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Cooking Mama-All Cook off characters (REUPLOAD)



Don't ask me why, It took me 2 hours to do this, so no asking

PS: I love shamshing their hands with a wooden hammer in the mochi pounding mini-game! Too bad that only affects, David, Kate, Sakura, Maylee, Marco, Clara, Ivan, and Albert. Smashing hands is fun!

Also, because of my silliness, I once made this as my profile ID, but can't add any ID pics anyore.
Why am i the only one in the family knows all characters from the past?!? Like I knew the Flipline characters, then the CPU Miis, now the Cooking Mama characters? Lucid Dreaming FTW!

UPDATE: Back at it again with the Cooking Mama, since I had a dream based in the game, but it was mature and gory, it's NOT the Peta's caca version of it.

UPDATE (2): Unstoring this and reupdating this in the mere future. I'll make an HD version in the future.

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THe Real Reason it almost had a Mature Filter:

Either it might be flagged as ideologically sensitive due to propaganda, because of the flags behind the character representing their country and origin.

Ivan and Natasha has the Russia Flag and they're representing Russia.

Edel (German Friend) and Albert are from Germany, having the German Flag behind them.