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Haalomans are shorter and light-weight with semi-hollow bones. Their petite stature ranges from 3' 5" tall to 5' tall. They have clawed hands and feet for perching and grabbing onto rocky terrain. All of them have ruffed neck feathers as well. Males and females can have feathers coming off their ear-holes (they do not have protruding ears). Haalomans also do not have noses - just nostrils under a hardened flap of down skin. Females have visible breasts but no nipples. Males also have no nipples. Males have a bony protrusion to allow for inseminating females. Females lay up to 3 eggs. Haalomans are direct descendants of Ambrivans, and have similar anatomy for their body. They excrete waste from their body through a hole in their pelvic region near their reproductive organs.

Haalomans age fairly slowly. After hatching, younglings won't get their feathers or flight wings for a year. Then it is another 3 years before they age to adulthood. Haalomans spend their first 5 years with their parents and can live to be 80 years old. Some elder Haalomans have been known to live to 100 years old. Haalomans are the epitome of grace and elegance in the air. They are clumsy on land however and usually use their talons for landing and climbing. They live in the mountains, so walking on land isn't usually an activity they come by regularly. Haalomans live on a diet of fruits, veggies, and insects they find on the mountains where they live.

Haaloman Traits by MamaLantiis

Love, Relationships, & Reproduction

Haalomans live in family groups called Clans. Some clans are really large while others are smaller. They are also very territorial and will fight each other if one clan should cross over into another clan's territory. Friendships are very important to Haaloman youth and young adults, and friends keep the same circle their whole life (and are about as territorial as the clan is to other clans). Haalomans live in small caves dug out of the side of the mountains. They have to be small to ensure proper warmth, dryness, and safety from predators.

Haalomans mate for life in pairs. It is highly unusual to find a rogue or sexually mischievous/experimental Haaloman. While there are gay and lesbian Haaloman, they are rare to find as couples as reproduction can only take place between a male and a female (gay and lesbian Haaloman do adopt and raise otherwise orphaned eggs and younglings). Sexual encounters outside of reproduction are rare. To reproduce, males secrete their sperm out a small bony protrusion. They rub the protrusion across their mate's lower pelvis where there is a small opening. The female is read to lay her eggs (1-3 eggs at a time) within a few days and can feel when they are fertilized and ready. Once the eggs are lain, the parents are mostly distant - taking guard against predators instead. Once hatched (in 1 month), the younglings live off of what their parents bring them and what they forage for themselves. The last 3 years are when the younglings learn how to fly and develop their early friendships. The last year of the 5 they stay with their parents is about mimicking what they do as adults to prepare for what they will do and contribute to in their clan.

Language & Naming

Haalomans speak fluently Ambirnon and Hallodahl, the Ambrivan and Haaloman spoken languages. They have no known sign language.

Haalomans name their children - often after something they find in nature. Names are as diverse as nature is and may often include colors since children often come up with nicnames as they age that they go by instead of their given name. Finally, all names are followed by their clan leaders name.

Magic & Technology

Haalomans themselves evolved through wind magic attached to Ambrivans and are themselves magical. They have the innate ability to control wind to a degree. They do not have technology tho... They do know of technology as they see the Ambrivans use it and some speak with the Ambrivans at length.

Organized Religion & Sports

Coming from Ambrivans, they have kept true to Esidora, the Goddess of Starlight. Haalomans are very playful and colorful (in both look and personality). They entertain the flying sport of Catchball almost continually. There really isn't teams or any rules except to not hold the ball and don't let the ball hit the ground. Sometimes Ambrivans are surprised by the balls that drop from the skies near the mountains.

Laws & Social Norms

Haalomans are more-or-less archaic in their ways. Each clan has a family that leads the clan. Their word is law. If a law or rules is broken, the wings of the culprit are clipped. This is a temporary punishment as wingtips will grow back (magic).

Risks of the Air & Other Haalomans/Clans

There are dragons who fly high above and down below that hunt the Haaloman and other winged creatures.

Haaloman clans fight with each other. The two biggest antagonists are the major clans of Dragora and Chimecta. There is a longstanding feud that both mountain chains in the south should belong to one clan since they are so close together. Thus they fight each other for the respective territories. Most of the lesser clans are peaceful and stick to their own territories or do not resort to violence when another clan crosses territories.

Haalomans & Other Species

Haalomans evolved from Ambrivans. Using wind magic, Genetic Superior Ambrivans were able to fully harness the power and force of their ribbon wings. Over time, this toughened their wings and they were able to sustain flight instead of just gliding. Evolution was quick and a new race was born. Now Haalomans like to fly alongside their Ambrivan predecessors - while they glide through the air on the machines or with their ribbon wings...

Esidora, Goddess of Starlight

Esidora appears as though she is made of space itself. Light glints off her dark shimmery body and her silvery hair dances as though defying gravity itself. Esidora is the goddess of the light sky, bringing the sunshine to Ambaran and keeping the twinkling lights of the galaxy alive for all her beautiful Ambrivans to see. Like all gods, she glows lightly.


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