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Starting new Big Dragon Project 

This time, a Red and Black asian-inspired dragon. Similar size to the Ginormous Bronze, but no wings. Trying to determine whether or not to make a movable jaw on this one. This will be the Display dragon for art shows. Also working on Smaller creatures for an art show in January" Unicorns, smaller dragons of various sized. I'll post pictures of progress on the big one, and the little ones when they are finished.
After a long dry spell, I'm finally back to making dragons!  And other things! Yay!  I'm feeling the urge to challenge myself - time to make that winged beardie I've been imagining, or another faerie after 20 years, or perhaps more unicorns! 

And, I think, a big, black dragon, with a working jaw, for display at art shows (no, not as large as the bronze one - I'm not that crazy). I have this luscious black-on-black scale fabric.....

No, it will not be Toothless. 

OK!  So it's mostly done! Done enough for the client to display for a while, ad you can see from the photos), and I will take some time to create a crest of some type (the head looks a bit bare). That, and a few odds and ends to literally tie up.  I love upholstering needles, BTW. The curve is perfect for working on hard-to-reach corners.

Then, some downtime to regroup, deal with the things I've been neglecting, and onward to a couple more commissions (little ones this time, thank goodness).
Head is almost finished. It's a little heavier than I'd like, but it will be fine. Still waiting on the eyes. Everything else is done. The eyes should arrive in 3 days, and then it will be completely done. It's hard to believe.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.
Really, REALLY tired today.

Teeth done. I really hate working with translucent sculpie. It is the most inflexible of all sculpie. Looks great when baked, though. Skull is undergoing a transformation, with a totally new lower jaw, and a cranium that is more like a real cranium. Looking at pictures of real skulls helps.

Figured out how I'm going to do the interior of mouth, just have not figured out how to do the external skin on a two-piece skull. All well, this too will come in time.
All the pieces of cloth cut out, all fit well. Measuring (even my half-assed attempts at it) helps a lot.

The dragon now has skin sewn on all the way up the tail, skin on on all four legs (rather like sleeves - they're not sewn on yet), and all the wing struts are covered. The claws, which were make of sculpey are attached to the back feet, but not the front. I'm still trying to figure out how to modify the sewing for the feet, because up until now, my dragons' feet never had toes thick enough to require claws, or skin on the toes (they were always wire wrapped wire).

This thing has a lot of heft now, and bizarrely natural movement, and looks like a living thing more and more. I'll take pictures in a bit, for now it's still in such an in-between stage that it's hard to make sense of in a photo (fabric hanging off of it in places where it is not tacked down obscures a lot of the lines).

The skull still needs a lot of work, and they eyes still need to be ordered (custom order from Tohocken, IIRC), but at the pace I'm going this thing will finally be finished in a month or two. Woo!

In other news, I went to a fabric store and they were having a big sale. I got a remnant of a wonderful black cloth with a jacquard scale pattern and it feels silky, so I see a black dragon in my future. I also got a swirly blue gold and brown cloth with sparkles, which is as close to "blue" that I've gotten, so I can't wait to use this cloth as well.  

But the big one lounges on my couch and mocks me and I can't think about any others until it is done.
Dragon Progress:

1. Finally cleared the time and took a deep breath and started cutting the fabric. I have a limited amount of this fabric, and it is very unlikely I'll be able to get more of it.

2. Cut the wings first, since they require the largest unbroken section of fabric needed. Cut them freehand, cut them perfectly.

3. Then proceeded to destroy them on the sewing machine. Did I mention that I do all of my hand sewing for a reason?

2a. Cut out a second pair of wings, using the first pair as a template. All sewing will be by hand. Did I mention that I have a limited amount of fabric?

Fortunately, I had already decided on a different way to sew the fabric on the body than my normal method, creating an effect like the plates on an armadillo. So, no panicking, just annoyance.

Now, to create paper templates for all of the segments, so that I can use the fabric the most efficiently. Instead of a cloak, I'm now making a jigsaw puzzle.
Well, work has started again on the gigantic (6-8') dragon. And it seems to be growing - it's now closer to 10-12'. Now it needs to be trimmed back a little, but it clearly has a mind of its own. It fought back in a serious way when the wire skeleton was being created - at one point I looked like I had been on the losing side of a fight with a cat.

