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'Lady Rarity'

:bulletblue: Original sketch : drawn by :iconjoey-darkmeat:

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wow, this is terrific
incredibly terrific, check out it's terrificality

(i'm being a creep aren't I)
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wow, she looks great <3
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Well, that was fast. :D
Nice. :)
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yaaay rarity and she looks great =D
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elle a pris du poids, non?

lol. noooon, j'déconne |D elle a la classe.
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...No crude sexual reference? Good. It's good then.
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Oh come on, joey's sketches aren't that perverted. :D
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....Have you been looking at the same Joey Dark Meat that I have or are we talking about a completely different author? Vague lesbian references and crude sexual themes. It's completely corrupting the basis of pony innocence, like everything else on the fucking internet.
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Well english isn't my first language so rude dialogue and other stuff like that doesn't really affect me that much.
I also meant that he doesn't draw much of those. There are like a total of 5 out of ~70. Plus the drawings itselves are complety SWF, there is no nudity or gore or anything.
If you don't like the personnality he's giving, simply ignore the text and enjoy the picture. :)

(man, I can't imagine your reaction to r34 :D)
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I actually don't give a shit about rule 34 pony as long as it's anthro and not just ponies with genitals because that's just strange. I know, it's hypocritical, but I don't give a fuck. My mind feels like, ethically, ponies as ponies should not be corrupted, but anthro ponies are ok to corrupt.
I don't know, lol.
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Nicely done Mamandil! I am so excited, his new batch of sketches should be up today. He said he was nearly done on one last night :D. Also you should try some shading on this one too. It really makes the vectors pop!
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Thanks. :aww:
Lol new batch soon ? Damn he's become pretty active lately. :o

Hum, I don't know about the shading... If I had included a background, I would have think about it, but as a stand-alone vector, I wouldn't know where to put the shadows. :shrug:
And I have no idea of what background I could use with this pose. :<
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Beautiful. Great job filling that in!
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Nice picture, I am no brony, but I repsect good art.
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Oh oh oh, thank you. Always nice to see non-brony who doesn't show hate toward the show. :)
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I have no hate for the show, I rather enjoy it! I just can't handle it in large doses, but great work!
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Your Welcome!
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