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A Quick Start Guide
Ambrivans and the Scrouse are closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.


The Lay of the Land

Ambaran is littered in sulfuric lakes, surrounded by a deep blue ocean, and has strewn about it it volcanic crags and mountains. The north is an icy wonderland, the central area around Habrina City is a windswept plains, the southernmost is a hot dry desert, and the western area is more tropical.

Ambrivans are unaffected by the sulfur and salt contents of their water supply tho, outside a few, most don't swim well. Wildlife is plentiful for those who like a hearty and meaty diet. And for those who choose the softer kinder side of life, there is plenty of vegetation to experiment with. Because of the volcanic crags and mountains, the air is somewhat smokey and gets a bit murky the farther south one travels...

:bulletorange: The Festival of Tides, Andra, and Rhideno

#1 Habrina City, the Capital of Ambaran

Notable Royals: Lera and Creid, the Imperials of Ambaran

Imperial Ambrivans by iLantiis
Habrinites, as they are called, make up the bulk of the population and live in the more temperate plains and coast. Habrina is the largest city on Ambaran with several suburban areas sprouting off of it. The smaller cities and villages in the plains areas take pride in their relative closeness to the capital and benefit from its plentiful supply of just about everything one could need or want on Ambaran.

Fashion: Habrina City is the most fashion-forward (or crazy) on Ambaran. Littered among the central plains of Ambaran are giant worms that create a variety of silks Habrinites make fabric from. Habrinite fabric is considered the top of the line fabric in all things: texture, color, versatility, etc. And being in the more temperate central region, Ambrivans are able to wear all kinds of fashion from full body coverings to being scantily clad...
Food: The central region offers some of the finest cuisine available on Ambaran tho definitely not the most extreme. Habrinite like their food to be something they *know* about and steer clear of the more exotic tastes of other cities.

Festivities: The night life is alive and well in Habrina City. Bars, clubs, and parks (amusement and nature based) are readily accessible. And it seems like every week is a new holiday that springs forth a fair, parade, and some sort of live action show.

Family Life: There are no shortage of young Ambrivans. As such, there are schools for the varying tastes of the parents from high-end charter schools to the run-of-the-mill public school (which by all means is still an excellent choice, just not the one you brag about). Water parks, rollercoasters, museums, nature parks, zoos, and more are just a few of the extracurricular somewhat educational family activity options available in Habrina City.

Fortunes: Ambri is easy to obtain in Habrina City. Nearly every occupation, including the Imperial Army (which guards the palace and Imperials), is found somewhere within Habrina City. The most lucrative options are teacher, fashion designer, and model. The most popular however are business owner and entertainer (and there are many varieties of entertainer from singer and/or dancer to actor to daredevil).

Features: Ambrivans born in Habrina City and the surrounding area can come in a variety of colors. The richness of diversity is at its peak in Habrina City.

:bulletorange: The Slythell of the Plains

#2 Jorjarron, the Village of Trees

Notable Ambrivans: Elkora, the Governess of Jorjarron
Jorranites, the residents of the city of Jorjarron, are a working-class people who take pride in the products they provide to all of Ambaran and the Imperials. Working the land and the forest is a difficult job, but one that they take pride in and produce some of the best artistic sculptures Ambri can buy...

Fashion: It must be functional for climbing - short pants, nothing on the legs, and skintight shirts. Because of predator issues, most clothing is also earthy in color instead of bright and flashy.
Food: All their food comes from the land and is fresh from fruits and veggies to all the different kinds of proteins they could need to keep up their strength. They also import a great deal of nutritional supplements from Morbroada and some fantastic flavors to add to their own culinary creations form Habrina City.

Festivities: Art is a huge part of life here. While the bulk of their busy time is spent combing the land for usable substances for all of Ambaran (medicine, food, clothes, etc), free time is filled with crafts like carving, wood burning, painting, and the art of dancing. Contests and fairs are held to showcase individual talents as well.

