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Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Adult petite or lean Ambrivan females weigh around 180 pounds, athletic or muscular female Ambrivans weigh around 200 pounds, and while not common, over weight Ambrivans do exist (males weigh 20-30 pounds more than females on average). Ambrivans can live for 150-180 years on average, with 1-20 being young, 21-50 being children, 51-80 being teenagers, 81-120 being adults, and 121-180 being elderly. Most Ambrivans do not live past 180 (tho some do - the oldest on record was 200).

Ambrivans are stout and do not injure easily. They jump high, run fast, but are clumsy in water without special training. They are hardy and do not suffer in the cold like some creatures do tho they overheat easily in the summer and fall. They get claustrophobic easily - they prefer wide open spaces... tho some have overcome this and work in mines or live in forests. Most Ambrivans are afraid of heights as well, and only a select few can glide thru the air. Those that can glide thru the air are considered genetic superior (for flight, Ambrivans usually require magic as even a GS Ambrivan's wings are a little too small for flight alone and barely sustain gliding for more than a few minutes).

All Ambrivans have two fingers and a thumb on their hands, and they have two toes on their feet. They all have a tail that extends out one foot for females and up to three feet for males. The underside of their tail and the backs of their feet have gems embedded into them from where they drag. Tails never grow. Babies are born with the length of tail they will have throughout their entire life and only the tail ribbons will grow with them as they age. The biggest differences between males and females are three items: 1) how they excrete their waste (women have holes on their body near the crease of their tail whereas men excrete waste from the end of their tails), 2) their overall body shape as females are curvy and voluptuous while men are more thick and muscular, and 3) men have a longer tail than women.

Love, Relationships, & Reproduction

Ambrivans enjoy fun and sometimes go thrill seeking. Close and dependable friendships are essential for safety as well as mutual development and networking. Most Ambrivans stay within their age circles and rarely adventure into older or younger Ambrivan friendships. Old-School and high-class Ambrivan society is formed around the belief in love at first sight. As such, Ambrivans are not date per the high class and elderly Ambrivans who follow old-school rules, and once they choose their mate, they pair off for life if their chosen mate reciprocates the affection. However, a new school of Romantic Lifestyle Ambrivans have come on the scene and believe in choice: they date whomever and however many they want, and when they find someone they are compatible with, they mate for life.

Crystals play a large part in an Ambrivan's life. Not only do they funnel magic for the Ambrivans, they also perform reproductive functions. Ambrivans do not have genitalia in the common sense. Both males and females have erotic zones that can be stimulated (lips/tongue, ears, tails, bottoms of feet, and a bump on the bottom front of the pelvis), but to reproduce, two Ambrivans must pull a gemstone from their flesh (incredibly painful) and match it to their partner. Then they choose who will carry the child to term, and the chosen partner takes the pair of gems and inserts them into their belly-button. Within minutes, their body will absorb the gems and the magic will form a new life. The new life will take about five months to mature into a baby that can live outside the womb. The baby is then birthed back through the belly-button area of the parent Ambrivan. Because conception is done this way, as long as there are two parents involved, same-sex parents can have biological children together and both men and women can carry and birth babies. Taking two gems from the same Ambrivan will NOT produce a child as there is only one side of the DNA needed in those gems.

Language & Naming

There are two languages: Ambirnon and Ambirnasign. Ambirnasign is a sign language the elder Ambrivans use in their old age to communicate discreetly among themselves while the other is the spoken language known by all Ambrivans.

Ambrivan names are as diverse as they get. Most are named after an elemental or geological feature they somewhat resemble with an additional nonsensical word after and then their proper name will follow. Most Ambrivans have four or five names tho less and more are not unheard of. Finally their family name completes the verbal diarrhea that is their identity. As their names are so convoluted, most Ambrivans are known by a nicname, often one that is not part of their full name... thus adding to the confusion of who is who.

Magic & Technology

Ambrivans have access to magic. The magic they have is not an innate ability but they use their bodies to channel the innate magic of their planet in various ways. The gemstones they pick up throughout their life carry this magic that they channel. Mutations also give and can create new magic - it just depends on the mutation and the rarity of the mutation.

