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How to vector a sketch from A to Z (part 1)

By Mamandil
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I felt like trying to make a tutorial, so here you go. :<

Part 2

Useful links :

:bulletblue: MLP-VectorClub quality guide :…
:bulletblue: :iconmisteraibo:'s tutorials :…
:bulletblue: :iconzutheskunk:'s Unicorn glow tutorial :…

:bulletblue: Color guide :

:bulletblue: Cutie marks' gallery :…
Yes I didn't mention it in the tutorial, but I prefer using the MLP-VectorClub's cutie marks (well except in this example 'cause the cutie mark was really well drawn) rather than tracing the sketch. It's both faster and more accurate.

:bulletblue: Gradient and clipping video complement
:bulletblue: Taper video complement
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Oh god. I just wanted a simple tutorial :(
allienightshade123's avatar
I must ask, how do I get the color from the dropper, Everytime I try (even when holding shift) it won't select the color. Urgh its really making me mad. Does anyone know why it might not be selecting the color?
xXArtistFlowershyXx's avatar
My Inkscape shows Embed and Link, instead of Incorporate. Which one do I use?
Mamandil's avatar
Embed is probably the equivalent of incorporate, so choose that.
xXArtistFlowershyXx's avatar
Okay, that's what I've been doing.
xXLostInsideDreamsXx's avatar
I didn't try this yet, but it could work even without a sketch!
Tory-Kasper's avatar
I have been trying to figure out how to vector properly for weeks, and this is the first tutorial to really make it clear. Thanks so much. :D
DecPrincess's avatar
Ok, how the hell do i color? ><
Only half of the pic is getting colored, i dont understand how i color the rest?
Mamandil's avatar
Hum perhaps it would be easier for you to watch a video tutorial instead, to get a demonstration.
Here : [link] :iconrainbowrage12: made a series of tutorials for inkscape beginners. The first video should help you get the hang of the tools.
DecPrincess's avatar
ahhhh i understand nothing ><
How you do the curves? All i can do are 2 points, click enter and that it
GrayOwlEyes's avatar
Thank you so much, this was really helpful!
(I actually made a vector! *Squee*)
DeRaza360's avatar
I do this a bit differently. Instead of clicking at two separate points and then adjusting it later, I click and drag whenever placing a node, allowing me to trace a line perfectly without having to readjust later. Just a bit quicker, especially when dealing with sharp nodes (press shift).

Your method is still efficient, though.

Anyway, you've made a fantastic tutorial.
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You can just use the 'resize page to content' option rather than manually changing the canvas size, just to save you a few seconds :).
Mamandil's avatar
Oh right I didn't see that option.
That's pretty neat, thanks. :)
lunasboi's avatar
I cant figure this out... I've been working on one for hours and quite frankly I havent even started.
Mamandil's avatar
My very first vector took me a while to finish too, you just need a little patience to finaly get the hang of it. :)
G-and-P-Trixie's avatar
is inkscape free?
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When you said select all strokes, how do I do that exactly?
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This is a lot easier when you have those strokes in different groups (Ctrl+G), because then you can select a whole group by one click. The other useful thing is using layers, but don't use too much layers when not needed (e.g. for hiding some parts of the image is OK, but for other things it's enough to have them on one layer and use the Z-order of groups inside of it).

I often start by making all strokes belonging to one group (e.g. the body strokes) on one layer, because then it's easier to select them all (there's a button which selects all objects on a particular layer). And when I finish, I group them together, send them to another common layer and reuse the "working" layer to make another group of strokes (e.g. the mane).
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The same way you would select several document at once : click and drag.
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