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Ambrivans, Seresans, Haalomans, and Scrouse are an original species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.
Seresan Physiology and LorePhysiology
Seresans are long, about 8 to 10 feet long (about half torso/head and tail/fins tho many ratios exist). There are fewer males than females in the population. Most adult Seresans have an athletic build due to the hostile environment they live in (they do a lot of fighting). Females have small to no visible breasts. Male and females have no nipples. Seresans are direct descendants of Ambrivans, and have similar anatomy for their head and torso. They all have a sac that functions for breeding and egg hatching in their tails.
Seresans have long needle-like nails on their fingers and thumbs and no nostrils. They breathe through gills in their abdomen as they move through the water. They are telepathic creatures and use their mouth only for eating and fighting (they can speak to any intelligent creature telepathically and can hear spoken language just fine). Seresans age fast to adulthood. When born, they grow quickly, and within a single year are considere

Seresans CANNOT be both fated and mutated - these rarity levels are considered EQUAL and your overall rarity will be determined by what you have more of in traits when it comes to Fated and Mutated. So if you have two fated traits and one mutated trait, you are considered a fated seresan... If you have equal fated and mutated traits, you can pick the title that you feel fits best.

Star! Star! Star! For Mutations:

By purchase only. Contact iLantiis for details - give a thorough explanation of what you are wanting to get or do. Cost maxes out at $5 US or 500 points. Note that mutating a trait will cause it to increase its rarity by one (example: if you mutate the common eye to look different than I have it, it will be classified as an uncommon eye). If you mutate a rare trait, you get a MUTATED TRAIT or A CUSTOM TRAIT with the 'Mutated' rarity level. If you mutate a FATED TRAIT, you gain the CHRYSALIS rarity level. Chrysalis Seresans crystalize (the fated trait you mutate crystalizes in some way...) and are considered to be one of the ocean's greatest and most glorious wonders to see!

MUTATED SERESANS are obviously already considered fully mutated. YOU CANNOT mutate a mutated trait. To change a mutated trait, you must buy a Cure Vial or pay a healing Ambrivan to cure your mutation - this costs $3/300pts each time you need it. This takes your mutated trait and transforms it to FATED. Since this is an open species, you can also just create yourself a Fated Seresan :3

Star! Star! Star! Current as of 11/18/2018

Fated and Mutated back fins are WINGS. Common, Uncommon, and Rare are single dorsal fins.

Star! Random Visuals from Assorted Seresans
OPEN FREE Seresan: Deepsea Flower by iLantiis  OPEN FREE Seresan Adopt: Dragon Flower by iLantiis  Lerex Pod Leader by iLantiis

All ears and tail fins can have some or total transparency.
Rare+ back fins can also have some or total transparency.
Please join AmbrivanSociety and our Discord if you adopt a Seresan.
You may change hairstyles and the name of your adopt.
You will get a transparent un-watermarked image as well.
For OTA payments, payment musts be received within 30 days or the adopt goes back on the market.
For auction, raffle, and other pay-for adopts, funds must be transferred within 48 hours or the adopt goes back on the market.

Ambrivan Style Eyes
Small Fin Ears
Shark Style Back Fin
Common Mermaid Tail

Diamond Style Eyes
Large Fin Ears
Manta Style Back Fin
Oversize Mermaid Tail

Squint Style Eyes
Butterfly Fin Ears
Angelfish Style Back Fin
Angelfish Style Mermaid Tail

Human Style Eyes
Dragonwing Style Ears
Dragonwings Back Fins
Dragonwing Style Mermaid Tail

Pupil-less Eyes
Spiked Ears with Membranes
Spiked Wing with Membranes Back Fins
Modified "Octopus" with Membranes and Spikes Tail

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