Ambrivans are never allowed to have or to use dark magics - they are inherently good creatures. Each color of the rainbow is embodied by a gem on Ambaran and channels a specific set of powers. These powers can be Elemental or Superior powers. Elemental powers are the most common with only the most specialized Ambrivans able to have and channel Superior powers.

Elemental Magics
wind (teal)
from slight breeze to a gale that might knock your neighbor over...
water (yellow)
keep it fresh, catch a cool drink, or summon a spring rain...
fire/heat (red)
from a little burn to a fist-sized blaze...
light/electricity (orange)
a little light on things or a quick zap to your friend or annoying sibling...
earth (brown)
to move the earth or not, that is the question...
ice (blue)
a little cold snap or convenient ice rink for fun...
spirit/emotion (pink)
delve deep into the secrets emotions of life around you...

Superior Magics
metal/magnetism (gray)
tinker and have fun, metal is your to mold and more...
sonic (green)
send secret vibrations or make things crumble...
dreams (purple)
enter the world of dreams and go on a journey or maybe just flush out the nightmares...
healing (white)
be the best and heal the hurts of those around you...

Combined Powers
SOME combinations of powers can turn into other powers if you have access to both types of gems...
dreams + spirit/emotion
dreamwalker: you can travel to and interact with the Astral Plane
sonic + ligh/electricity
thunderclap: make the big booms...
wind + ice
superspeed: let nature make your way for you... only faster!
metal/magnetism + fire/heat
magma: make that lave flow - it's unstoppable!
healing + spirit/emotion
therapist: cure the mind and soul along with the body...
water + earth
greenthumb: grow the plants that you need or want...

DARK Magics & Powers
The great evil of our time left behind a legacy of fear and darkness...
energy/spirit absorption (black)
can literally drain away the life force of anyone or thing you want to any degree...

Ambrivans are also a technological race. They strive for perfection and easy access. They want all the creature comforts when they come home from work (they value a job well done and being self-sufficient above most everything). If we have it on Earth, they have it or a better version on Ambaran. They also mix technology and magic - some technology works better with Ambrivans using certain gemstones.

Organized Religion & Sports

Ambrivans, thanks to all the magic and magically occurring things around them, are a spiritual race and subscribe to several organized religious beliefs. Each of the gods and goddesses have their own religious following, tho Andra and Rhideno are usually worshipped together. Temples to gods and goddess can be found scattered around Ambaran in and out of the cities. The largest temple is in Habrina City and is to Andra and Rhideno.

Ambrivans LOVE their sports - as a sturdy and muscular race, they take great joy in watching and participating in sports of all kinds. If we have it on Earth, they have it on Ambaran. But the biggest sport of all is RUDDERBALL!

Laws & Social Norms

Ambrivans look towards the legal professions for aid and a fair trial. Some Ambrivans just don't find that right spot to fit into society. As such, crime does happen. Some is petty crime (theft, minor assault, etc) while some is major like murder. Incarcerated Ambrivans are expected to contribute so society doing all the jobs the rest of society does not want to do.

Ambrivan society is built on mutual respect, but some forms of respect are mandated to be shown. When in the presence of an Ambrivan performing their chosen profession for you as a service, you bow in thanks. All Ambrivans through adulthood also bow to elder Ambrivans to show reverence to them. In society, rank is determined by age so an older adult goes first while the younger adult waits. And parent(s) are expected to care for their children before themself(s) and children expected to be well-mannered and quiet.

The military profession is always in high demand. Unlike the other professions, the military chooses the Ambrivan based on their magical aptitude. An Ambrivan who cannot tap their magic consistently and successfully has no business in battle. Military soldiers use both magic and technology combined to wage war and protect the planet. While the military looks medieval, it is the producer of and purchaser of the most technologically advanced items on Ambaran. They also experiment a lot with weapons and weapon/magic combinations. The highest ranking guard is the Royal Guard who protect the palace and Imperials. Their leading soldier is called the Royal Guardian and usually has two war advisers at his or her side. The elite part of the military are a unit called Imperial Grunts. Within them are specialized areas such as spies, snipers, seals, etc. Their leading solder is called the Imperial Guardsman (even if a woman) and has specialized in every possible field. It takes years to prove yourself in the main military to get to be a Royal Guard or an Imperial Grunt. The main military is where the bulk of the soldiers find themselves - trying to work up to Royal Guards or Imperial Grunts. They supplement the police force when necessary, specialize in many different things like medical care, guns and ammo, magic (close range and distance), physical combat, etc.

