Wonderlings: The Divine Shards

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About Wonderlings

Wonderlings are shards of weapons used by gods that had enough power still in them when they fell to Earth that they fused with a sentient being when they touched them (usually a human). They are the silent heroes (or evil-doers) of the human world - literal magical girls and magical guys! They live to fight and find competitive ways to curb their warring spirits when there are no battles to be found.

Wonderlings can be any age - once they fuse with their creature though, they slow down on aging thanks to magic. Their fused form gains speed, strength, and the desire to fight! And they have a crystal(s) on their body somewhere that shows the type of weapon and god they were torn from before they fell to Earth and fused with another creature. Should those crystals become cracked and dim, Holy Wonderlings slip down the slope of evil and become Dark Wonderlings...

Holy Wonderlings:
Any Available Shape - geometric or otherwise

white (healing), pink (emotion), blue (water), green (nature), brown (earth), light purple (psychic/kinesis), red (fire), light blue (speed or flight), light green (wind), yellow (electricity), orange (sonic/sound), rainbow (radiant/holy)

Dark Wonderlings:
Slit (Darkborn Wonderlings Only), Any Dark Cracked Available Shape

black (destruction), dark pink (nightmares), dark red (magma), gray (shadow/darkness), dark green (venom), dark blue (ice), dark teal (speed or flight), dark purple (psychic/kinesis), dark orange (necrosis), dark yellow (disease), dark rainbow (chaos)

Wonderling Forms

This is the most basic form of the Wonderling. It is a piece of a god's weapon, and it can not do much else other than change its appearance...

Once a Wonderling changes its form, it must adapt. To adapt, the shard takes on an inquisitive Wanderer Form and tests out various living creatures to fuse with. Typically they stop testing when they find a human to fuse with - also the more intelligent a creature, the harder it is to fuse and the more likely they need permission to fuse. The only abilities the Wanderer Form has are fusing and levitating besides basic necessary movement. They are very shy and skittish in this form since they cannot defend themselves...

Once the Wonderling finds the creature it wants to fuse with and the creature allows it, the fuse becomes permanent and the new Fused Form starts to live out its life. Part of that life, thanks to the innate natures and desires of the shard, are to do battle! This form is the FULL form of the Wonderling where it has access to all of it's abilities and powers. 

Wonderling Rarities and Stages

This information only applies to Wonderlings in their FUSED FORMS. Wonderlings have the following rarities: unvaried - remarkable - unique - fabled and the following stages: one - two - three.

They have crystal(s) and crystal cluster(s) in different locations on their body based on their stage - each stage/rarity can contain the elements from the previous stage/rarity but a Wonderling cannot ever attain elements from a stage/rarity they have not achieved.

Wonderling rarity and stage can change by fusing with other Wonderlings though it is uncommon for FUSED FORM Wonderlings to fuse with others like them, instead they find a Shard Form or Wanderer Form to fuse with since those forms are in need of assistance anyways (Dark Wonderlings WILL try to force fuse with a FUSED FORM Holy Wonderling though, so be careful!).

These Wonderlings have only one power type they can draw from (ie crystal and color). These Wonderlings have no weapon/item.

Stage 1 Unvaried: One crystal with one ability.
Stage 2 Unvaried: One crystal cluster with two abilities.
Stage 3 Unvaried: Two crystal clusters with three abilities.

These Wonderlings have two power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have a small and simple weapon/item.

Stage 1 Remarkable: Two crystals with two abilities.
Stage 2 RemarkableOne crystal and one cluster with three abilities.
Stage 3 Remarkable: Two crystal clusters with four abilities.

These Wonderlings have three power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have a medium-sized non-ornate weapon/item.

Stage 1 Unique: Three crystals with three abilities.
Stage 2 UniqueOne crystal and two clusters with four abilities.
Stage 3 Unique: Three crystal clusters with five abilities.

These Wonderlings have four+ power types they can draw from (ie crystals and colors). These Wonderlings have any type of extravagant and ornate weapon/item.

Stage 1 Fabled: Four crystals with four abilities.
Stage 2 FabledTwo crystals and two clusters with five abilities.
Stage 3 Fabled: Four crystal clusters with six abilities.

