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Looking to Upgrade your Wonderling?

The Fusion Warehouse is the place to be! To get a more powerful Wonderling, you have to fuse two Wonderlings together:

Get a Wonderling by any official means: adopts, create your own Unvaried Form for free, or purchase an upgrade! Then fuse! Your chosen Wonderling will advance +1 stage (or rarity if at stage 3 already). This will earn your Wonderling new crystals, powers, and weapon enhancements!

How often can I fuse?

Fusing is an exhausting process for your Wonderling(s). You may fuse at most 2 times every month. This is NOT per Wonderling but per member. If you have multiple Wonderlings, pick and choose. If you are doing something that is pertinent to a story for your Wonderling, we may overturn the 2/month rule - this is not a hard-and-fast-rule. But we ask that you do note us about your needs and reasons to get permission to fuse beyond the 2/month.

How do I officially fuse my Wonderling?

You must note the group your intention as well as the keeper Wonderling and the fodder Wonderling. Fodder Wonderlings become SPENT after fusing with another Wonderling and must have a new Wanderer or Shard form fuse with them to be usable again. YES, spent Wonderling designs CAN BE USED AGAIN! Do not toss them out!


  • Keeper Wonderling: --- with Stage --- and Rarity ---

  • Fodder Wonderling: --- with Stage --- and Rarity ---

  • Intent to Fuse: Y / N

  • Fusions this Month: 0 / 1 / 2

  • Chosen Wonderling New Stats: Stage --- and Rarity ---

  • Upgrades to Wonderling Design: ---

  • Upgrades to Weapon Design: ---

  • Plans for the Spent Wonderling: ---

  • please submit a new reference when completing a fusion

How much does fusion cost?

Fusing is FREE. However note the limitations to fusing monthly. If you DO want to fuse a whole bunch of times, we may be able to work out sort of an OTA type deal for that. Again, not hard-and-fast but won't ever cost you money.

What can I do with my Spent Wonderling?

You can keep it or give it to the group. Those are the only two options right now. And a Spent Wonderling, until fused by a new Shard or Wanderer form, remains inert and unusable in the Wonderling World. Re-fusing with a Shard or Wanderer form DOES take one of your 2/month fusion slots but WILL restore your Spent Wonderling back to their former glory.

Any further questions?

Holler at us here, via note, or on Discord!

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