Ambrivans & Other Species

Ambrivans are the key species in two evolutionary changes: Haalomans and Seresans. Ambrivans can be found playing in the water with Seresans and gliding through the sky with Haalomans (either with wings or technology that lets them fly). They get along well with each species and are often the teachers to these two more archaic species...

A Timeline of Ambaran

Before Timekeeping
There was a time when history was not kept. These dark days were filled with war, strife, starvation, and mistrust. Two races of creatures were said to have come from the viscous fluid of the pits of Ambaran: the Ahrizadi (a lizard-like creature) and the Jhadivans (a cat-like creature). Tho evolving separately, eventually when the tumultuous upheaval from the viscous fluid stopped, the two factions found peace. We only know this because the hybrid created created from their union is the earliest ancestor of the Ambrivans...

Year 1 - 292
The reign of the first Emperor was a great one according to the Ambrivan history books. Emperor Auro was fierce and unrelenting. His Empress, Ristanna, gave him many children and supported their people. The factions of the Ahrizadi and Jhadivan peoples continued to blend together creating what Emperor Auro called a "Super Race" and named it Ambrivan. Anyone not recognizing the super race was found guilty of treason. Eventually, by year 292, only Ambrivans were left free in the world...

Year 293 - 411
After the death of Emperor Auro (old age), his eldest daughter, said to be the "Face of Ambrivan Society," took the throne. She had the momentous duty to continue the super race, and Empress Julikara did just that... She continued the push outward to seize any lands left by the Ahrizadi and Jhadivan factions, imprisoning any she found still in hiding. By the time she was done killing and imprisoning, there was no doubt that Ambrivans were all that was left on Ambaran. Her wife, Empress Dama, hated all the violence and greed and eventually poisoned Julikara. Dama was quickly overthrown and killed when the news of her treason surfaced. Their daughter, Princess Lith took the throne in 412.

Year 412 - 498
Empress Lith was kind and freed the prisoners of war - at least those who were still alive. Lith took on a new approach to Ambrivan life and sought to make life on Ambaran easier. She supported science and the efforts of the more modern classes of Ambrivans. A small sect of more medieval Ambrivans disagreed with her letting the remaining Ahrizadi and Jhadivan people go and disagreed with the pursuit of science... They plotted to end her reign. When the plot was discovered, Lith chose to step aside from the throne to avoid a bloody battle...

Year 499 - 671
The youngest son, tho now quite old, of Auro took over for his elder sister, Lith. Emperor Medo was nothing like his siblings. He was meek and understated, shy, quiet, and easy to manipulate. His Empress, Luna, was not so much but alas she was not in charge of everything. Where possible, she coached her lifemate to keep him from harm and trouble. Technological advancement stalled but the arts thrived in this time. A council was formed called the The Wandering Council that set out to found new cities for the Ambrivans. Five new cities were founded in this time, and on his deathbed (old age), Emperor Medo chose his daughter, Celesti, as his successor.

Year 672 - 834
Empress Celesti was a good blend of her parents - quiet and understated while also calculating and smart. No one knew quite what she was thinking or doing at any time. When she finally chose a lifemate, the nation rejoiced. She chose well as Emperor Rictu became equally loved. Magic bloomed everywhere. Libraries filled with books. Technology came up to speed and made lives easier and more fun everywhere! Celesti and Rictu set forth new laws that made the people safer. They started what is now the modern day militia. And most of the festivals and celebrations that are held nationwide happen because they created them.

Year 835 - Present
Celesti and Rictu ruled long into their twilight years and then stepped aside on the throne so their son, Creid, could take over. Creid has recently mated to the governor's daughter, Lera. Emperor Creid focus' most of his time and effort on the military. With the growing number of celestial events, it is only a matter of time before a portal they can't control is opened that could let another creature onto Ambaran. And he wants to be ready for any eventuality. Empress Lera on the other hand is into volunteering and bettering the lives of the people who need it most. They have ruled successfully for a good many years and only recently had their first born child...