Family Life: Even children take part in festivities and helping maintain the land. What is taken is always replaced, and children learn this from a young age in their school studies. School studies here are tailored to keeping the growing Ambrivans in Jorjarron as Elkora believes it is easier to train the child to respect the land than train an adult to do the same.

Fortunes: The best Ambri comes from selling art or winning prizes at the local fairs. Working the land and forest, while important, does not give much to live off of in the form of Ambri. Working the land and forest is considered a labor of love and Elkora is incredibly picky on who she allows into Jorjarron and the profession of the land.

Features: The more tropical and wooded area of their home lends to Ambrivans with slightly longer legs for climbing and slightly skinnier Ambrivans as well. Tails are also more functional to aid in climbing safety. For safety, most of the bright colors have been bred out of Ambrivans from this area. Many Ambrivans from this area are more earthy in color.

:bulletorange: The Haatemurra of Jorjarron

#3 Morbroada, the City of Knights

Notable Ambrivans: Keidan, the Prince of Morbroada
Morbanites are very serious about their military duty to the Imperials. His Majesty Creid's younger brother, Keidan, is an elite warrior who was gifted the city of Morbroada by their late father. The city is guarded magnificently and plays host to the largest prison on Ambaran ... home to the worst criminals. The terrain and general proximity to the cold of the north and heat of the south give unique training opportunities to the Ambrivan Guard.

Fashion: Armor, armor, and more armor. If you are a member of the guard, you wear your armor or some form of protection all the time. For those who are not members of the guard and simply residents or family members of someone in the guard, fashion is of little consequence. If it is functional, it is good. Tho there are a few fashionistas around that others whisper about from time to time (those weirdos)...
Food: Nutrition is what it is all about in Morbroada. While taste is desirable, the goal is nutrition for the soldiers and their families. Some Ambrivans specialize in making the available nutritious options look like they are less than nutritious... but all they really do is change the appearance while maintaining the overall flavor, texture, and content.

Festivities: Annual festivals mourning fallen soldiers, honoring survivors and their families, and decorating ceremonies to commemorate excellence in the line of duty are about the only things you will find here besides a wedding or birthday party.

Family Life: Families here are proud and very close-knit. Those Ambrivan men and women who stay at home to tend to family matters are fiercely loyal to their partners in a way no other Ambrivan is on Ambaran. And on top of that, groups form within the community with friendships that are equally as loyal. Outside of that, children go to school, and matriarchs/patriarchs work to ensure the home is fit and ready for both their partner and their children.

Fortunes: Being in the Royal Guard does not generate the same amount of Ambri as the more popular trades of Habrina City do. Many stay-at-home partners pick up work as grocers, artists, nannies, and teachers.

Features: Ambrivans living here are more muscular than in other areas. Even those not active in the guard have to contend with the steep hills of the area when out and about.

:bulletorange: The Sandstalkers of the Eastern Dunes

#4 Heimletoan, The Mining City

Notable Ambrivans: Arjaner and Rainel, the Lord and Lady of Heimletoan
Heimlenites are stout, hardy, and peculiar. They live almost exclusively underground mining ore that is used all over Ambaran.

Fashion: Most Heimlenites wear next to nothing. The heat and humidity is extreme below ground with the heat itself abhorren above ground (as well as the smog nearly choking some days).
Food: Heimlenites import everything they need for sustenance from Morbroada. Their lifestyle leaves little room for food frills.

Festivities: If you have ever wondered where the well really ends, you could ask a Heimlenite! Going where no Ambrivan has gone is a favorite past time for many and a way to showcase bravery, strength, and cunning. Otherwise there are birthdays and weddings to attend to.

Family Life: Most children, unless their is a reason for them to stay, are sent to charter schools in Habrina City and stay in family-placed or group homes until they graduate and choose their profession. Many who are born a Heimlenite do not return to pursue the profession - not for lack of want but for the natural-born curiosity of the Ambrivan to explore farther into the world around them.

Fortunes: Heimlenites are paid hugely for their ore. Mining is one of the highest paying professions tho also the most taxing.

