
DyanerisArt Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Can't wait to see more of your comments then :happybounce: Love Heart :D (Big Grin) 
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well then, make more awesome artwork that I'll just fall in love with and have to comment on!

You could

A. Draw more steampunk stuff. Steam Icon Punk emote

B. Anything dark and creepy. mini woooo 

C. ROBOTS!!! Robot Walk

D. Dunno if you've noticed, but plague doctors are kinda my thing. If you drew one of those. I think I'd have to comment, favorite at least twice, and share it with the whole world.

I mean, you don't have to do any of these things. You should definitely draw what you wanna draw, but these suggestions would be the best way to get comments from me. Jusssayin' :giggle:

But more importantly I can't wait to see more art from YOU! :eager:   
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GoldenArpeggio Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018


Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

You should set reminders on your calendar. I'm starting to do that with a lot of you guys. I think what I'm gonna do is start making MOCs for people who's birthdays I want to commemorate, and then just stuff em somewhere and wait to post them. I've been neglecting friends Birthdays for too long. I'm terrible. :XD:

Well thanks for the photo, and the laugh.
GoldenArpeggio Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018
The problems are 1) I never remember to check the calendar and 2) I don't usually realize which day it is today (1 & 2 could be solved just by solving 1 though). If something important comes the next days I just put a post-it on my PC as a daily reminder =P It's actually easier to check the calendar, I know, but it's like why I answer people and comment pictures too late, it's just because I'm a lazy idiot xD
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:XD: Well that's alright. I'm a lazy idiot to. I wait until the week its someone's birthday, see the notifcation here on DA and go "CRAP!" And I either try and hastily put together something, or I just forget about it and leave a stupid message. Next year I want to get better at making things for people's birthdays. I have yours, Onuku's and Ohlookitsanartist's birthdays put down in my PC's callender and is synced with my phone, so I'll get a reminder.
Alieraah Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey i know im late but happy birthday!!!
Mana-Ramp-Matoran Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thanks Molly. :hug:
KrytenMarkGen-0 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Sorry, sorry! I completely forgot; Happy Birthday! :party::iconcakeplz::party: :)
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