The Pantheon:

Gods and Goddesses

The Ambaran Pantheon: Gods and GoddessesAndra, Goddess of the Ebb and Flow of Life & Queen of the Gods
Andra is the dual headed goddess of the ebb and flow of life. She controls the path of life for each Ambrivan in her care from conception to the moment they pass into death. She is short and stout, appears pregnant, has two heads with black hair and a light blue body with dark blue markings (spots), legendary ears, eyes and ribbons, and a crown of short horns. Like all gods, she glows lightly.
Rhideno, God of the Second Awakening & King of the Gods
Rhideno is triple horned god of the second awakening. He controls the path into death for each Ambrivan brought to him from Andra. When Rhideno awakens passed on Ambrivans into the world of death, they join the after life with those who have come before them, gaining a second chance. Rhideno is tall and lanky, has four arms, dark gray skin with black stripes, legendary ears, eyes and horns (+1 horn on his forehead), legendary ribbons and


Sports Center is LIVE with RUDDERBALL!What is Rudderball?
It is a sport where Ambrivans of any gender attempt to win as many goals as possible for their team. They use their muscular legs and tails to kick, throw, catch, and roll their ball to victory! No hands! All other parts of the body are usable! There are four suspended rings in the air, each in its teams colors. One goalie versus the world folks! Four team vying for victory! Rudderball players have to be physically fit with great jumping prowess!
Rules of Rudderball
No hitting above the belt: feet, legs, and thighs are a-ok!
Put the ball through the hoop, gain 1 point while the team whose hoop you scored on loses 1 point!
The game is played in three 15-minute rounds with a 5-minute break in between rounds.
After each round, the team with the lowest points is disqualified until only two teams are playing.
Teams include 1 goalie, 2 centers, 3 bumpers, and a rudder.
Centers and the Rudder are the ones that typically make goals.

Other Creatures / Myths of Ambaran

The Slythell of the PlainsSlythell
Slythell are rumored to be rot-covered worms that have congealed into a writhing mess about the size of a child. They live underground, only come out at night, and no one knows how (or where) they were made. When they get too close to a water system, the water is poisoned and subsequently the attached population is sickened with fever, weakness, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, and bloody blisters in their mouths. Medicine and magic combined together can cure the slyth, but it will reinfect if the slythell isn't found and eradicated.
Some tall (presumably) tales say that slythell cannot be killed, only relocated. They rot even weapons and clothing they come into contact with. They say they have beady eyes under the writhing mess but no visible arms, legs, or mouth. Despite being a blobbish creature, they spit and pop their writhing goo onto the surrounding areas (and persons if near enough). When disturbed, it is rumored that they will lash out and attack. Any touche
  The Frack Monster of AbodemnuFrack Monster
Abodemnu is home to the notorious frack monster, an ice beast so huge it could level a small village just from running through...
The frack monster is very real and creates cracks and fissures in the ice everywhere it goes. It stands between 3 and 4 Ambrivan men high and double as long with a tail. Its head is adorned by three massive horns it uses to defend itself. And its skin is harder than the icy tundra it lives on. The frack monster's hide is ideal to use in armorsmithing as well as Abodemnu fashions as well.
The frack monster isn't necessarily a devious or evil beast, but it is hunted to near extinction and very protective of its territory and offspring. Of the some dozen that are left, most will attack any Ambrivan they see on sight, even if it is out of their way. One blow from this mighty beast can kill an adult Ambrivan. And a rampaging one is alarming enough to send soldiers out to defend the nearby people and buildings from total ruin.
  The Sandstalkers of the Eastern DunesSandstalkers
The city of Morbroada weaves a compelling tale to stay indoors during sandstorms. They say Ambrivans left in the storms are faced with a fierce-some foe with no face save for a maw of giant tusks and pointy teeth. They attack and lash out with thick sandpaper-like claws that can tear the flesh clean away. Sandstalkers are incredibly tall and can move freely within a sandstorm or dune. They have no eyes but a face filled with teeth and tusks. Hands and feet are clawed, and they have four arms with which to battle with...
Sandstalkers are the stuff of nightmares and only appear in sandstorms that anyone can tell. The legend urges even the bravest and strongest warriors to take shelter else they will be claimed by the sandstalkers. Sandstalkers are looking for a fight and take as a trophy their beaten foe... Even today, in Morbroada, it is mandatory to go indoors where it is safe during all sandstorms.