I will post pictures when the skeleton is complete.
As Samwise would say (apologies to Tolkien)

So I'm back from the art show and I have some pricing structure for the dragons

(see ""Little Wyverns" photo), typically 2-3 inches long with a 2-3 inch wingspan
$24 Basic Wyvern (glass bead eyes)
Add $2 for semi-precious stone eyes
Add $2 for feather crest

(See "Silver and Gold" photo - the holographic gold scale is the "small"),
typically 8-10 inches long, 6-8 inch wingspan
$30 Basic Wyvern (semi-precious stone bead eyes included)
Add $2 for feather crest
Add $5 for extra long tail (to wrap around wrist)

(see "Red and Gold Wyvern"photo), typically 12-14 inches long, 10-12 inch wingspan
$40 Basic Wyvern (semi-precious stone bead eyes included)
Add $4 for feather crest
Add $10 for extra long tail (to wrap around wrist or neck)

(Same size range as "Medium Wyvern" with 4 legs)
$50 Basic Dragon (semi-precious stone bead eyes included)
Add $4 for feather crest
Add $10 for extra long tail (to wrap around wrist or neck)

(See "The Girls" photo), typically 18-24 inches long, 16-20 inch wingspan
$65 Basic Dragon
Add $5 for feather crest
Add $20 for extra long tail (to wrap around neck or body). For reference, the dragon in the "Longtail Detail" photo had a 27" tail)

(See "Majestic peacock crested" photo), typically 24-30 inches long, 24-30 inch wingspan
$75 Basic Dragon (semi-precious stone bead eyes included)
Add $10 for feather crest
Add $20 for extra long tail (to wrap around neck or body)

HUGE DRAGON (See "Large Green" - yes, it's a misnomer), typically 40-45 inches long, 36-40 inch wingspan
$250 Basic dragon (semi-precious stone bead eyes included)
Add $25 for feather crest
(they don't need extra-long tails)

Shipping is extra.

Extra-long tails may require wrist or sash measurements, depending on how you plan to wear the dragon. The medium sized and large dragons can easily be worn around the neck with standard tails (the huge dragons wrap around the body like a sash). I'll try to get photos soon of the different sized dragons being worn.

I'll be talking commissions at this point, although I have a waiting list right now and it might take a couple of months to start any new ones. Ask about any of the finished dragons in my gallery and I'll let you know if they are available for sale.
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I just wrote an whole post about the art show and pricing, and the site ate it.  Grrr. I'm done for the night. I'll have to try it again tomorrow.
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So the Art show is this weekend, and I have 6 pieces to auction:

Little wyverns:          Holo gold, silver swirl, holo green, and gold scale
Medium wyverns:    Gold and red  
Dragons:                   Peacock crested large/medium with the beaded armband.

I will probably also show the large green dragon, the unicorn of the apocalypse, and possibly one or two other pieces in the Not For Sale category. I'll let you all know how it goes. And then I have a backlog of commissions to do.

My hands are tired just thinking about it.
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What's in a name?  Well, it appears a lot of popularity. Either the Unicorn was a favorite because it was a unicorn, the only non-dragon in my collection so far, it was so darn cute, or people really like the apocalypse. Either way, thanks to all the people who added it to their favorites collections.
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So I went to a local Con this weekend, and brought dragons to work on. I was finishing a commission from last month, and I barely got the needle threaded when I had several people ask for dragons. (Of course, wearing the Large Green on my back pack one of the days was probably the equivalent of a big honking neon sign). Many may have to wait until March, because I've entered an art show in late February. Actual prices for people who are interested will be posted after the art show. I'm still trying to find my price point.  The Con was fun, the house is a disaster, and there's my regular job to go back to tomorrow.

I will try to take photos of the completed dragons and post them by the end of this week.
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Deep breath...

I've taken the first steps. I've bought the wire, I've gotten the fabric (a beautiful bronze mock-leather, and on sale to boot!) , and I've stated designing the skull. I feel more than a little apprehensive, and I can't really start this in earnest because both at home and at work I have a big project that is going full bore. But it's a start. I've given all of the dragons in the group picture their eyes, and when I have a chance they'll get manes or possibly horns (that's new for me - I'm playing around with the idea).

I'l post pictures as this creature progresses.

Now, if I weren't so tired.
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Well, I had some really nice individual photos of the large dragons (the group photo fails to really show off their detail), but they seem to have gotten corrupted. The decent light is gone for the day, so I hope to post more pics tomorrow.

But it's a start.
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Well, it's been a busy day. Managed to take some pics of the dragons I currently have, but haven't had a chance yet to download, crop, and upload them. So, hopefully tomorrow.
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