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This place is PERFECT!

Bullet; Blue Vectored from S04E03 around ~1:25

Bullet; Blue SVG file

Bullet; Blue Made with :iconponyscape-vectors: 0.4.3
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oh hell no, girl!
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Adorable book horse cx
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I used this here…
I hope you don't mind.
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So are you sweetie. Love what you've donewwith your hair! Uber cute
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You know when Twilight starts book diving that you will NEVER get her(or me for that matter) out of them untill we read EVERY SINGLE BOOK.
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They're really trying to shove these expressions in. XD
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funny you draw her wings 'correctly xd the show has 'something'.... perhaps that is why she flies weird ;)
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I loved Twilight's Smile LOL
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stop being cuter than fluttershy!
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Noo I'm allergic to adorableness... *throws the adordableness at me and I looked at it.* Aww...

well the scene did show her that she is in paradise.

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FFFFFFF The cutes. I knew it was going to be vectored the moment I saw that frame, SOOOOO cute 
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This best ever!
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Literally had the exact same reaction when I discovered the public library for the first time as a kid :). Cute picture :D
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She is so CUTE this episode.
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Aww, her first real wingboner.
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If the others hadn't been making a ruckus in the castle, I don't think Twilight would have ever left that library.
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1 of the few things I liked about this episode was the amount of fun the animators had with the facial expressions. 
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Oh god that smile was so adorkable :D
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She died and went to her personal heaven.
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