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CLOSED Female Ambrivan

A Quick Start Guide
Ambrivans and the Scrouse are closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.

Owned by iLantiis

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【 Name 】 Seloran Radeina Aphostle Camben Leosha
【 Called 】 Sela or Sel
【 Age 】 84
【 D.o.B. 】 44th of Celestium
【 Gender 】 Female
【 Orientation 】 Bisexual
【 Skin / Markings 】 Blue / Dark Blue
【 Eyes / Hair 】 Purple / Blond
【 Gems / Powers 】 Pink, Blue, Green / Water and Air
【 Height / Weight 】 3' 9" / 176 pounds
【 Origin 】 Ambaran
【 Species/Race 】 Ambrivan

About Sela

Sela is outgoing and friendly! She loves meeting new Ambrivans, taking pictures with them, and having fun! She doesn't accept compliments gracefully very well tho - tell her she is pretty and you are likely to be met with an enthusiastic "I know, thanks!"

Home Life and Family
Sela lives in the capitol of Ambaran, Habrina City. She loves the hustle and bustle of city life - to include the glamorous night life! She lives with several other models-to-be in a moderate sized home in Habrina City tho she grew up a ways away from the big city in the smaller village of Mahoe on the volcanic island.

Her mother and father are both still alive and well thankfully tho she rarely sees them with her busy life in the big city. She does wear an antique necklace her father bought her for good luck.

Work and Fun
Sela does minor modeling work for a mostly unknown magazine called L'Shore Amore' though she aims high with dreams of someday being a big time model with her own fashion line. She experiments with scents in her spare time currently hoping to break into perfumes too.

Sela's gemstones are mostly air and water based. Her air talents let her mix and hold scents mid-air, and her water talents let her mix quickly mid-air before bottling the concoction (that usually doesn't smell great right now haha). Sela is hardly a prankster, but when her brother launches a water ball at her, she feels she *must* launch one back!

Outside of work and tampering in scents, Sela loves swimming. She is a strong swimmer and much better at it than her brother. She combines her ability in air manipulation with her swimming to boost her speeds naturally and can be found placing in the top five of swimming races across Ambaran.

Sela: Fashionista at Heart by iLantiis  Beach Day: Male Female Swimwear Fashion by iLantiis

【 Likes 】
  • Being Photographed
  • Dressing Up (high class)
  • Dancing
  • Fine Dining
【 Dislikes 】
  • Snobby "Commoners"
  • Dirt and Filth
  • Out of Season Fashion
【 Hobbies 】
  • Clubbing
  • Shopping
  • ...


Common Eyes, Skin Color, Markings, Marking Color
Uncommon Tail Ribbons, Tail Ribbon Color
Rare Ears, Tail Color, Gemstones
Legendary ---
Angelic ---
Genetic Superior ---
Mutations ---

All about the Ambrivans and their SocietyPhysiology
Ambrivans are short, about 3'5" to 4'5" for females and, on average five inches taller for males. Adult petite or lean Ambrivan females weigh around 180 pounds, athletic or muscular female Ambrivans weigh around 200 pounds, and while not common, over weight Ambrivans do exist (males weigh 20-30 pounds more than females on average). Ambrivans can live for 150-180 years on average, with 1-20 being young, 21-50 being children, 51-80 being teenagers, 81-120 being adults, and 121-180 being elderly. Most Ambrivans do not live past 180 (tho some do - the oldest on record was 200).
Ambrivans are stout and do not injure easily. They jump high, run fast, but are clumsy in water without special training. They are hardy and do not suffer in the cold like some creatures do tho they overheat easily in the summer and fall. They get claustrophobic easily - they prefer wide open spaces... tho some have overcome this and work in mines or live in forests. Most Ambr

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