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Mascular Magazine Again

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 5:53 AM
Rather chuffed to report I have some more work featured in the latest edition of -
Please be advised it is most probably 'Not Safe For Work' but otherwise well worth a look as it features some fantastic Art from a wide range of very talented artists.
Please like, share & spread the word as they all deserve as much exposure & kudos as possible.
And why not subscribe to this quarterly magazine; after all it's not often you get this kind of quality for free these days.

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Mascular Magazine

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 7:32 AM
Rather thrilled to report that I have had a small project published in the latest edition of - look out for 'Das Unheimliche' beginning on page 74 of the 'Fetish' Issue.
And please spread the word 'cause I need the exposure & the magazine is fantastic anyway. Subscribe to this fantastic free quarterly magazine & check out the back issues as there's some cracking work from some very talented artists.
But for those of a sensitive nature please be warned that the website is probably 'Not Safe For Work'.
Colour me ''

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What Makes A Man A Man?

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 3:34 AM
He walks like me,
He talks like me,
He dresses like me,
He fucks like me.
I try to be the idol I see before me.
And there's the rub -
Try may I, yet he is - soul & bone
Soul & Bone.

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That Bleddy Couch Again

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 6:37 AM
Well that Zebra Print Chaise is beginning to get a reputation of it's own. Most guys who come for pictures these days demand at least one or two shots on it - invariably in the buff; so it's getting to the stage that it has touched more naked gentlemen than I have....OK that may be a slight exaggeration but I am starting to get seriously jealous of it!

And I have spent far too long hiding behind the beauty of others so thought it time to put myself in-front of the lens for a change. I have used myself as 'actor' for numerous conceptual pieces in the past, but that was easy to view objectively as it was a question of whether the image worked & not how 'fit' I myself looked. So it was with no little trepidation that I took myself into the studio last weekend in order to get some quality shots to advertise myself with (on certain social networking sites which I am too shy to mention) and I was moderately happy with the results. Does that make me vain; Does that make me Narcissistic? I really don't believe so - more a question of damage limitation & an attempt to dilute my own feelings of body dysmorphia. But it was rather interesting to see how difficult I actually was to work with as model and it has given me a greater respect for those who agree to or even request a shoot with me. Anyway - feel free to make up your own mind here -…

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"Většinou se zamiluji do objektu, který fotím."
So says Robert Vano. But while I don't, strictly speaking, fall in love with everything (or everyone) I photograph - sometimes you come across an image that forces emotions that you are not quite expecting. I have been lucky during my time to have created a few of these types of images & I am immensely grateful to those models who projected something towards my lens that enabled me to capture 'love' on film. So - go on; fall in love with my models - I can assure you they are most deserving of it.
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Ok - so I'm pushing the boundaries of masculinity again to see how far you can blend in icons of femininity before the male gets diluted or things start to look absurd. I ask my long suffering model if he objects to wearing stockings or lingerie? He doesn't bat an eyelid. I think he's used to the odd requests I make these days in pursuit of 'ART' - he does, however, get rather miffed when he sees I have bought him size 14 underwear.....Um - dude you're 6"4 with a 48" chest, do you seriously think you can get away with size 10?
I am extremely grateful to him again for sparing me some time though as I think we got yet more cracking imagery. Have a look & let me know your thoughts. All comments are gratefully received as always.
Oh - and for those of you who have admired AJ; there's another shoot's worth on the way in a week or two. For those of you who don't know those images - hunt them down in my gallery as you really don't know what you've missed.
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These are the kind of shoots I just love. This chap didn't quite understand why I had asked him to model for me as, in his own words, "I'm no Adonis..." - but these 'models' are sometimes the best as they are quite prepared to let me pose them however I wish & don't look at me strangely when I appear to be shooting from odd angles.
Then - not only do I get some great shots that I can be proud of, but the model in turn gets to see themselves in a completely different light - one which hopefully increases their self-confidence, as we are all liable to focus on, and exaggerate our apparent faults.
And of course you should never pass-up the opportunity to hear another's life story – some of whom wear them on the skin and should be rightly proud.
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I had the pleasure last week to work with a guy I've done some shoots with before (in fact he makes up a rather large chunk of my portfolio). He is always a pleasure to work with as not only is he wonderfully photogenic, but he is very patient and understanding with my ideas & usually quite happy to try things out - no matter how weird or obscure. So with thanks to him we were not only able to get some nice homo-erotica, but we got some really great 'out-there' shots too. Have a look at the new stuff & let me know what you reckon. I have held a few shots back that I am going to Cyanotype (hopefully this coming week or so) so check back again soon for those shots too. Cheers.
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Well it's taken me a couple of months, but I have finally re-styled my website. It didn't help matters that I took 4 days just to decide upon a text font! There is a lot of my old favourite stuff up there now along with a some recently shot images. Let's hope I have a thoroughly productive summer so that I can add a shed-load more. Would love to re-visit Cyanotypes, but badly need some suitable material - anyone fancy modelling?
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I had the very great pleasure of working with ~nortyrobber last week. He is one very talented 'sick puppy'. We wanted to explore fashion but push the boundaries as far as we could. It was an enlightening and fun-filled day & we got a huge range of shots from the moderately standard fashion style through to some quite dark twisted stuff. I was amazed how many different looks he could give the camera just with his face alone - from vulnerable naivety to filthy sexuality.
We really bounced off each-other well & I shall look forward to the next time he can spare me a day of inspiration.
A small selection from the day can be seen in my gallery & some more can be seen in his. I hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed making them.
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