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Ref: The Continuum Knight

Senshi of Dimensions
The Continuum Knight 

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Hayward Blake
18 years old
May 8th birthday
Blond hair, shaggy bangs
Green eyes
Tanned skin
5' 9" tall

Even tempered, rather prissy...
Hayward is a prat (for lack of a better word). He doesn't like to get dirty or sweaty. He finds uneducated actions to be repugnant. He places the most emphasis of worth on education and civilized behavior. He despises barbaric acts, even if for fun. He is often seen leaving a room for one reason or another rolling his eyes.

Hayward's girlfriend is, thankfully for him, determined to be a proper lady and thinks carefully about everything she does before she does it. His sister is not so much the lady. He loves his sister Haley dearly, but he deals with her in small doses.

The Continuum Knight
Senshi of Dimensions
Blond hair, shaggy bangs
Green eyes
Tanned skin
5' 9" tall

Stoic yet a pain in the rear...
The Continuum Knight finds fighting to be barbaric. He won't entertain such uncivilized behavior unless he or someone he cares about is in mortal danger. And should he or someone he cares about be in mortal danger, he is more likely to pop open a portal under the enemies feet than actually attack.

Door of Worlds, Make-Up!

Blue Square Bullet Window to the World...
The Continuum Knight can manifest a doorway that, when opened, creates a suction that pulls everything and everyone inside it. When using this power, he must work with his sister, Parapet as her rings can protect him and his allies from being sucked into an alternate dimension until he can will the door closed.
Blue Square Bullet Portal Hop!
The Continuum Knight creates a small personal-sized portal beneath someone or something. The gravity from within the portal pulls the person or thing down into it and closes when it has swallowed its target. Hayward can use this ability in his civilian form though he really doesn't as it is just another reminder of his barbaric duties as a Senshi Knight...

Special Notes
Twin brother to the Sailor Parapet, Mystic Senshi of Force Fields.
Boyfriend of Sailor Percipience, Mystic Senshi of the Mind.
Ref: Sailor Parapet by iLantiis Ref: Sailor Percipience by iLantiis

Art © Lantiis
Mystic-Senshi by SolarMiko
Fuku design by 
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

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