The Haunt of the Seafaring ColonyEila
Eila, the sad story of a mother drowned trying to protect her children. The story goes that she died in the sea as she kept her children's heads afloat until a passing ship saw and rescued the children. No one found Eila's body...
The story doesn't have a happy ending though. Legend goes that whenever dark shadows fall over bodies of water, any water, a trail of seawater can be seen where it wasn't before. Beware the grieving mother as Eila returns to collect the children she was so untimely taken from...
Those who have seen Eila relate a gruesome appearance of a gray sea-soaked female mouthing the words 'my babies.' Her bottom half is more of a gown than actual legs, and while she doesn't touch the floor, she does leave a trail of seawater everything she goes. Her long purple locks drip, and her eyes are a lifeless black.
A few reports of Eila tell of attempting to communicate with her or stopping her from taking children away with her. Her entire physical appear
  The Luffra of the Petal CoastLuffra
The luffra live on the petal coast in the southwestern side of Ambaran. As the story goes, they are delicate flying bugs that can swarm to devastating effect when protecting their home and families. Legend tells of many settlers and towns trying to homestead on the petal coast only to be decimated by a swarm of luffra. Nowadays, only the bravest Ambrivans venture there to catch them as their wings and eyes on a necklace are said to bring luck to the wearer...
Luffra have four delicate clear/opaque wings on a tiny spindly body. Their body has two long arms and legs, and their tail is a fan of four spears. Their heads are triangular with six orbs as eyes on the front. Two whiskers stretch out from their face which help them detect changes on the wind and vibrate to communicate with other luffra.
Heimletoan is home to the Luffra Raiders, a group of Ambrivans who get together to hunt luffra and make good luck charms. Their expertise is without question, and their wo
  The Haatemurra of JorjarronHaatemurra
The haatemurra is a humanoid creature, about medium height, with a potbelly, and two bugged out eyes. It's face is furry with a lion's mane that covers most of their body, and it's mouth is lined with tiny fangs.
The haatemurra's body is stocky and lanky, and it has the tendency to drool a thick and sticky yellow saliva from one or both sides of its mouth. It can use this saliva to stick its victims high up in trees. The saliva does not harden or drip but stay congealed in a sticky goo.
The haatemurra lives in the forests surrounding Jorjarron and is rumored to lurk in the treetops where it can see down to its prey. Their lanky limbs give them intense climbing speed. They slide down a tree swiftly and silently, attach their gooey spit to their victim, and scuttle quickly back up the tree with their catch.
Tales of the haatemurra are told to children and young adults to scare them into traveling together. The haatemurra are believed to only attack lone travel

A Fabulous Dictionary... And a map... And a Calendar (with holidays)!

The Ambrivan DictionaryAnyone with an Ambrivan can add to this dictionary at any time. Simply comment or note with your entry. Proper names are not allowed tho you may add your Ambrivan's nicname to this list.

Ahrizadi: A lizard-like creature; early sentient life on Ambaran
Andra: Goddess of the Ebb and Flow of Life; Queen of the Gods
Auroon: 1st month of the year
Brailla: The art of being tricked by an elder
Celestium: 8th month of the year
Challisy: The feeling you get when spurned by your prospective lifemate
Creid:  A Ruling Imperial
Damaru: 4th month of the year
Eila: name of the haunted mother of Lerex
Esidora: Goddess of the Starlight
Felise: 5th day of the week
Festival of Tides: celebration involving a Andra and Rhideno
Frack Monster: ice monster of the North
Gallamura: Goddess of Sentient Thought
  Map of Ambaran by MamaLantiis  Ambaran Calendar and Seasons/Holidays by MamaLantiis

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