Increasing Wonderling Rarity and Stage by Fusion

Short Version...
Fuse with any other Wonderling to get a +1 bonus.
At a +3 bonus, your Wonderling advances one stage (or rarity if at stage 3 already).
When advancing to a new rarity, choose a new power from one you already absorbed.
If the Wonderling you are fusing with is more powerful and you remain dominant, advance to that stage/next rarity.
Most Wonderlings only fuse with wanderer and shard forms.
Holy Wonderlings can heal Dark Wonderlings
Darkborn Wonderlings cannot be healed
Darkborn Wonderlings can infect Holy Wonderlings

Long Version
You can increase your Wonderling's rarity and stage by fusing with other wonderlings in any form. By fusing, the dominant Wonderling (the one that remains in charge - usually the more powerful of the two) automagically gains a +1 bonus. At a total +3 bonus, a Wonderling moves up one stage. At stage 3, if a Wonderling moves up a stage, they move up to the next rarity and begin at stage 1 for that rarity. If you make it to the next rarity when fusing, you MUST take that absorbed Wonderling's power OR a power you have previously absorbed as your next power. You do not have to match/mimic abilities or crystal shapes - those are for you to choose but once chosen, they are also permanent.

By fusing and increasing one's power, a Wonderling NEVER loses power except if they are the non-dominant Wonderling in the fusion (they effectively get absorbed - most Wonderlings NEVER fuse with a fused form, only shard and wanderers). Fusing for power-ups IS PERMANENT. This isn't like the Wanderer Form trying on other creatures to see who they match with best. And YES you can "upgrade" your magical outfit, crystals, and weapon with each new fusion so long as the upgrade does not violate the rules for the rarity and stage you are currently in.

You CAN increase your Wonderling's rarity and stage FASTER by being pickier about who your Wonderling fuses with. If you fuse with a Wonderling that has a stage that is higher than you (instead of matching or lower), you automagically achieve that stage for your current rarity. IF you are at stage 3 of your current rarity and fuse with a stage 3 of a higher rarity, your Wonderling automagically becomes stage 3 of the next rarity in line. The final rarity at stage 3 does not lose the ability to fuse!!! HOWEVER forevermore, each time they fuse, they gain a new ability (meaning they go past 6 abilities).

As stated previously, most Wonderlings only fuse with wanderer and shard forms. They are in need of help and purpose, and fusing with them and absorbing them gives them the help they were seeking and the purpose they needed. HOWEVER Dark Wonderlings can and will fuse with fused forms as well as wanderer and shard forms to take over an adversary or just simply to be evil.

If a Holy Wonderling fuses with a Dark Wonderling (or vice-versa and the Holy Wonderling ends up dominant), a crystal will darken on them and/or crack. Even tho rarity and stage can be increased this way, once ALL of a Wonderling's crystals are darkened and/or cracked, they become a Dark Wonderling. ONLY a Holy Wonderling with healing OR holy powers can reverse this effect. In effect, Dark Wonderlings CAN BECOME HEALED and be Holy Wonderlings again. DARKBORN WONDERLINGS CANNOT BE HEALED. And Darkborn Wonderlings can use necrosis or chaos powers to "infect" a Holy Wonderling, darkening and/or cracking a crystal with a single touch (Dark Wonderlings alone do NOT have this ability even if they have necrosis or chaos powers).

The Wonderling World...

Wonderlings are just humans who once had a chance encounter from a shard form or wanderer form Wonderling*. They live on Earth, unable to escape the planet and return to the Land of the Gods in their semi-mortal form. So the Wonderlings set out to do what they do best: wage battles and compete.

Holy Wonderlings have a deep hatred for Darkborn and Dark Wonderlings, and Darkborn and Dark Wonderlings are notoriously mischievous, arrogant, and volatile. Holy Wonderlings are often a touch more patient, caring, and they are less impulsive than their counterparts. Wonderlings, regardless of holy or dark, take on many of the elements of their creature (usually a person). Some are slobs, some work a lot but never make it on time, some enjoy swimming or reading, etc.

Life for Wonderlings is tame and boring when there isn't a battle to be fought. But with Dark Wonderlings around, something nefarious is always in the making so Holy Wonderlings stay in tune with their surroundings to catch the next bad-guy or gal that threatens their new home, Earth.

* Crossovers and Wonderlings of other species are allowed though each of you must check on the rules with each CS creator before making them. It is forseeable that species everywhere with Gods/Goddesses could potentially have some divine shards fall to the planet in question and fuse with one of the sentient beings there. FYI though: My adopts will be human and storylines will pertain to Earth for the timeline I set up for Wonderlings.
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