Features: Heimlenites - born here - are almost completely black or gray. Those who come here for their profession, even if it isn't to mine, end up with a sooty coating that stains their skins darker than it originally was. Born Heimlenites are also much shorter than the average Ambrivan as the need to fit into small spaces was bred into the population long ago.

:bulletorange: The Luffra of the Petal Coast

#5 Lerex, The Seafaring Colony

Notable Ambrivans: Unshean, the Lady of Lerex
Lexians love the sea and everything in it. By Ambrivan standards, Lexians are daredevils - unnecessarily so. Lerex itself is a gorgeous city built with the bones and shells of sea creatures. It is almost completely white set against the backdrop of the active volcano that has, from time to time, wrecked it. Tho each time the city is rebuilt more beautiful than before.

Fashion: Lexians wear scant clothing that flows and is almost entirely translucent. They require clothing that can dry quickly as every Ambrivan in Lerex ends up in the water near daily.
Food: Lerex has, unquestionably, the most exotic palate and foods available. Lexians import many foods from Habrina City, Abodumnu, and Jorjarron and incorporates them into their abundance of seafood harvested fresh from the sea. There is a movement happening here too of raw-only eats and treats that non-Lexians just find repulsive but Lexians are fast falling in love with.

Festivities: Water dancing, swimming races, diving competitions, fashion shows, art galleries, food walks - you name it and you may very well find it in Lerex with a Lexian twist!

Family Life: Families love time together both in and out of the water! Children are taught to swim at an early age both for fun and for safety (the safest place should the mountain erupt is in the water). It should also be noted that schools in Lerex are taught in the water as well.

Fortunes: Fashion is a key component in Lerex as fishing and boat-making don't do much for an income. While the boats are handy in ferrying mainlanders over to Lerex, the idea behind using boats as a mode of transportation hasn't really taken off. So exports like fashion, jewelry, art, and foods is where most professional Ambrivans make their Ambri. There is also a small tourism segment with some museums, but the threat of an impending eruption is enough to keep tourism sufficiently stalled.

Features: Ambrivans born here can swim - not just wade and tread water like most others - swim competitively and securely. Also many Lexians are pale or blue in color which helps them stay safe in the water against deep water predators.

:bulletorange: The Haunt of the Seafaring Colony

#6 Abodemnu, the Frozen City

Notable Ambrivans: Thleio, the Governor of Abodemnu
Abodemians are a rough and tumble people and pride themselves in exploration of new areas. The city of Abodemnu got its name as the Governess of Jorjarron and the Prince of Morboada said to setting in the cold North was an abomination against life. However the Imperials, Lera and Creid, supported the mission and sarcastically a city was born. Since its founding, Abodemnu has produced a hard offspring, several desirable exports, and hope for more amazing things to come as Thleio pushes farther North with his exploration teams...

Fashion: While the cold doesn't effect Ambrivans much, Abodemians have been influenced by the cold and wear clothing that covers more of their bodies up. Much of their fashion makes good use of the longer tufts of hair that grow on native-born skin as well.
Food: Meat is always on the menu here. There are a variety of small hardy animals that call the norther ice sheet their home, and Abodemians are adept hunters.

Festivities: There is always some kind of party or gathering in Abodemnu. If you can't find something to do, you aren't looking hard enough! Birthdays, weddings, graduations are the obvious, but snowfalls, a good berry patch find, a successful hunt, and founder's day are all things to celebrate in Abodemnu.

Family Life: It is easier to stay warm and safe when there are more Ambrivans - or so says Thleio who encourages his citizens to pair off into mating pairs and have families. Most children are schooled in homeschool clutches here.

Fortunes: The best money comes not from exploring but from exploring AND finding something new! Adults who aren't staying home with children wait impatiently for Thleio to announce the next expedition so they can sign up and hopefully return with all the glory.

Features: Abodemians have tufts of hair around their tail-tips, shoulders/neck, hands, knees, and feet (in any combination) as their bodies adjusted to the colder temperatures over time. While not wildly noticeable, you can tell who was born in Abodemnu versus who simply went to live there.

