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BASE: Male Seresan

Ambrivans are a closed species created by me, Lantiis aka E. Whittaker.

This is not a free base.
This is for AmbrivanSociety members only.
There are rules to follow when using this base.

About Adult Seresans
Adults are about half tail and half torso/head. Their scales can be in any color and combination of colors. They don't typically wear clothes, and if they do, they wear close-fitting things that do not hinder swimming nor compromise them in battle. They are a warrior race and are nomads, wandering from hatchery to hatchery in their known territories. The oceans are sometime polluted and thus Seresans can become mutated. Their purest form however is Fated.

Trait Rarity Guidelines and Physiology/Lore
Seresan Trait Sheet by iLantiis  Seresan Physiology and LorePhysiology
Seresans are long, about 8 to 10 feet long (about half torso/head and tail/fins tho many ratios exist). There are fewer males than females in the population. Most adult Seresans have an athletic build due to the hostile environment they live in (they do a lot of fighting). Females have small to no visible breasts. Male and females have no nipples. Seresans are direct descendants of Ambrivans, and have similar anatomy for their head and torso. They all have a sac that functions for breeding and egg hatching in their tails.
Seresans have long needle-like nails on their fingers and thumbs and no nostrils. They breathe through gills in their abdomen as they move through the water. They are telepathic creatures and use their mouth only for eating and fighting (they can speak to any intelligent creature telepathically and can hear spoken language just fine). Seresans age fast to adulthood. When born, they grow quickly, and within a single year are considere

Some Adult Male Examples

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