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General Questions

What do you mean by open species?
You can create your own OC (Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman) with any traits for free - as many as you want. You still must credit me, MamaLantiis, for the species as they are still my original species, but you get to make your own MYOs anytime you choose. Read ALL the rules here: TOS: Ambrivans, Haalomans, Seresans, and Pets

How do I become a breeder?
Since we are now an open species, EVERYONE is a breeder!

What's the deal with the Ambri Shop?
The Ambri Shop has sadly closed its doors as its primary function was to let you customize your OCs. But now you can do that for free!

What constitutes an "Ambaran OC?"
An Ambrivan, Seresan, or Haaloman of any age is an Ambaran OC. Pets do not count as an OC tho you can make them for your OCs.

What kind of society do they live in?
Ambrivans live in a modern society with magic and technology mingled together. They have all the creature comforts, modern housing, shopping, a killer fashion industry, etc.

Seresans live in a medieval society that is riddle with infighting and constant power struggles. They are nomadic warriors and do not have nor use technology (even if gifted to them).

Haalomans live in a renaissance style society filled with progressive invention, artistry, and a bit of flamboyant and carefree living. Haalomans are fun and love to learn and have fun (they can use technology if an Ambrivan gives it to them).

About the lands and civilizations of Ambaran

Is the water really yellow on the mainland?
Yes, the water on the mainland is sulpheric and does smell slightly of rotten eggs. This is because the base of the mainland is volcanic. Ambrivans and other species on the mainland that need fresh water to drink must boil the water or purchase already prepared water from a store. The "fresh water" on the mainland is safe to swim in but if too much is drank without being purified, one can become ill. No, the lakes and rivers are not warm or hot like hot springs.

How often do eruptions happen on this volcanic mainland?
Not often. One hasn't happened in over 100 years tho smoke does billow out of the mountaintops occasionally and sometimes the odd magma rock will be ejected into the skies (watch out below!).

There is a dragon on the map. Is there really a dragon in the skies?
Yes, there is. A couple actually. Be careful with your Haalomans XD

I can't find a city I want my OC to live in. Can I make one up?
You can. Just be aware that for it to be canon, more than you has to be there, and it must be mentioned in the RP on Discord.

Can my OC live in a castle?
I don't know, can they? Haha of course! If you have a story showing they can afford one, go for it! They can't be "royalty" though. If you want a royal or imperial OC, you must note the group.

Do Ambaran OCs wear jewelry?
Yes they sure do! They can wear anything we can wear and anything you can think up! Get creative!

Dating/courting for Ambrivans, is there a certain ritual that takes place? Do they have some sort of celebration to commemorate finding their lifemate?
Old-School and high-class Ambrivan society is formed around the belief in love at first sight. As such, Ambrivans are not date per the high class and elderly Ambrivans who follow old-school rules, and once they choose their mate, they pair off for life if their chosen mate reciprocates the affection. However, a new school of Romantic Lifestyle Ambrivans have come on the scene and believe in choice: they date whomever and however many they want, and when they find someone they are compatible with, they mate for life.

Can the species intermingle?
YES! Ambrivans can meet both Seresans and Haalomans though Seresans and Haalomans DO NOT get along so should not be put in a situation where they would meet. There is no crossbreeding tho. Sometimes love affairs can happen, but due to how each species reproduces and mates, the romantic relationship is mostly emotional and not completely physical.

Species Anatomy and Physiology

Do Ambrivans have hair on their bodies (besides their head)?
Yes, they have fine hairs that grow between small scales on their skin. The scales and skin itself is a matte gray color while the fine hairs that grow are a rainbow of colors and a vast array of patterns. The hair feels silky smooth and dries very quickly when wet. It does not do much for keeping warm.

Do Haalomans have feathers covering their bodies?
No. The only feathers they have are the ones on their trait sheet plus around their neck. Like Ambrivans, they have fine hairs that grow up between small scales on their skin. The scales and skin are a matte gray in color but the fine hair that grows can be any color of the rainbow in any pattern.

Do Seresans have body hair like Ambrivans?
No, they have scales on their skin which are much larger and harder than what Ambrivans and Haalomans have and come in different colors besides the matte gray of Ambrivans and Seresans.

What color is Ambrivan blood?
Being that their lifeforce is created by magic and ends with magic (born from it and if no interference, die from lack of it), their blood is the most prominent crystal color or the mixture of crystal colors on an individual Ambrivan. As they age, the color becomes more and more dull until it grays in their twilight years. Interestingly enough... If an Ambrivan has white or black crystals, that is their blood color (and you can never have both of these colors).... Also, even if a cursed ambrivan does not have black gems, they do have black blood (and any white gems they may have had become gray and useless).

Do Ambrivans have pointy teeth?
All the species (Ambrivans, Seresans, Haalomans) have pointy teeth. The only ones with fangs, however, are Seresans.

How big are Ambrivan feet?
Think of the paw on an animal. They basically walk on their toes as their feet are rather small. They compensate for balance with their tail.

Are the ram horns in front of or behind their ears?
Either - and it is more an ear choice than a horn choice. You see, it is a matter of comfort for each individual Ambrivan where they put their ears... So, however your Ambrivan wants to do their ears (in front of or behind their ram horns), is fine with me.

Meeting Species outside Ambaran?

Is it possible to meet XYZ species?
Ambrivans (et al) are very magical as is their planet. As such, distortions in time and space do occur allowing for them to see into windows of other worlds. If brave enough and the window is open long enough, Ambrivans (et al) can travel through tho it is ONE WAY ONLY. Alternatively, other species can find them if they have space travel capability. While the Ambrivans are working on space technology, they do not yet have that capability.

If you have a species that could possibly find Ambaran, note the group to make 1st contact!

Who can we meet with so far?
:iconthekibran: :iconwonderlingworld:

If my OC goes thru a window, can my OC ever come back?
Possibly tho it would be rare. The same window would just happen to have to open again where your OC is, and your OC would have to notice, and then the window would have to remain open long enough for travel back home.
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