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Ref: Sailor Parapet

Senshi of Force Fields
Sailor Parapet

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Haley Blake
18 years old
May 8th birthday
Blond hair, midlength
Blue eyes
Tanned skin
5' 8" tall

Seeker of fun and entertainment...
Haley is a teenage bombshell that can go off at any moment. She prefers action to standing on the sidelines: karaoke, dance, karate, soccer and distance running are some of her favorite action-packed events she likes to do on a daily basis. She isn't quiet and typically, as she talks, her vocal volume level increases with each word. She can be excitable at times too, especially when trying something new. While it isn't impossible for her to calm down, she has to have the right incentives to be quiet and still: food, jewelry, promises of a karaoke date-night, etc work rather well...

Haley's twin brother, to her dismay, is her near opposite. As is his girlfriend. She has known Hayward's girlfriend, Aleksa, for years now and while she doesn't get along with her much, she does enjoy the traded favor of karaoke night with her (it is fun to watch little Aleksa squirm on stage).

Sailor Parapet
Senshi of Force Fields
Blond hair, midlength tied at ends
Blue eyes
Tanned skin
5' 8" tall

The bold and brave...
Parapet charges in as a rule. She can generate shields, so she isn't worried about being injured. She also likes to find unique ways to use her shields and will even, despite knowing she isn't supposed to, generate them in civilian form to perform non-senshi tasks for her. Since her powers are purely defensive, Parapet spends a great deal of time training to fight in hand-to-hand combat so she can battle like the rest of the senshi.

Ring of Protection, Make-Up!

blue heart bullet Barrier of Rings!
Parapet pulls the rings from her brooch and create three translucent force fields that create an interlocking arc around herself and whomever is with her. She can also use the rings on her gloves to create one or two shields she can use when charging in or to help better protect other areas where the interlocking force field cannot (like above her head or behind her).
blue heart bullet Sealing Rings Manifest...
Parapet can call on a translucent glowing blue ring and do just about anything with it. If she places it in the air, it stays there. She can block lightweight things with it (rain, hail, wind, some plantlife, soft things like clothing, small things like sticks, etc). It can hold up virtually any weight so long as it is placed on it (not hit as it can't take much damage from large or heavy objects). Haley can use this ability even in civilian form. As Parapet or Haley, she cannot summon more than three at once or keep more than three at a time active.

Special Notes
Twin sister to the Continuum Knight, Mystic Senshi of Dimensions.
Oldest friend is Sailor Percipience, Mystic Senshi of the Mind.
Ref: The Continuum Knight by iLantiis Ref: Sailor Percipience by iLantiis

Art © Lantiis
Mystic-Senshi by SolarMiko
Fuku design by 
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

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