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If you're an asshole to anybody I care about or who is vulnerable in some way, I'll be an asshole to you. treat people with kindness and respect, and that's what you'll get from me :3 I'll be kind to everyone. and sometimes, cutting them off IS me being kind.
Don't listen to gossip or rumours about anybody. get to know people. not everybody is gonna get along, but if you find you can't be in someone's life, leave on good terms, and if that's not possible, keep that hostility to yourself. not defacing someone's image simply because you feel they wronged you or you simply don't like them.
and the most important thing about me, is that naturally, I'm a nice person. I'll be there for anyone who needs it, even enemies who come back to apologize, I handle them with kindness. however, and I say this with sternness, I will never be a cunt to you unless you've hurt me or somebody I care for/protect. if I am being an asshole to you, then its because of how you've behaved, and not because I don't like you. I don't interact with those I don't like. I will say nothing bad, will DO nothing bad, or anything like that. if I cut you out, it's because you've done something pretty nasty.

if you treat others with kindness and gentleness, I will treat you exactly the same and even better probably. good people will always be rewarded in some fashion. if you push me into being social, complain about things I do or don't do all the time and try to change me as a person, I will run away from you. and if you come and keep doing it, I will cut you off.
I didn't reach adulthood without meeting some very nasty people along the way. and I didn't get here without gathering a lot of strength, and self respect. I love myself enough that I will not allow myself or anyone I love to be treated badly. I'm worth more than that, and you're worth more than treating people poorly.
if you know anything about me at all, none of this will be a surprise. I'm not very social, I like to be left alone mostly, but I love my friends and family incredibly deeply and would risk my own safety to protect them.
I gave my persona sharp teeth for a reason. they're hidden until I need them. that's why I've always loved roses, their thorns keep them safe. my hostility keeps me safe from bad people.. you can't grab a rose or a wild animal and not get hurt. be careful, and handle me AND others with care and respect ♥.
and finally, a couple of quotes:

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you do not deserve me at my best"
"in any relationship, you can only give what you're able, and you must accept what you get. you can't take without giving, but you should be content with whatever someone is able to give you, no matter how small" - me
"people who realize they cannot control you, will try to control how others perceive you. don't rise to it. people are smart enough to know the truth."

Favourite Visual Artist
♥ My incredibly talented friends/family ♥
Favourite Movies
silent hill movies, steven universe movie, most old disney movies, tomb raider films, transformers.. etc. i like action
Favourite TV Shows
steven universe, thomas the tank engine, the walking dead ♥, scrubs, life on mars, ashes to ashes, doctor who, classic my little pony, MLP:FIM,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
my music tastes vary from some metal, to classical, but i mostly listen to game soundtracks or songs ABOUT games XD
Favourite Books
mostly books based on games i like
Favourite Writers
james herbert. he's fucking fantastic!
Favourite Games
♥FNAF♥, ♥Silent Hill!♥, tomb raider, the last of us♥, the walking dead: survival instinct, uncharted 1/2/3, the evil within, metal gear, virtua fighter, retro games
Favourite Gaming Platform
ps1/2/3/4, Steam, xbox 360, PSP, PSVita, Nintendo 3/DS, old computer systems (commodore amiga, atari etc). sega saturn and megadrive, nes, snes etc. i am a multi platform gamer ♥
Tools of the Trade
XNALara, blender 2.68 (and cycles sometimes), photoshop cs5, source film maker, wacom intuos tablet
Other Interests
animals, technology and computers, australian aboriginals, collecting weird things, dogs, gaming merch, dreamcatchers, spiritual stuff, wolves, foxes, painting, drawing digitally and traditionally, the 80's,
i..i just want to say, whoever is reading this and has only even spoken to me once or twice..i remember you. i remember all of you..i never forget. i'm always open for talking, i just need to be given my space. i will love you to the moon and back if...
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hello ^^ first off I want to say I apologize, as I know the two models technically exist, but the weight painting was atrocious and the faces were static. so here is my plea.. would anybody be willing to re-extract Nick Valentine and Piper Wright from Fallout 4, with usable rigging and weight painting so that no sharp points stick out anywhere or mesh warping, and with some detail bones like coat bones or hat bones etc. I will commission these if you so desire. with points or real money, I will happily pay for somebody to make these two models as well as they can. these two charcters are incredibly precious to my boyfriend and I
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hello my pups. first of all, I am so very sorry I've been dead. I feel not many people really noticed, but I'd like to clarify why. (warning: I will be talking about bodily functions such as poo, wee and puke lol. just be aware) this time last month I was rushed to hospital after a night and day of intense vomiting and diarrhea. it was awful.. we called paramedics, who told me there was nothing they can do, and to wait it out, even though they knew I was type 1 Diabetic. so I tried to. josh tucked me up in bed with my puke bowl he cleaned diligently after each hurl. nothing was coming up but bile and I could feel myself becoming so weak a
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Well, I'm really quite late and I'm very sorry about that.

But I just wanted to pop by and wish you a very Happy Birthday for December last year, hopefully it was a good one.

I've been very inactive around here these last several months as I would like to move on from this site and onto other things. I will still be around elsewhere if you'd like to keep in touch; I know I certainly would because you've been so wonderful to not just me, but everyone.

I'm not too sure if you'll see this, especially after I deactivate from this site after I've sent you this (I'm genuinely kinda worried that this and my initial comment will be deleted), nonetheless:

If you do see this Mama, then I will really miss you without any question or shadow of doubt. However, should you wish to find me elsewhere, simply search for the username 'CaptainSlowGames' and you're sure to find me. I'm so, so, so sorry for, essentially, springing this so quickly on you.

:heart: :heart:

Remember me? lol. Benn a while but i just uploaded!

i do c: and well done!
Happy belated birthday Mama! Hope you had an amazing day, much love and hugs xx
Hug Panda hug