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Ref: Sailor Percipience

Senshi of the Mind
Sailor Percipience

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Aleksa David
19 years old
February 13th birthday
Black hair, shoulder length
Purple eyes
Pale skin
5' 6" tall

Mature for her age...
Aleksa is quiet and poised; very ladylike and thinks women of any age should act with dignity and grace. She is a thinker; not a talker. She won't say anything unless she feels it is worth saying which can sometimes make her seem secretive and, to be fair, irks most people around her. Outside of being thoughtful and careful with her words, she is fairly emotional. She places a lot of emphasis on emotions and their value.

Aleksa's oldest friend is Haley, her boyfriend's twin sister. Though they are far from best friends, Aleksa feels it is necessary to be friends with her since her boyfriend is so close with his sister. Aleksa is dating Hayward. Thankfully, Hayward is very little like his sister; like Aleksa, he is quiet natured and even-tempered.

Sailor Percipience
Senshi of the Mind
Black hair in modified pigtails
Purple eyes
Pale skin
5' 6" tall

The strategic planner...
Percipience is the strategic planner of the group. She like to see the big picture and then drill down to the minute details of a plan until she is sure it will work (so long as everyone plays their part). She has little patience for senshi who can't follow simple commands or work in a team setting.

Quiet of the Mind, Make-Up!

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Psyche Blast!
Percipience holds her hands over her third eye / tiara and generates a rainbow-hued blast from her mind. This blast knocks back and pummels her enemies.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Clearing Thoughts...
Percipience can generate a calming bubble of thoughts around her to clear her mind and anyone else's mind who is around her. She can use this to speak with enemies who she believes are not truly evil to try and talk sense into them, hopefully avoiding a battle. In battle, Percipience can clear the minds of her allies to allow them to think clearer and work better as a team. She can generate this ability even in civilian form.

Special Notes
Girlfriend of the Continuum Knight, Mystic Senshi of Dimensions.
Oldest friend is Sailor Parapet, Mystic Senshi of Force Fields.
Ref: The Continuum Knight by iLantiis Ref: Sailor Parapet by iLantiis

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Mystic-Senshi by SolarMiko
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Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

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Congrats~ This Mystic Senshi is the Mystic Senshi of July :D