:bulletorange: The Frack Monster of Abodemnu

Following the Paw Prints...

The three basic class of Scrouse and where they are found....
White Scrouse: White Scrouse were discovered in the first northern expedition by Thleio himself (he took one as a pet too). These little guys are hardy creatures that are fast running and fast digging! If you are going to catch one, you usually have to wound it first. They survive on a diet of smaller rodents and local berry bushes when they are in season.

Black Scrouse: Blending into the background, Black Scrouse are hard to see in the murky air of the deep south. Miners are the most frequent spotters of the elusive Black Scrouse who burrow into the dirt during the day to stay cool and then come out for food and water at night. These guys survive on the roots of other plants and venomous insects found in the area.

Brown Scrouse: In the tropical wooded regions are the delightful and playful Brown Scrouse. These childish critters jump from tree to tree without fear. They survive on a diet of tree bark and tree maggots. Sometimes they can be seen experimenting with grass shoots but that is a rare treat as they spend most of their time in the trees.

Other Varieties Exist... Through breeding and rehoming into suburban habitations, Scrouse have developed numerous color variations. Do you think you can get your hands on a rare one?

Other Notable Documentation

Ambrivan SocietyAmbrivans are a rare species set in a fantasy landscape filled with magic and wonder. Ambrivan society is reminiscent of our own with a spoken language, technology, down time for non-essential fun, and self-worth activities like gainful employment to earn Ambri, the Ambrivan currency. Ambrivans have families, go on vacation, war with opposing factions or outsiders, and more. This document is here to outline the basic knowledge essential for any owner or breeder of Ambrivans.
Physiology & Ability
Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Lower legs are shorter than upper legs in both genders and allow for fast sprints and extreme jumping power. Females are curvy and voluptuous while males tend to be more slim and muscular.
Ambrivans can live for 180 years on average, with 40 being young and 110 being the average age of adults. The gestation period for a pregnant Ambrivan is about 7 months. Both male and female Ambr
The Ambrivan DictionaryAnyone with an Ambrivan can add to this dictionary at any time. Simply comment or note with your entry. Proper names are not allowed tho you may add your Ambrivan's nicname to this list.

Brailla: The art of being tricked by an elder
Challisy: The feeling you get when spurned by your prospective lifemate
Creid:  A Ruling Imperial
Lera: A Ruling Imperial
Thelub: The feeling of 'love at first sight' when it strikes
The Ambri Shop:star: Ambri
Ambri is the money of the Ambrivans and can buy lots of various things like genetic upgrades, specialized occupations, new hobbies, pets, and more!
:star: How to Earn Ambri

You get paid for submitting art of your Ambrivans, participating in group events, as contest prizes, and some other various giveaways and raffles. Earning is easy. Spending will require more thought :3
Group Events and Contests
Ambri earned will be clearly marked in the journals for each contest and activity
Adoption Gift
Every time you adopt an Ambrivan, you get 10 Ambri
Milestones as named by Gallery Folders - 10 Ambri
You can submit one of each a month to earn (essentially) recurring money by creating a new piece of art/literature for each of the gallery folder titles (does not include Reference or Feature folder)
Milestones as named by Lifetime Milestones Journal - 20 Ambri
Each of these can be done once a month per OC to t
Ambrivan Lifetime MilestonesAn Explanation

Ambrivans age throughout their lives like anyone else, and through these milestones, you can age your Ambrivan into their twilight years (into elders basically). We don't let you age past that BUT you can save your Ambri and purchase a genetic enhancement called ETHEREAL when you are an elder and basically scare the crap out of the youngins' XD Please note that the Ambrivan you are walking through their lifetime milestones must be done in order and is the only one who can earn the prizes.
Baby Ambrivans

You must have a baby for these milestones... To adopt a baby, you must first have an adult Ambrivan.
1. Bonding Experience

Create a work of art that showcases the first bonding experience of baby and parent.
2. Magic Explosion

Baby's aren't great at controlling their magic. What happens the first time your baby uses their powers?
3. From Crawling to Walking

That tail is

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